Saturday, May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024 Saturday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn and Team R&B💕

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island from 2:10 to 3:08 pm and there were four seals seen during that time.
On LPB there were initially two seals:
Adult Male: adult size, dark male belly and two red tags. HE was accompanying an Adult Female: adult size, cream colored female belly and two red tags.
At 2:27 pm, PO3 hauled out to the Makapuu side of the AM and AF who were aware of him, but there were no interactions. PO3 identified by his weaner size and shape and no tags. 
Almost directly down from the 3BS was a Sub-adult Male: sub-adult size, light tannish-yellow belly and unsure about tags. He barely changed positions so there wasn't much to go on.

When Team R&B arrived at their first stop they spotted the dolphins right away. Shortly after they noticed a seal on waterfront rocks, who they ID'd as R416 Makalii.
Then they noticed a very handsome head bobbing up from the rocks. The seal hauled on on seal inlet and they were able to ID RM31 Kai.

Their next stop was at Kahe. There they found RG28 Lefty alone and resting. They did go back later in the day to check on him and he was still there. This time he moved down in the pond.

From there they checked the outfall and spotted a seal foraging. They could see the seal had a green snout. Then they spoke to a swimmer who asked who is N7?  That was their aha moment when they realized the green snout was RH32 Kaale.

They spotted two seals hauling in at tracks from afar. They headed over to find RN04 Kainoa bothering the lovely R406. 

Checking in at Nimitz they found one seal. On the reef resting alone was R407 Kawika. Thankfully
nobody was bothering him.

Last stop was at plains where they found the very large RL12 Aukai. There was a zone set up around her. There were lots of people out today and will probably be through out the long weekend. We can only hope that she leaves and heads over to Rabbit Island.... like now!

Rabbit Island
RN04 & R406

Friday, May 24, 2024

May 24, 2024 Friday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn and Team R&B💕
Also there is some very sad news to report, one of our newest pups died today. We don't have the full story, and initial reports are saying it was due to a dog attack. NOAA has opened an official investigation.  Here is the link from Hawaii News Now:

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island from 12:24 to 2:47 and there were six seals seen during that time. There were also several kayaks and seven people on island. Marilyn did call the DOCARE office.
On LPB was a juvenile seal she labeled as a Juvenile Male: larger juvenile size, light male belly and no tags. This seal may have some natural bleach marks on its RRF.
Between 3BS and SRI was a Juvenile Female: smaller juvenile size, older coat or just very sandy, tan female belly and two red tags. She went into the water when a couple who had arrived by kayak walked by her.
On the SRI were three seals: 
Closer together were two seals; Adult Female: adult size, darker female belly and two red tags
Nudging her some of the time was an Adult Male 1: adult size, darker male belly and to red tags.
Initially next to SRI, but hauling up on shore closer to the two seals was Adult Male 2: smaller adult size, light male belly and unsure about tags.  This seal had two small but prominent scars lateral and forward of the penial hole.
At 1:52 pm, Marilyn finally saw PO# hauled out far back on the Lanikai side of LPB. He later moved further back next to the cliff and she lost sight of him.

Team R&B's first stop they found two seals. The two males were ID'd as R617 who had just hauled in seal inlet. Next to waterfront rocks was R416.

Next stop was at Nimitz where they found R407 Kawika alone on the
As they walked out they saw lots of debris onshore. Walking out a bit further they saw several white 55 gallon drums, wood in the water and pieces of some kind of boat. They notified the lifeguards and sent photos.  Team R&B tried to move some of it and next thing they knew the news crew had arrived.  Lifeguards came with a truck pulled out large pieces dragging it all out to the grass.  Such a mess.

Team R&B got a call of a large seal arriving at white plains. They went out to check it out and were surprised to find RL12 Aukai. Oh
man she is big and she better get herself to Rabbit Island soon.
A volunteer was onsite and had set up a SRA around her.

Last but not least they finally made their way to Kahe where there was a big seal on the rocks. The seal was getting slammed by the waves and finally washed the seal off. Team R&B were able to ID Lefty RG28 before he got washed away.

Rabbit Island

Thursday, May 23, 2024

May 23, 2024 Thursday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn and Team R&B💕

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island from 12:30 to 2:57 and there were four seals seen during that time.
On LPB were two seals:
Unknown Adult: adult size, lighter ventral, not sure about sex or tags. Marilyn thinks this is a female but just could not confirm.
Adult Male: adult size, tan male ventral, not sure about tags.
They progressively moved up the beach with the rising tide.
At 12:52 pm weaner PO3 hauled out between 1Bs and 2BS, closer to the former. He hauled over the waterfront rocks and proceeded to play with a small branch and seeming to put objects in his mouth, typical weaner behavior. He then went into snooze mode for the rest of Marilyn's viewing session. He was ID'd by his weaner size and shape, light gray male belly and not tags.
Between 3BS and SRI was an Adult Female: adult size, cream colored female belly and two red tags. The AF has a short jagged scar on her neck which did not show up in the photo. This AF looks healthy but not pregnant.

Team R&B started their day at the bay watching the dolphins.  While watching they noticed a lady walk down the path, and that is when they spotted a seal. It was RL20 Kalua resting in the pond. The water distorted him in that he looked small. RL20 made his way up on the rocks.

At another west side location they found R617 at seal inlet with RM31 Kai. Then at waterfront rocks was R416 on his side in a deep sleep.
Team R&B didn't stay long as they had to go and make bubbles with their little grandson. What fun!

Rabbit Island