Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 16, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies:

Todays dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley and Tammy of Team T&D. 

Lesley's quick update: 
I had a busy morning and between a back and forth I saw a seal hauling out at CE Pt.
Went I went by to check on it I found a beautiful nice and plump RN58 "Luana"

Some of "our" mamas are getting big, I wonder if bets have already started on what island has the first pup, who's pupping first on Oahu, etc...  More tomorrow🌺

Team Billand was out at 8am when they spotted a little seal, scars on right side of face, and visible tah H92.  They called the hotline and stayed with RH92. She is healthy and quite a little beauty to observe. Volunteers arrive and they waited. Mark from NOAA came and bleached her. It took some time as she kept moving. 
Team Billand left to find other seals, but they were skunked. They looked everywhere and didn't find anyone else. Guess the boyz are off to a new adventure. 
They headed back and rechecked on RH92. She was fine even with people playing to the right. Her new applied bleach N92 was visible!  Thanks NOAA, thanks Mark.

Tammy went out to Ka'ena Point solo today. She only found two critters, RK88 Puna and R330 Squinty. When she first spotted Squinty he was doing his best hippo imitation, it took 90 minutes before he rolled and finally showed his NB on his chest for an ID.

 look closely there is a N92 bleach there
 R330 Squinty playing a hippo 
 RK88 Puna

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 15, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Lesley.

Team Billand went searching early morning, saw a beautiful sunrise at Nimitz. Team Billand had to go to an appointment and when they got back they spoke with Mark from NOAA. NOAA was out looking for seals to bleach and seems as though no critters were around.  Team Billand headed out to a few hot spots when they met up with the DLNR at one of the beach parks, who informed them there were three seals heading toward KoOlina.  As if there was some smoke signal, Auntie called them to say there were three seals on shore and lots of people close by. Team Billand headed out right away.

Upon arrival to the site Auntie was out there keeping folks away. Team Billand was able to quickly ID the three amigos. Kolohe RW22, Ka'ale RH32, and Kekoa RK72. Kolohe was on the left, Ka'ale in the middle and Kekoa on the right. Barb gave Auntie the history on these three boys and Robert put out the signs to keep the public away.  All three boys were very alert looking like they might be on the move. Team Billand called NOAA to inform them of their find. Mark and Alexa came out to access the situation. 
Having all three so close together and alert presented a challenge not to mention the waves starting to crash over.  In the end no seals were bleached (bummers).

After leaving Team Billand went back to check the other beaches. Today's waves were huge and covering everything up to the vegetation. They did spot one seal on the west side, on shore and with two signs around it. RW02 PvKauai was alone sleeping, waves crashing making the area around him smooth, no footprints. 

Lesley's Update:
For the past 2 days RG40 "Holokai has been in front of the house.
Yesterday he came up at first high tide in wee hours of the morning then left mid morning.
Today he came hauled out probably at the same time and was still there when I checked at 1pm
note: foot prints on todays photos seemed to be already there when he hauled out since they were washed off on some parts of the trail,  disappeared under his body and show passed him. More tomorrow

Kolohe, Kaale & Kekoa 
 RW02 PvKauai
Holokai hanging at the Lyman Estate for the last couple of days

Monday, January 14, 2019

Jan 14. 2019 Monk Seal Dailies:

Todays dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.

Team Billand got a call from Auntie about a seal at KoOlina. When they arrived they found RE74 Benny up against Auntie's gate. But he soon moved down a little by the Naupaka and then a little further down. Signs were out when they arrived, Team Billand made a couple of adjustments and then called the hotline.  Team Billand stayed until a volunteer arrived.

Heading back to the west side they made a stop to check one of the sites. Barb struck a conversation with one of the homeless folk, when they were told there was a seal on the rocks. When they went to check, there was no seal, but the waves were washing over the rocks.  Then there was a critter swimming up and over the rocks being washed out and coming right back. They were able to ID Kaale RH32. (of course who else would be so stubborn lol)

Team Billand went to check another westside beach where there has been lots of critters hanging out together. They would not be disappointed, as there were four males all next to each other like sausage links.  Lower rocks to the left was Kekoa Alii RK72, next to him RN14 Kalani. RW02 PvKauai was to the right of Kekoa. Kolohe RW22 along side all of them.

Last find of the day for Team Billand was out at the cliffs. They spotted a little brown seal, pretty clean right side. Finally the tags are visible but couldn't read. They waited, but the kid would not move. So they left the site and once they could look at the photos they were able to ID Puna RK88/

Benny RE74
Ka'ale RH32 
Four Buds Hanging Out
 Kekoa RK72
 N14 Kalani
 RW02 PvKauai
 Kolohe with his beautiful applied bleach
RK88 Puna

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jan 13, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Marilyn. 

On a top ten list this is by far one of those moments in time. Marilyn had great pleasure watching RK96 Kaiwi playing with her 2018 son RK24 at spitting cave between 10 and 11 am. After they left spitting cave she was able to find them again at Kokee Flats.  Mom and son were busy tossing it about in the water. Kaiwi was ID'd by her natural bleach on forehead, natural bleach inside her rear flipper and K96/97 tags. RK24 ID'd by his size, light belly and K24 tag.

After enjoying Mother and Son antics, Marilyn went to the pier to view Rabbit Island from 12:45 to 1:50 pm.  There were three critters all in separate locations on the Island. Unfortunately Marilyn wasn't able to get any ID, (Oh I know what that is like).
Unknown Juvenile Male - located about 20 feet right of the 1BS. Juvenile size, male belly and tags.
Unknown Male - located behind the waterfront rocks near the 3BS. This seal only showed her about 2/3 of its ventral side. She never saw the head or the front or rear flippers. The critter had a lighter belly, but Marilyn thinks it was adult size. 
Unknown Unknown - located near the waterfront rocks about midway between the 3BS and SRI. The seal never showed its side so it was hard to estimate the size. It had a light older coat belly with some green. Marilyn was unable to determine gender and thinks there was 2 tags.

Team Billand was heading to the South West Quadrant when the got a call from a friend about a seal out at plains.  They arrived at 6:30 am and found Rocky RH58 by one of the towers. There were signs up and Team Billand made some adjustments. While they were securing Rocky's area they noticed two more seals to the right of the shack. It was still dark at the time, but they called it into the Hotline.
Checking on the other two they found Benny RE74 and Buster RV08. They quickly made another zone, and just as they placed the last post all three seals decided it was time to go. They left all at once it was 7:15 am.  Benny made a rather dramatic departure by vomiting yellow bile. After all the seals left, they called the hotline to update them, then places all the equipment back in the box and left the site.

After leaving the plains Team Billand headed westside and spotted two seals at one of the usual hot spots. Team Billand stayed for hours trying to make an ID of two seals off shore. They got lucky and saw Kolohe RW22 applied
bleach. The other seal could not be ID'd and reported as a UU. Neither seal landed, but on their last visit Kolohe had hauled out on lower rock and he was alone. 

At another west side beach they found RW02 PvKauai sleeping alone. He was near a beach park with a lot of homeless. Team Billand called the hotline, but did not stay in that they didn't want to draw any attention to him.

 Kaiwi and RK24
 mother and son reunion
 little cutie
 Kaiwi RK96 
 juvenile male 
Rocky RH58
 Benny & Buster
 If its yellow.... well that isn't mellow
 Buster V08 
Kolohe hauled out
 RW02 PvKauai