Monday, September 24, 2018

9/24/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 1) RH32, RO28, RK72, RN14, RL42, RK88, R303, RH58

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley and Melody. Lesley's Ka'ena update is part two of the dailies. Seems like today was full of surprises and goodness.

Team Billand made their morning stop at the outfall but there were no seals, so they headed to the nearby beach and lo and behold there was Kaale RH32 up on the rocks, alert and by his chubby self. Once they knew he was there and safe they left to check on Pohaku. 

From what Barbara reported the park was going to close down at 8 am, so they hurried to the site to check on Pohaku. When they arrived they found Pohaku RO28, close to the road of the grounds. Team Billand immediately called the hotline. They noticed truck tracks all over the beach, not from the lifeguard quads. Looks like there might be some folks using their vehicles to drive out and fish. 
From Team Billands observation Pohaku is about 45% into her molt. Volunteer Karen arrived and put up some signs. Team Billand filled her in and left to check out the other sites.

Team Billand returned to check on Ka'ale and were surprised to find three boys on the the rocks. There was RN14 Kalani to the left on his own. Kekoa RK72 was on the rocks in the middle and Kaale RH32 was heading into the pond to the right of Kekoa.  Team Billand was pretty stoked to see the boys.  Once they ID'd everyone and they were all settled in, Team Billand headed out for their next stop.

The next part of their day was a Ka'ena West trek and they were not disappointed. They found RL42 Leia at the 20. She was sleeping in the water on the rocks, in a familar hippo mode.
When Team Billand hit the 40 mark they spotted a darling little brown seal, sleeping and snuggled in the rocks. It took some work and time but finally a blurry shot of the tag K89. It was Puna RK88/89.

Team Billand was just ready to leave and happened to look to the right and spotted a seal rolling in the water. A large green critter, scar on the left side of the head, scar between eyes, scar on nipple and scar on left side above foreflipper. It's BG R303, she galumphed her way up into the rocks and was pretty hidden. Team Billand was able to get all the markers before she tucked away.  I can safely say Team Billand were happy campers today!

Meanwhile Melody spent another beautiful day with Rocky. Melody went down early morning and today she brought coffee and some breakfast :-) Rocky was there and snoozed for a few hours then started making her way down the sand hill to the waters edge. Rocky finally made it to the waters
edge turned looked back and then was in the ocean.
Melody returned later in the afternoon to see if she was back, and sure enough she came spinning in the waves, which were pretty high this evening. Up the side of the hill she went and when she got to the crest to the morning glories the old girl took her time. She made it up and wrapped herself up in the vines and began her snooze. About an hour later she made her way down to the sand, the sun was gone and the full moon was out (so was Rocky, snoring away).

Ka'ale RH32 
 Pohaku RO28
 scary tracks in the sand 
 she's going to look so pretty when her molt is finished
Da Boys Kekoa and Kaale
 RN14 Kalani
RL42 Leia
BG is back
Rocky sun up
 Rocky in the evening

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