Monday, February 26, 2018

2/26/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Gayle.  

Team Billand got to a Leeward Beach staring at the water forever to the point where they were just about to give up..... and then they spotted a seal off shore foraging at 5 to 6 minute dives. On one dive they waited 8 minutes, didn't see the seal surface, so they walked to the right and there were two seals hauled out. Seals were ID'd as Kaale RH32 and RW02 PvKauai resting. 
Both seal remained on rocks but PvKauai moved inland and of course Kaale (butt head) moved in warp speed.  A small spat because Kaale kept bugging PvKauai. Kaale just had to snuggle and hold PvKauai, finally PvKauai gave in. Their actions are adorable as best buds.

While sitting at the site, Barbara heard a noise behind her, she turned to see her new buddy Alfac.
(the moskovy duck is back).  
A seal started coming in slow checking out the area, but after a few minutes turned and left and headed for the high rocks. They ID'd Kekoa RK72, he stayed in this spot for the day. 
On their last check all three seals remained in the same spots, nice and quiet. Volunteer Kathy O spent some time sitting and talking story about seals.

At a West Side Beach Team Billand spotted Miss Lei Ola RH48 resting on the rocks below. Then they spotted a large marge huge seal to the right of her, ID'd RL42, showing both her tags. Both girls resting in peace.

Gayle spotted one critter on Rabbit Island. She also checked out the popular spots in Waikiki and found no one. But Gayle did find her most favorite critter Kaiwi RK96 at Kokee.

 Kaale RH32 & PvKauai RW02
da duck
 Kekoa RK72
Lei Ola RH48
 RL42 looking large
Rabbit Island Critter
 Kaiwi RK96
 little star - how I wonder

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