Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 8, 2018 10 Year Anniversary of MonkSealMania & A Very Special Day

Aloha Good People
Today marks a special day in blog history, first because it was 10 years ago on February 8th 2008 the very first post was made, that was 10 years and many many nights, photos, seals, and volunteers. All of it I am grateful and have loved and learned so much from all of you!  So thank you!

But another reason why today marks a special day is earlier today the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology - University of Hawaii at Manoa held a small celebration to honor Marilyn's official commitment to support monk seal research and observation in a partnership between the Joint Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research at SOEST and NOAA. This foundation is being set up to honor DB's life and work, as well as Marilyn's long relationship with UH.  

The event did not last long and was held at Makai Pier, (totally fitting). I know many folks would have wanted to be there and DB is someone who has touched so many of us. The best gift we can give back it to continue the work he has taught us, the way he taught us.

As more information becomes available about the foundation I will post the information in case anyone wants to contribute.  

Here are a few photos from this very special day!  

Diane, Marilyn, Dana, me, Colleen, Lesley 
Tammy's fine work seal seal everywhere a seal 
 Marilyn and UH Team
 The Official Signing
 NOAA Team 
 UH Team
 A gift for Marilyn 

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Seal Sister said...

Congratulations on the ten year anniversary! Love the start date 2-8-08, a lucky day for us all! Mahalo for all you do and the mutual seal love shared! Grateful for Marilyn’s gift, I’m sure
It made DB proud!