Thursday, October 6, 2022

10/06/2022 Thursday's Dailies

Todays dailies is short and sweet brought to you by Team R&B💕

They did not do their full route today, due to a Very Important Pup of their own (grandson) who they watched over today. Can't blame them for that.

They still managed to check the bay and found one seal in the early morning. There was Miss Kala RH76 in the rocks hiding. She was alone and just relaxing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

10/05/2022 Wednesday's Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Marilyn, Team T&D and Team R&B💕

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island today from 11:20 to 12:50 and there were six seals on island today. 
Furthest Lanikai on LPB was an A/F: adult size, new coat, light female belly and two red tags. She arrived about 11:40 and first interacted with RQ44. Then the molting male got between her and RQ44.
Just Makapuu of her was a Molting Male: adult to subadult size, mostly older coat on the dorsal side, newly molted gray belly, and at least one red tag. The molt looks to be about 60% complete. The MM started out closer to the 1BS but then moved in the Lanikai direction towards RQ44 and the AF.
Next towards 1BS was weaner RQ44 Mahina. she was ID'd by her weaner size and shape, N1 applied bleach on her back, three rear flipper tags and very light female belly.
Closer to 1BS near the waterfront was a Subadult Male: subadult size, new coat, light male belly, not sure about tags. 
Just down from 3BS was a Subadult Female: subadult to adult size, new coat, female belly and two red tags.
Near SRI was an Adult Male: subadult to adult size, new coat, light gray male belly and two red tags. This seal may have a scar near its right shoulder, but can not be sure. It could be RK24 but wasn't able to confirm.

Team T&D hiked out to Ka'ena Point and met up with Lesley. First they spotted Ka'ena RO40 who had not started his molt yet. 
Next there was another male that yet to start his molt, PvKauai RW02.
Then they found Kami RL74 who always seems to find unusual places to haul out.
Last but not least was Lina RL98, on her favorite beach.

Team R&B found Kala RH76 alone today. She was high up due to the surf. 
On their last check they were upset to find a couple of teens at the site. They were not by the seal but seems they were working on their kick boxing techniques that was disturbing to observe. Team R&B left the area to keep Kala safe.

Next Team R&B arrived at secrets to find two seals on shore way up by the naupaka. There was Aukai RL12 looking very sweet with her new coat. At the same time she is a tita since she kept RN14 Kalani under control. He did everything he could to charm her, but she wasn't having it.
They called the hotline and a volunteer arrived around noon.
Team R&B got upset when they watched four locals walk right pass the signs. When they were asked to go around because of the seals, they were told we live here, we're local and they just kept going. Aukai and Kalani were aware of their presence, they popped up as they passed by.

Lastly they made another check to an area where there hadn't been any seals earlier. To their delight there was a BIG MOMMA of a seal. Clean coat, scars on side of face and then they knew it was KG54 Huakai. She is looking really fat!

Rabbit Island
Aukai and Kalani

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

10/04/2022 Tuesday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Team R&B💕

Team R&B had appointments early morning so they had a later start today. When they did get out there they found a seal hidden in the rocks at the cliffs. They tried every angle to see but it was tough. Finally the saw a scar on top of its head and a scar over the eye, AHA it was RG32 (Molokai boy).
Just as they were making an ID they heard kids, and there they were like 30 of them with chaperons. The boys started making noises, Team R&B motioned for them to keep quiet. They went to talk with the kids and explained the noises they were making were like a sea lion, not a seal. Seems the kids had lots of questions and being very cute. They were super excited to see RG32 move.  Unfortunately all the kids had left the site, when Team R&B watched RG32 take off.

Next stop at the bay they spotted Kala RH76. She is looking so beautiful with her all shiny, new coat. Then they were excited to see another seal coming in. They watched as the seal came up on the rocks and waited. It was RG32 who was on a mission. He galumphed over the rocks through ponds to find what he had been smelling.
As he got within 5 feet of Kala, she looked at him with no interest. She watched to see where he was going.  RG32 was a gentlemen and stayed a few feet away from Kala. Team R&B left the happy couple, hopefully they will coexist peacefully.

With the huge waves and high tide made it difficult to find seals. The last seal they spotted was RP30 Puka. He does a really good job keeping himself hidden, but they found him. A set of big waves were coming in and the kid popped up and began to look and move about.  He is a handsome little guy doing just fine.

RH76 Kala
RG32 finds Kala

Monday, October 3, 2022

10/03/2022 Monday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Team R&B💕

Team R&B was out early morning and they went to check on RH76 Kala. Once again it took them a bit to lay eyes on her, since she's so good at hiding. Thankfully they spotted a flipper and there she was.  She is finally pau with her molting, looking very pretty.

At another west side location they saw Miss Lei Ola hauling up on the rocks. They hurried over and found RH48 Lei Ola resting peacefully. She is looking plump and healthy.  Again they saw the dog so they carefully left the area to protect her.

Team R&B got a call of a seal on shore so they hurried down. They had to walk further out and around the area before they spotted Aukai RL12. She was snuggled by the rocks in a deep deep sleep.
They called the hotline to report her. They waited around for a volunteer to arrive. 
There were people on the beach and some folks weren't happy they couldn't pass the seal. There were high waves going up to the bushes, it was too dangerous to go by for now.
By 10:45 am, they gave up and left Aukai RL12 for the day. As they were leaving, tourists came and went by the signs. One woman was almost half way through and getting close to Aukai. They motioned to her and educated her that for now it wasn't passable, her response was this is ridiculous!  

Kala RH76
Lei Ola RH48
Aukai RL12

Sunday, October 2, 2022

10/02/2022 Sunday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn and Team R&B💕

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island after the rain finally stopped. She was there between 2:15 to 3 pm and there four seals during her visit.
Alone up in the dunes near 1BS was an A/F adult female. The seal moved down onto the beach and then went into the water about 2:50. A short while later hauled out and went up into the dunes near the 3BS. Adult to subadult size, old coat, female belly and at least one red tag.
In a group of three near SRI were:
RK24 Wawamalu/Bruno: subadult size, new coat, light male belly and a scar on the right side about 1/3 forward of the rear flipper.
U/A unknown adult: adult size, newer coat, never saw the belly or tags. 
S/F subadult female: smaller subadult size, new coat, light female belly and unsure about tags.

Team R&B went out to check on Kala RH76 and couldn't find her. They decided to stick around waiting and about 30 minutes later they saw her in the pond. She was rolling about having a good ol' time. She was so cute rolling about, scratching, moaning and then the real magic started.  
She hauled up on the rocks, and they were thrilled to see she is almost done with her molt. Belly is clean and most of the top part of her body is done. A few patches on her face and neck. They didn't want to leave, she was fun to watch plus the waves were hitting her. She would hold onto the rocks with her flippers and wedge her body between the rocks.  
They also so two shearwaters and they were doing just fine.

Next they found Miss Lei Ola RH48. She is looking healthy, and plump. She was in the the spot as yesterday but higher up on the rocks. 
They spotted a dog, so they left the site in a hurry so the dog wouldn't go near the seal.

Lastly they found RH32 Kaale was alone on the rocks.  He was doing what most of us did on this rainy day, snoozing.

Rabbit Island
Kala RH76
Lei Ola RH48
Kaale RH32