Thursday, February 8, 2018

2/8/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

 Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn, Gayle and photographer Melody.

Team Billand started the morning finding 4 critters fighting off shore by a Leeward Beach. They managed to get two IDs PvKauai RW02 and Kekoa RK72.  

Later in the afternoon Team Billand came across Ka'ale RH32 snoozing alone in the light drizzle on the Westside.

Kalani RN14 was in the water hole mid top rocks, which made it difficult for an ID until he galumphed on rocks and they got a look at his tag. Also they found Rip RR70 to the left on top rocks snoozing alone and got to see his N1 bleach (thank you NOAA)

They saw a seal resting on the rocks in a different spot, he then moved to the water then back up on high rocks with Rip. Turns out to be Kekoa RK72 made his way to Rip, they had words but it was short and they soon settled down.
The last seal spotted and unable to ID was a male, resting well hidden. They spent time studying this critter but just couldn't figure out who it might be. ( possible Rw02 since he was seen off shore but they did not see a tag)

Team Billand stopped by Campbells and upon arrival saw two of their old old signs, just signs no seal. They waited and checked offshore and spotted a seal foraging doing 5 minute dives. After viewing their photos they were able to ID Benny RE74.  Team Billand called a friend who works in the area and she took some pictures of the seal in the signs. She couldn't find Barbs number to call her but now they are reconnected. And yes for sure the critter is da Benny.

Between Marilyn and Gayle's photos and those of us that peeked through the scope there were 3 critters on Rabbit Island today. One very large adult, and 2 smaller critters. 

Melody was on the Windward side today where she came came across Ipo RI37. It appears she had recently hauled out as she was still wet and her tracks were still clear in the sand. Melody called in the sighting to the hotline, and she decided to stay and wait. There were quite a few folks stopping by so there was good opportunity to educate. A volunteer showed up and set up a SRA, Melody left to head home. 

Foraging Seals
Kalani RN14
 Rip  N1 & Kalani RN14
3 Rabbit Island Critters
Ipo RI37

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