Thursday, March 1, 2018

2/28/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Gayle, Team Billand and Melody.

Gayle's only sighting today was one critter on Rabbit Island, weather conditions made viewing difficult. Gayle checked a number of other beaches and came up empty.

Melody received an email from a friend that "Rocky" was at Iroquois, she rushed out to see and was surprised to find it wasn't Rocky at all. But who could it be? Based on CC scars she was thinking RO28 Pohaku, so to be sure she contacted Team Billand to confirm. Barbara verified in fact it was Pohaku.  
This girl is certainly making the rounds, especially since this isn't one of her usual haul outs, then again neither was Diamond Head area. Pohaku spent a couple of hours  and left heading west.
Melody spent some quality time with a few new residents who hung around to hear more about Hawaiian monk seals.

Team Billand arrived at a Leeward Beach and found Kekoa RK72 on top rock. He was there all day long. NOAA came out to the site today and applied a N2 bleach to his right side.  (Interesting factoid; N2 was originally Ewa Girl
RS00 bleach number - but she hasn't been seen for a couple of years) So Kekoa (Ewa Girls' son) got was bleached today with Mom's number). He departed at 3:58. 

Team Billand spotted two seals fighting off shore, they came in the cove and ID'd as Kaale and RW02 PvKauai. Kaale came in first to lower rocks and slept.  PvKauai RW02 came in slowly got to same area as Kaale sniffing around.  Kaale heard him and made his way towards him. They met, hugged and Kaale started with his silly behavior, which PvKauai didn't appreciate. They both left the site and didn't come back.

A seal came in popping his head up looking for a place to land, it was unclear who this critter is, initially Team Billand thought Kaale, but spotted a scar on left cheek, cookie scar on butt area and tags it was R3CU.  NOAA and Volunteer Kathy spotted him too, everyone excited to see him, since this isn't a usual spot for him.

Pohaku RO28
Kekoa RK72
 N2 Kekoa RK72
Kaale & PvKauai in the water
 Kaale hauls out
 PvKauai Pw02
Kaale on his way to RW02
they meet
Breaching Whales 
 Aflac is back - 

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