Wednesday, March 3, 2021

03/03/2021 Wednesday Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team T&D, Lesley and Team R&B💕. Lesley's Ka'ena update is part two of the dailies.

Team R&B did their usual checks and found one seal in the outfall, snacking or trying to find a snack. It was none other than Kaale RH32.  They noticed him coming up on the rocks to get at something. They couldn't tell what was there, maybe a tako trying to get away.  Kaale left the outfall heading to haul out at a nearby beach.  They headed over and saw him on shore. 

They walked towards tracks they spotted a seal swimming along shore heading in the same direction.

Just as they got to the site there was RG28 Lefty landing. He was very vocal and loud. They looked around to see if there were any other seals he was reacting to but there were none. 

Team R&B headed back to check on Kaale, while there they could see another seal had joined Lefty at tracks. It was RN14 Kalani!  Happy to see this boy, Team R&B called the hotline to inform. Just as a side note Team R&B got an amazing photo of a ray jumping!

At one point they saw two more seal in the outfall but by the time they got there they were gone. Their best "guessimate" that one was RN14 and the other Kekoa RK72.  They saw a seal landing on the rocks at a nearby beach. It was Kekoa Alii RK72, laying there snoozing on the rocks looking quite handsome.

Team R&B decided to take a drive to KoOlina and was thrill to see a seal on shore with a zone set up. There lay the "royal lady" R1KM/R1KN. Team R&B has become very fond of her. They describe her as beautiful, chubby and sweet. Everyone was respectable of the seal.  R1KM has three cookie cutter shark bite scars on her chest.

After leaving KoOlina Team R&B made one more stop at a west side beach. When they arrived they saw some dude with a big fish. Then a seal was hauling up on lower rocks and the dude threw something at the seal. The seal flipped flopped about on the rocks, and then dove into the water hole, looking back at the guy. Team R&B yelled out to him to Stop! They approached him and the seal came out of the hole and hauled back up but was very skiddish. Turns out he threw fish guts for her to eat it was RL70 Leina. They explained not to feed the seals, and they pointed out how she was spooked.  He understood, thankfully. They saw RH76 Kala mid high rocks and RW02 PvKauai at the seal inlet area.

Meanwhile on Molokai Team T&D spent their last day getting some R&R finally. They did see one last seal on this trip an untagged adult male. He spent the entire day on the beach getting his share of R&R.

Kaale going after something on the rocks
Lefty RG28
RN14 Kalani 
Kalani and Lefty
COOL PIC !!  way to go ray!
R1KM/KN looking mighty good
RL70 Leina
RW02 PvKauai

03/03/2021 Wednesday (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

 Sorry for the short note this evening.

Not much changes from yesterday's report
RN58 Luana was still sleeping on the same slab I saw her yesterday. R330 Squinty was sleeping on an island reef. And little RL74 Kami was nested between some rocks sleeping on the same beach of yesterday. Her wound is drying up fast.
More tomorrow - Be Safe 🌺😷

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

03/02/2021 Tuesday Monk Seal Dailies


Todays dailies are brought to you by Lesley, Team T&D and Team R&B💕.  Lesley's Ka'ena update is part two of the dailies.

Team T&D thought today was going to be a wash with stormy weather on Molokai, but the skies cleared and out they went. They hiked several miles to Llio Point and came up empty no seals. When they returned there was a seal about 75 yards from the place where they are staying. The seal was RBK2.  Noteworthy is that Team T&D saw 22 different seals over a five day period.  Ya Done Good Team T&D.

Team R&B💕 headed over to the outfall and was amazed how empty the area was, just on fisherman

and one seal, none other than RH32 Kaale.  He was moving slow and doing 5 min dives while foraging. He wasn't in his usual hunt mode, then again there was only one fisherman not a lot to steal.

From a distance they saw a second seal foraging outside of the outfall to the left. The seal was Kawika R407. He later came into the outfall. Then a third seal came in slowly and this turned out to be Kekoa RK72. Good to see these three boys after yesterday nail biting net saga. Eventually the trio disappeared from the outfall and never landed.

When Team R&B returned for a second check of the area they found Kawika R407 at a near by beach. He was on the rocks resting looking fat and happy.

Next stop for Team R&B was another westside beach. There they found Kala RH76 along side of RW02 PvKauai on lower rocks. RL70 Leina was mid high rocks chilling alone. Lefty RG28 was with Nalu R3CX at water front rocks. They were all in snooze mode resting peacefully.

RBK2 Little Molokai seal
Kaale RH32
Kawika R407
Kekoa RK72
Kawika R407 hauled out
Kala RH76
RW02 PvKauai
Kala and PvKauai
RL70 Leina
Nalu R3CX
Nalu and RG28 Lefty

03/02/2021 Tuesday (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

It was a windy blustery day out here. I headed out at noon to monitor the park to the point

Found R330 Squinty surrounded by visitors or "adoring fans" as DB would say. Had to do some outreach and FA&Qs.
RL98 Lina wasn't far she looked like a flashlight on the black lava reefs. until she turned around bellie down and camouflaged herself.
RL74 Kami was sleeping peacefully near the waterline. Her wound has been drying up nicely. It's been 2 weeks today.
RN58 Luana was sleeping on a slab in a pool.
The LAAL chicks are growing , today our BFAL V541 was hanging around with an un-banded one.
Whales were everywhere but the wind made it nearly impossible to follow them except for the breaches and splashing around.
More soon - Be Safe 🌺😷