Thursday, September 6, 2018

9/6/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

It was a very pleasant monitoring day.
In the Monk Seal World: I checked CE and there were no trails or wallows on their beach front.
In front of our place R330 "Squinty" may have overnighted as predicted yesterday. He was in exactly the same spot. There were 2 wallows and trails near him, he must have had company.
In the NARS RO40 "Ka'ena" was in the tide pools reef flats where I have seen him twice in the last week - new location for him.
At the point I met up with Team T& D, we were talking about our experiences yesterday when Dave spotted a head bobbing, coming from the Back Beach side. Some visitors were around and while I was asking them to back off from the water ledge in sign language, Tammy was on documentation mode. She got RW02 "PVKauai" tag shots. 
My photos of him were really poor today. He swam around the pool and left.
We started heading back Tammy saw a seal leaving the flats area and I saw a seal in Nihoa's Pool crossing into BG's Pool. It was RO40 "Ka'ena" and he was letting the other seal know that was his area.
Back at 10 Mnts RG40 "Holokai" had hauled out and was out cold.
R330 was still on the beach this evening when I went down for sunset.  More tomorrow 🌺

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