Saturday, September 22, 2018

9/22/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

It was 6:30am when I had enough light to go down and checked on overnighted seals R330 "Squinty" and RG40 "Holokai".
"Squinty" entered the water and left.
I saw a head bobbing up and down on the opposite side of the beach. It turned out to be RO40 "Ka'ena", he tried to haul out a couple of times and back in the water he swam towards CE Pt to where "Holokai" was. He hauled out there, went up to "Holokai " poked at him with his muzzle a couple of times. "Holokai" woke up. I was watching from far & walking towards them with the rising sun in my face.
Finally they both headed into the water and played around on the waterline coming my way. So I sat down on the dune and enjoyed watching them.
Worked called, went back up got my things and headed towards the gate. On my way I stopped to check Birth Beach and found RG40 "Holokai" rolling around on the waterline.
We had a big volunteer group come out to work with us, while waiting for them to arrive I walked down to the small cove of the Pkg Lot. There RK88 "Puna" was swimming in the cove. Good spot to watch him without being seen by him.

I made it to Hidden Beach a couple of minutes before the others. RW02 "PVKauai" was down near the waterline. We worked around for nearly 2 hours. Marilyn & Diane joined us. They had spend time watching the seals in front of our place and "Puna" on their way.

We all headed to the NARS. There RL12 "Aukai" was hauled out on Back Beach. We were taking a water break and doing outreach with visitors out and in Main Pool when Marilyn told me "Aukai" had entered the water. They thought she was headed towards the Waianae side but she decided to swim towards the Main Beach. We got people out of the water calmly while she galumphed her way over the side reef and came up the beach. About 15 people were standing back watching her. Great outreach opportunity.
On our way back we stopped at Hidden Beach "PVKauai" was no longer there.
Passing on Costal Rd towards the way out, a posse fisherman waved at us that there was a seal on the beach ahead, I said small he said BIG. At Pkg Lot Beach RN58 "Luana" was hauled out taking a nap.

Diane checked the small cove, "Puna" was no longer there, Birth Beach was seal free as well as here in front.

I'll do a late afternoon check - hopefully they won't be back. It's a beautiful day and people are enjoying the beaches here. More tomorrow 🌺

that's some big belly - been drinking beer lately

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