Friday, March 2, 2018

03/01/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to by Gayle, Team Billand, and Team T&D (Tammy and Dave).

Gayle found Miss Kaiwi at the grotto today, along with lots of marine life in the tide ribs. Gayle also spotted one critter on Rabbit Island.

Team Tammy & Dave went out to Ka'ena Point and the came across Luana RN58. The next critter on their trek was RN14 (Kalani) on the rocks between the runway and main pool.  If he hadn't moved they would have missed him.  As on many parts of the island there were lots of whales putting on a show. Tammy also noted that Chicki is getting big.

Team Billand found da Benny out at Nanakuli, he already had signs up and no one was around. They did not  call it in since someone had been out at the site. Benny was resting on shore close to the waters edges looking healthy.

While they were on route, they spotted two lumps on shore so they drove down to investigate. 
Well there were three lumps, all males, Ka'ale RH32, Kekoa RK72, RW02 PvKauai together snoozing the morning away.  Kekoa's N2 bleach is very visible. They called the hotline to inform, volunteer arrived around noon.

Team Billand continued their journey to Leeward Beach and found RR70 Rip on high rock alone to the left. He was still there on their recheck but looked liked he was ready to leave with the high tide.
Team Billand's newest little buddy Aflac showed up and was nibbling on some food someone left for him in a plastic bag. After he was done carefully pecking at the food, they removed the bag.

At a beach on the west side Team Billand spotted Ka'ena RO40 alone resting up on the rocks. He was ID'd by his tiny natural bleach on his head, and large cookie scar on back. He's a big healthy boy (His mama Irma would be proud).

 Kaiwi RK96
 Luana RN58
 Kekoa RK72, Kaale RH32 & RW02 PvKauai  (3 burritos) 
 Kaale & RW02
 Ka'ena RO40
 Team Billand's new mascot

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