Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8-31-11 DB Dailies

The Dawn Patrol arrived at AD at 0550 to find Irma (R010) and Ka Iwi right were I'd left them last night at the far east end of the site. The did a feed at 0759, and did a swim session from 0853 to 1100, moving even more to the east, hauling out 100 ft beyond the fence line established only yesteday. I spent the entire day extending the fence line to the east, and adjusting the west end fence line. They are now on the cusp of the surf spot known as "Left Point". Fortunately, the huge surf has made that spot unsurfable, so there was nobody out. If the waves get rideable again, and they continue to move to the east, there could be a problem for surfers paddling in and out, if they are in the water. Hopefully, they will move back to the west, but of course only Irma knows the plan.

It was one of those rare days that I never even got to Makai Pier for an RI check .

Team Billand called at 1315 to advise that M&M (R020) was alone at Guard Rails Beach in Maili.

At 1330 they reported RIP (RR70) at Maili Point at the location that both he and M&M have been for a few days.

 Auntie Lesley on Dawn Patrol
 Surf looks a bit calmer today
 Silly Irma

 Papa Whisperer on patrol... Big momma and Ka'iwi made him work hard today, (this past week). 
 Sure snoozing and looking so innocent
 And then their off.... 
 Makes you wonder if Irma knows what she is doing
 M+M at Maili
 She's looking good... now we just wait for her molt
 And here lies stud muffin RIP, pretty safe to say he'll be a papa next year 

8-30-11 DB Dailies

It was a busy little day in the Oahu Monk Seal world. The dawn patrol found Irma and Ka Iwi snoozin' at AD at 0550. It was a long day of fence mending, fence extending, and watching the two explore undiscovered territory. The waves and tide were of major consequence at AD today. The two swim session were more a matter of survival that fun play time. Irma and Ka Iwi explored 100 ft to the east beyond any other travels to day. I had to extend the fence line an addition 100 ft. The ultimately hauled out at about were yesterday's east end fence line had been. They were still there when we departed for the evening. There were many feeds. I lost count. Thank you to all you AD posse people !!! Each and every one of you is worth your weight in Manapua.

I just put in a hour at Makai Pier, but managed to document Nani (RK60), Duke (RA12) , and Kolohe (RW22) on Rabbit Island today.

Team Billand had a busy day. The called to report RIP (RR70) and M&M (R020) at Maili Point, at 0714.

The real highlight of the day came with the Billands report from the Reef Runway. They found Kekoa RK72) there, with a packing strap tightly wrapped around his mid section. They called the office, and a quick response from NOAA personnel saved the day. Thank you to Shawn, Sean, Mark &  Dera, also to Eileen, the eyes and ears of the Reef Runway. Special thanks too to the Billands for having that magic knack of finding the weirdest stuff. Incidently, the NOAA people also carried off a truck load of Marine Debris before departing.

Reports from Turtle Bay once again talk about aggressive behavior with R5AY and Pup. That behavior is a hallmark of R5AY's relationship with all of her pups, but this sounds noteworthy.

Posse member Clay Gates reported a late arrival of Rocky (RH58) to Iroquois Point at 1530. Thank you Clay for being on it, and for the shots.

Classic Rocky on the lawn @ Iroquois 
 Wasn't it Rocky who hauled up on a lawn in Diamond Head?  
 Hope this doesn't become a habit, I can hear it now... We have a call of a seal in someone's back yard and it's heading for the pool
 M+M @ Maili
 RIP and little white rock @ Maili
 RIP and M+M and a coke bottle
 ***** LATE ENTRY **** from Karen R. We have R5AY and PO3. Looks like the kid is hiding from Mom 
 Yesterdays' news... Barb sent me these photo late yesterday. It shows RIP with a coke bottle ( wonder if its the same one as today) This photo shows RIP holding onto the bottle

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8-30-11 Kekoa and Operation Band Removal

Once again an amazing day in the adventures of Team Billand..... So glad they were able to locate Kekoa and get a team out there so quickly. We know he was fine on Saturday, so sometime between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday morning he found a "band" (looks like one of those shipping bands) and decided he wanted to jump through hoops. You can see in the first couple of photos he is extremely curious. 
I am hoping Barb will fill us in on the event... what I would like to know... did you find him on the birthing beach? 

 Kekoa and his fashion accessory
As bad as this looks this little one seems clueless.
  In all seriousness, this type of debris is killing our wild life. What is also amazing is his flippers didn't get caught.... I don't mean to be Debbie downer, but I am just realizing how lucky we are it turned out the way it did. 
 Operation Band Removal accesses the situation
 Sean takes a closer look, guess Kekoa doesn't mind.  (So good to see Sean back in Hawaii)
 The band ... the belt without a buckle 
Dangerous debris
 The Band Team! THANK YOU!!
Dera, Robert, Aileen, Sean, Mark and Shawn