Friday, February 16, 2018

2/16/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: Rabbit Island Critter, Kolohe RW22, Buster V08, Benny RE74, Kekoa RK72, PvKauai RW02, Kalani RN14, Kauai Kolohe RK36, Lei Ola RH48

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Posse Pal Gayle.

Gayle found one Rabbit Island critter it's unclear if it's the same critter as the last two days. Gayle gotRN1 a call from one of her whale watching buddy there was a seal at Lanai Lookout. Whale watcher friend shared a photo and when she arrived she was able to ID RW22 Kolohe.  Gayle's comment about Kolohe popping up on a Friday of a holiday weekend, "he's a little punk".

Team Billand was out at White Plains and being a nice day it of course would be a beach day for most. Their first find was Buster who had been zoned off by the Lifeguards. Team Billand called the hotline.

Still at White Plains but this time by the Cabins they spotted Benny hanging out by the last cabin at the waters edge. There were no signs or ropes around him. The informed the hotline of Benny's location.

Team Billand headed out to their next location to the Leeward side. They came across a critter so well hidden, it took them quite some time to make an ID of Kekoa RK72. He remained in the same spot, well hidden. On their second visit there were four dudes hanging out. On their last visit of the day volunteer was on site.

Team Billand then came across two critter in a water hole together most of the day. It took some time but once again with patience and persistence they were able ID RW02 PvKauai and RN14 Kalani. RW02 showed his tags and RN14 showed tags as well as cue ball bleach mark.

Next on their rounds for the day they came across RK36 Kauai Kolohe, good to hear about him. He was up on shore, looking healthy, robust and alert. It's been a while since they have seen him.

They were finishing up their rounds when they made one last stop on the West side. They found
RH48 Lei Ola, and while taking some photos, Barbara noticed a man standing right in front of her and she perked up. Barbara called from the cliff for him to move and he answered back something (basically ignoring her) and then she informed this was an endangered seal. He and his partner left (thank goodness). But it didn't end there two ladies came up to check out the seal, then a dude and his wife came with a GoPro. The dude walked right up to Lei Ola and had the camera in her face. Team Billand... got their attention then left the site. It's a 3 day weekend and this is just the beginning.  
Sometimes the hardest part of watching over the seals is holding your tongue when people are being complete idiots.

Rabbit Island Critter
Kolohe RW22
Buster V08
 it's only Friday wait til Saturday & Sunday
 Benny RE74
 pick a tag any tag
Kekoa RK72
RW02 PvKauai & RN14 Kalani
RK36 Kauai Kolohe
Lei Ola RH48
 just makes me so mad
 one word:  idiot

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