Monday, August 27, 2018

8/27/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

Good to be back out there all the way !
I monitored from Lyman's all the way to 10Mnts mark on the Waianae side today. Came back home soaked to the bone but still smiling.

The first seal was R330 "Squinty" in the front. He definitely overnighted by checking his trails. There are truck trails on the beach but those are from the weekend, documentation and report were made. He was no longer there on my way back hours later.

Next RN58 "Luana" was @ 10Mnts Beach. She also overnighted in her Naupaka corner. She was no longer there on my way back.

Then her boy, the weaner RK88 "Puna" was at his favorite Ponds spot, rolling in the water belly up with his head between 2 rocks. Typical weaner thing. Makes you stare at him till you see him move (not with the waves but alone) or breath. 
From where I stood I was able to document his new scars - NO wounds.
Still there when I came back but on a small strand of sand.

RO40 "Ka'ena" was hauled out, spread out @ the entrance of Ka'ena's Pool. On guard not to let anyone in. He was still there when I came back from the Waianae side.

On the Waianae trail, I did a lot of outreach - seems that the majority of the hikers came in from there today.
The Spanish group I met last week on the Mokuleia side, took up my suggestion and also hiked the West side. We met just in front of 30Mnts mark, they were very happy to see me, we talked story and they asked about the seals. I pointed down, it took them a while then one by one spotted RW02 "PVKauai" down on the reefs.

I told them about the Shearwater chicks on the way back they told me they had seem some in the burrows.

On my way back I was told by some hikers about a dead turtle. It was already raining hard but I went to check and found it being tossed on reefs by waves. It was already decomposing. Always sad to see. Call and documentation were made.

I also checked Birth Beach / Tables, to my pleasure and surprise RK40 "Napua" was hauled out on the waterline. She was definitely going to move cause the rising tide was getting her.  More tomorrow 🌺

 shearwater chickie
 OHHHHH Squinty

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