Monday, February 12, 2018

2/12/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Gayle and posse pal Vicki H.

Gayle spotted 2 critters on Rabbit Island.  Gayle also found Kaiwi RK96 just beforre 14:00 and only had a quick visit with her today. Apparently schools were off today so there was a lot of traffic and everywhere drew a crowd.

Posse pal was out on the North Shore today where she first came across Kaimana RJ58 (without any hooks). Looking cute as usual. I am sure most of you have heard Kaimana was spotted with a small fishing hook and with the effort of volunteers and NOAA the hook was easily removed. 
Vicki's next find was RG40 Holokai snoozing the day away. Guess he's enjoying his time of solitude away from the big boys at Ka'ena Point.

Team Billand out at a Leeward Beach and saw Kekoa RK72 sleeping alone on the rocks to the right. He was ID'd by the marker seen right of face.  He was soon joined by PvKauai RW02 and Kekoa wasn't so nice in greeting him. PvKauai moved as the tide was rising fast.

At another beach on the west side Team Billand came across RL42 was resting on the shore, with lots of rocks around her but she was fine. She is very large and looking gorgeous.

Team Billand checked back at the Leeward Beach and now found four animals. Rip RR70 on the lower rocks, with another critter Kalani RN14.  PvKauai and Kekoa were still there but had moved to the right due to the incoming tide. 

Kaiwi RK96 
 PvKauai RW02 & Kekoa
Rip & Kalani RN14
 RN14 Kalani

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