Thursday, February 22, 2018

2/22/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 1)

Today's dailies are brought to by Gayle, Team Billand and Lesley. Lesley's complete Ka'ena Point Update is in part 2 of today's dailies. 

Gayle once again reported one critter on Rabbit Island. After her appointment this morning she stopped by Makalei and saw Buster RV08, or at least she's pretty sure it was Buster.  She did not see any of the females today, too bad, maybe Buster chased them off.

Before the crack of dawn Team Billand was out at Paradise Cove and found RE74 Benny sleeping high up on shore near the trees. They called the hotline and put up a zone. They spent time educating folks as they arrived at the beach. Benny departed at 7:31 am and Team Billand called the hotline to update them.

Team Billand continued their search ending up at a Leeward Beach where they spotted a critter doing 6 minute dives for a bit, then he hauled up on high rock and galumphed over the rocks to the water hole. They ID'd Kekoa RK72, he is looking good, robust, alert and no new injuries. He was the only sighting today, even on the last check of the day he was the only one at the location.

Having said that, Team Billand did witness a tremendous breach, but was only able to capture a pec slap of a humpback. And if that wasn't enough they met up Tom turkey at Yoks, walking about with no worries. (of course he's not worried it's only February).  

Benny RE74
 Kekoa RK72
 Look at ! wow! 
 Buster Rv08
 Rabbit Island Critter. who are you? 

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