Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2/27/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Gayle and Team Billand.

Gayle spotted one seal hiding in the bushes on Rabbit Island. She headed into Honolulu after an appointment to see if there were any critters out and about. She came across Right Spot already on land, unfortunately after she called the hotline Right Spot departed.  Gayle didn't have much time to get many pictures but we know she was there.
Later in the afternoon checking in on her most favorite critter Gayle found Kaiwi RK96 snoozing away her afternoon at Kokee.  

Team Billand found da Benny at 6:20 at Paradise Cove, roped him off and put out some signs. They called the hotline. As tourist were arriving in the early morning Team Billand spent time giving them Monk Seal 101 lessons. 
Seems most of the tourist were hitting the beach in the wee hours expecting to find turtles, no turtles here, just one large very handsome monk seal.  Volunteer arrived at 8:15 am and Team Billand left for their next stop.

Upon arriving at a Leeward Beach they found Kekoa RK72 hauled up on high rock sound asleep. Kekoa remained in the spot through out the day.  Meanwhile Boobie was taking some time off to rest on water and the whales were breaching to their hearts content.

At a the same beach but off to the right Kaale RH32 was alone. He had no one to poke today, stayed in the same spot resting, poor baby...... or was he?  I think he was spending the day resting up and plotting his next head butting attack, who will it be?  We shall see!
Lastly Team Billand spotted an Unknown/Unidentified (u/u) foraging off shore doing 6 minute dives. The critter never hauled out despite Team Billand waiting around for two hours.

 Kaiwi RK96 
 Right Spot R016
Resting Boobie 
 Breaching Whale 
Kaale plotting his next plan of head butting attack 
UU foraging

1 comment:

b said...

RI Critters....I think I see another seal hidden in the bushes to the left of seal on shore...see it????

Too Bad ya, no can Id...I wish there was a way to SOLVE the ID problem..just seems so many critters there...missing alot of information.

BUT .... so happy there are critters still going there...seems the PERFECT spot for all seals.

Any sightings of AUKAI RL12??? Its been so long since we've seen her. Hope she is ok.