Friday, February 9, 2018

2/9/2018 Monk Seal Dailies (part 2) Lesley Ka'ena Update

Tammy & I did an early and very pleasant hike out to Ka'ena Pt.
As we arrived at the point there were no seals around so we went on looking in other locations. We came back and decided to wait a little, sure enough a short while later I saw a head on the waterline of Back Beach. Glare was in the back so there was very little we could see. Tammy went to one side of the beach and I to the other. Perfect decision since this young male, not tagged hauled out on the beach, galumph to the small cave settled down and went to sleep in a flash. We were able to document several scar and the most remarkable one was on his muzzle. A piece is missing and it seems he only has on nostril (a full report was sent to NOAA).
I told Tammy there should be another seal around, because of the way this little guy came in. I kept looking around and saw a seal haul out on the center island of the Main Pool. It was RG40 "Holokai", he must have stayed there for less than an hour, entered the water, swam around to Back Beach, hauled out and galumph all the way up the beach to the Big Rock base. He stopped on his way up to look at the new kid but there was no interaction. "Holokai" settled down and went in to a deep sleep.
Tammy & I had to head back so we left after doing outreach with all the groups around. As we were hiking out MANY groups of 2 to 4 people were hiking in.

New Kid - who are you? 
Tammy's angle of the new kid  

 scar on his nose 
 peek a boo !  
 RG40 Holokai ( looks to be close in age)
Holokai from Tammy

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