Monday, February 19, 2018

2/19/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn and posse pal Vicki.  Gayle sent word she had nothing to report. 

Team Billand was out at a Leeward Beach when they saw a seal coming in fast, there was a boat full of tourist off shore. The people were all pointing as if they saw the seal, and they got in the water to snorkel. (so not cool).  The seal landed on high rocks and immediately galumphed over the rocks to the hole where he stayed all day. They were able to ID Kekoa RK72.

They spotted another seal coming in to the lower rocks but he looked and then took off. When they checked the other end there was Kalani RN14. He was already hauled up snoozing.  Upon last check he was on his back in a snooze near by Kekoa.

Posse Pal Vicki got a late start today so she only made it out to Hauula. There she found RI37 Ipo resting peacefully and looking quite large and healthy.

Marilyn spent from 1230 - 1550 at Makai Pier today viewing Rabbit Island. In all she spotted four critters today. Unknown #1 seen at 1234 was about 20 feet Kailua side of the 1BS near the water line. She observed by the size this was an adult/sub-adult, and in spite of lots of belly views she wasn't sure of gender. The seal had 2 red tags.

At 1258 there was a  seal in the inlet at LPB, Marilyn could only see some of the chest and head of this seal Unknown #2. At 1322 a seal was moving out of the morning glory back of Unk#1 and towards Unk#2. This was an adult size and was ID'd as RN46 Kea by his natural white bleach on his RFF. He later showed his male belly. Unk#2 then moved out of the inlet and up the beach, the seal was a juvenile with 2 tags.

At 1258 Marilyn spotted a seal near Seal Rock inlet, this would be a juvenile with a light belly and appears to be a female. 

Kekoa RK72
 RN14 Kalani
RI37 Ipo
Unknown#2 & RN46 Kea
 Kea on the move
 Unknown #1
 Unknown #3

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