Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2/14/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: Rabbit Island Critter, RN14 Kalani - Happy Valentine Day!

Today's dailies are brought to you by Gayle & Team Billand who braved the stormy weather on Oahu.   I also would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their love for the seals and wish them a Happy Valentines Day.

Gayle was about ready to say she was skunked for the day but she did spot one critter on Rabbit Island. We don't know who, but we know they are there!

Team Billand out at a Leeward Beach in the heavy rain, thunder they waited. Sure enough they spotted one off shore. The critter didn't seem to be too interested in landing and just when they were ready to give up, the seal came in. Seal ID'd as RN14 Kalani looking above the rocks, for a friend, a valentine, but not today no one was around, he was on his own.  He began to vocalize, after each bellow, he would stop, listen and look around, but there was no one was there to answer. 
The rain was getting worse and it was hard to stay warm so they left.    Once the rains subsided Team Billand returned to check again and again all on his own RN14 Kalani remained.

RN14 Kalani
 Happy Valentine Day to All Hawaiian Monk Seal Ohana!
okay this isn't a monk seal and I borrowed the photo from the internet but it's still cute!

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