Wednesday, September 5, 2018

9/5//2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 1) RK72 & RH48, RH32

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley and buddies ( Diane & Tammy ). Lesley's complete update is part 2 of the dailies.

Team Billand was out early but their first stop was not at the outfall, it was to a beach on the west side where they found two seals. They walked down and were able to ID Lei Ola RH48 next to RK72 Kekoa Alii on the rocks. There is a good chance they spent the night, as there were both dry and Lei Ola had feces at her hind flippers. They left to check Ka'ale's Kitchen.

They got there a little later than usual but like clockwork there was Ka'ale RH32 foraging. It wasn't clear but it appeared he wasn't very lucky today. He went out and then came back into the outfall, made a few rounds then left the outfall by the jetty. Team Billand noticed a second seal, they tried to get a shot of it but it took off and so did Kaale, both seals heading west.  They waited around, even did a little fishing of their own. :-)  After an hour Ka'ale came back alone, but again he didn't stay, he went out and they lost site of him. They newve saw him again, not at his usual haul out spots. 

Team Billand returned to check on Kekoa & Lei Ola.  During this visit Kekoa was watching her every move with the incoming waves. He started to climb up on the rocks to be with her. They were very sweet together, there was no confrontation between them only lots of sniffing.

 Ka'ale RH32
 Kekoa Alii & Lei Ola 
 That dam hook

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