Sunday, January 23, 2022

01/23/2022 Sunday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn, Melody, Lesley and Team R&B💕. Lesley's weekly Ka'ena update is part two of the dailies. 
I also received an update and comment on Justin's sighting from yesterday. First got an email from Justin mentioning the smaller seal looked to have a hook. NOAA was out today to take a look and attempted to apply bleach N2. I don't know who the young'en is other than its a male.  
Also another email from our pal Gayle that the larger seal may be RG32 male born in 2015.  She based this on the head scar on right side.

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island from 12:50 to 2:05 and there were three seals today.
Near SRI and not far apart were two seals:
A/M - adult size, male belly with gray chest, and unsure about tags. 
U/A - partly hidden in SRI was an adult size, gray belly possibly male,  unsure about tags. This sale was barely visible once it moved into the inlet.
After five minutes after Marilyn arrived she saw something move behind the waterfront rocks down from the 3BS. Sure enough there was a seal behind the rocks. Marilyn saw several flipper flexes and would guess the seal was a juvenile to subadult size, light belly, and unsure about tags. This critter is being reported as an Unknown Unidentified U/U.

Team R&B started their morning searching and hanging out at different spots but coming up empty. They did enjoy watching the surfers taking advantage of huge surf.  Patience paid off, they found a couple of seals.
For the last seven days they have been observing a little seal from Kaulapapa, a sweet little male who loved to hide in the rocks. This morning he was in plain view. They had been waiting to get a good look at him and here he is. They had a talk with Auntie and came up with the name Pe'ekai "one who hides in the ocean".  He has a white left digit, a small bleach spot on left side and no other markings they could see today.
At the same site they found RW02 PvKauai snoozing in shallow pond. All three of his tags were very
On the rocks was RL20 Kalua snoozing. He is looking very healthy and no signs of lines or hooks.

After talking with Auntie they headed over to check the area. There was Kekoa Alii RK72 so they put the signs out and educated folks. Some were respectful and others just walked pass without listening or caring.  The other concern is these folks don't pay attention to the waves and put themselves in harms way just to get a picture. Melody came out to take over to help out and Team R&B was able to leave.

They made their way back to check on Pe'ekai RP84, RW02 and RL20. Pe'ekai has definitely become part of their little west side gang. Lets hope he sticks around. They were all still in the same spot resting. 
Now they noticed Kala RH76 was there high mid rocks. She is looking fat and beautiful and was settled in away from the boys.

Melody responded to Team R&B's text and headed over to watch over Kekoa Alii. It was nice for them to spend time with him as they usually don't see him hauled out on this beach. He was snoozing over by the rocks where Team R&B had set up the zone. Shortly after catching up on everything Kekoa started making his way to the waters edge.  Melody thought she had arrived just in time for him to leave.  But Kekoa went down for a few minutes to have the water wash over him and then galumphed his way back up in the sand and settled in for snooze in the exact spot. 
The beach was busy with a steady flow of people, most were good. But the same trouble Team R&B had earlier there are just those who do not want to listen.  Thankfully Kekoa was in snooze mode and didn't move while people passed by closely. There seem to be a new visitors so Melody spent time doing outreach and monk seal 101.  Kekoa would make his way down to the waters edge two more times during the afternoon. 
Posse pal Amy came down at 4 and stayed until sunset. Melody was able to leave and Amy let her know that Kekoa left the site at 5:30.

Rabbit Island
Meet RP84/85 Pe'ekai
RW02 PvKauai
Kekoa Alii RK72
RH76 Kala

Big Surf

01/23/2022 (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

We had a great week here with lots of the seals coming by for a visit and some coming back after being MIA for a while. Our cast added to 11 seals. They hauled out in several different locations
Monday: RW02 PVKauai came by to watch the big surf 
Wednesday: RO40 Ka'ena, R2330 Squinty and RL74 Kami 
Thursday: RL98 Lina, RG28 Lefty and RL47 Kamakana
Friday: RJ40 'E'ena and RL74 Kami
Saturday: R303 BG, RL42 Leia, RL47 Kamakana, RG28 Lefty, RL74 Kami, R3CU and R330 Squinty

During the week we received reports of our girl KG54 Huaka'i circling the island from here to the west side then East side and ended up visiting Rabbit Island. Wondering where she'll show up next.
LAAL (Laysan Albatrosses) and BFAL (Black Footed Albatrosses) have being criss-crossing the sky around the point and playing with the waves all along the coast. We should be having the first hatchings
The Whales have been stealing the show. Calves and Moms are very active as well as the communication among pods.
Surf was great all week and this weekend we got the BIG swell. From Friday to Saturday, it even crossed the road at the entrance of the park on Mokule'ia side.
More soon - Be safe 🌺

Saturday, January 22, 2022

01/22/2022 Saturday's Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn, posse pal Justin T. and Team R&B💕

Posse pals Justin and Christine were out today by Hanauma Bay where they saw three seals. They reported to the hotline between 4:30 - 5:30.
There was one very small seal, one middle size young seal and one large seal. The very small seal (juvenile) was sunning by itself. The middle-sized (sub-adult) swam by and attracted the attention of the larger (adult) seal. The two moved up the gully into the rocks.
The adult seal had an old scar behind its right ear. The sub-adult had a sandy tag that looks like a roto tag on the RFF. It could be PO4 Manana born 2021. 

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island from 2:20 to 3:45 and there were two seals together at thee 3BS. 
S/F - subadult to adult size, light gray female belly, unsure about tags. They may have been gray tags, which would make this KG54 Huaka'i. (she was in the same area yesterday). S/F moved down behind the waterfront rocks during Marilyn's observation
A/M - subadult to adult size, light male belly and two red tags. He moved down to join the S/F behind waterfront rocks. It is possible this is RK24, but seemed a bit bigger.

Team R&B started looking for seals a little later than usual today, as they went to get junior sealette.
They did some area that were dangerous today because of the big surf. They couldn't stand on the rocks to look, like they usually do.  They watched surfers getting slammed and some going for a great ride.
Finally they spotted a seal way up by the people, they headed over but had trouble parking. They ended up walking to the site and found R3CX Nalu on shore with people close by.

Later in the day they found RP30 Puka on the rocks snoozing and sneezing. They determined he was the U/U they saw yesterday. They also noticed he might have a cookie injury or poop smear. LOL. He didn't move enough to let them determine for sure.  

Lastly they did a recheck on R3CX Nalu who was was joined by R407 Kawika on shore. They were both sound asleep. The surf was still pounding!

Adult Seal
sub-adult - juvenile

Rabbit Island
Big Surf
Nalu R3CX
RP30 Puka
Nalu R3CX
Nalu and Kawika
R407 Kawika