Saturday, February 10, 2018

2/10/2018 Monk Seal Dailies (part 1) Three Rabbit Island Critters, Kalani RN14, PvKauai RW02, Kaale RH32 & Kekoa Rk32

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Gayle, Lesley & Marilyn.  Lesley and Marilyn did their usual Ka'ena Point Trek and the update is part 2 of the dailies. 

The last two days there has been a new kid at the point. What we know is a young male with no tags, and a scar on his nose. Well thanks to Team Billands good memory Barbara pointed me to a post from a year ago Feb 4th 2017 on the west side. Barb remembers Tracy giving the critter a Temp number but could not recall what the number was. I am included some photos from the  Feb 2017 post.  The nose scar is pretty distinctive. 

Gayle spotted three critters on Rabbit Island, although she felt like she was playing a game of where's Waldo.

Team Billand spent much of the day searching many beaches looking for seals. They were coming up empty and it wasn't until they returned to one of the beaches on the far west side they spotted a couple of seals slowly coming up on shore. First it was Kaale RH32, Kalani RN14 and PvKauai RW02 fighting for spots to rest. Kekoa RK72 came in last he was quiet today. Once on shore there was lots of interaction, people began to gather but were very respectful which was much appreciated. Team Billand spent time educating a family setting up their camp with all their kids, they were all very nice folks. Team Billand called the hotline immediately and a bit later a volunteer would arrive.

 Rabbit Island Critter
These photos of an unknown male from February 4th 2017 if you look closely at these photos he has the same nose scaring as the new kid that showed up Ka'ena Point the last two days. He was just a little one last year.... which is fitting to his size now. What do you think Posse ?
R356 !!!  He has an ID number
PvKauai RW02, Kalani RN14 & Kaale RH32 coming in for the play
 Kekoa RK72
 Kaale RH32 & Kalani RN14
 Kalani RN14
 Boyz playing soccer 
PvKauai RW02, Kaale RH32, and Kalani RN14
 OUCH !!! hey! 
PvKauai & Kaale
Peace at last

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