Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monk seal in the news....Big Island Weaner nipping his way into a race

In case you missed the news here's the link to the story about a little seal who has become a little to comfortable with people... the danger is the young seal doesn't know what he's doing is wrong, in the end he has to be displaced.  Oh well this my friends is the battle we have... it has happened year after year... and still people do not understand. We just have to continue to educate.... and bring this kind of news to the attention of people!

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barbara said...

It is heart breaking to read about a four month old pup, caught and taken away from the home he was probably born at.

Oh my, another poor innocent soul, trying to live on, surviving.

Man has interfered with his life, befriended it...CAUSE IT WAS FUN and ITS SO CUTE. Spoiling his chances of being a free seal.

He is in a cage now, awaiting for relocation....all because he bit two folks. He is an innocent victim...a baby!!!

Hawaii, its home to Hawaiian Monks.

So sad a situation...what is to become of this innocent mammals future????

Humans are idiots...bah.....snort, poop.