Saturday, February 10, 2018

2/10/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 2) Lesley & Marilyn's Saturday Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn, Philomene & I hiked out to Ka'ena Pt to do our monitoring and outreach
We found "New Seal" in the exact location we left him yesterday. R3CU was up near the Naupaka on Back Beach.
Later RO40 "Ka'ena" swam into the Main Pool and hauled out to sleep on the reef island.
R3CU made his way down to the waterline to the delight of visitors/hikers. "New Seal" woke up and with no interaction made his way into the water and left.
"CHICKY" is growing fast (2wks old) - other chicks are starting to show up from under parents, it's going to be a fun fledging season.
The point was absolutely crowded today and we did lots of outreach (+50) on our way out of the NARS we met with the big POW-WOW group.
Many people were hiking in as well as driving. Seems the rain of the past week made everybody want some outdoor time.

Ka'ena R040
Unknown New kid - or ??

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