Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/2010 DB Dailies

The Rabbit Island day began at 0635 with M&M snoozin' at the far left end, and Ewa Girl (D#4 molt 20%) at the left end of the Middle Cliff. She would do a swim session from 0935 until 1336, hauling out to Rocky Right Beach, at the far right end.

At 0642 I discovered Sadie up in the Morning Glory, 50 ft left of 1BS. She would later move down to join M&M near the shore line at the left end.

At 0846 Buster arrived. He too would haul out the the far left end to join the others.

At 0908 Duke also joined the gang at the far left end.

At 1244 Sam hauled out to the far left end, to come face to face with a perfectly aligned row of the other animals. He postured and posed, and rolled, and nobody even batted a eye. He gave up and rolled back into the water at 1253. I saw him lolling off shore of 1BS at 1500, from the Makapuu Overview.

Team Billand found Makaiwi at 0822, on the beach at Nimitz Beach Park, near the jetty. She would depart at 1815.

They called again at 1055 to report they had found Kermit at White Plains near the east end perimeter fence. Witnesses said he arrived around 0930, but nobody called. He would depart at 1430.

At 1154 Dana checked in to say that Ua Malie was on the Turtle Bay side of the point, near the MacKenzie house. She also reported that someone was responding to an animal in Hauula. I'd heard that report just seconds earlier from Diane&Dera (on Molokai). Dana called at 1730 to confirm R5AY.

At 1330 , Posse member Rachel reported that she and Colleen were taking care of Rocky at the Black Point end of Diamond Head.

Sam, Duke, Buster, Sadie and M&M
Rabbit Island Gang - double click and check this photo out.... too cute

8/30/2010 Aunty Diane finds Ua Malie

This is one healthy little (and I use that term loosely) girl.

8/30/2010 Team Billand

Some of Maka'iwi's friends.

Support the Wonderful Folks from the Marine Mammal Center

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They have been a large part of the health and care for our beloved seals, and I know they will build a facility that we can all be proud of!  MAHALO for supporting them.... ~da blog lady~

“ On September 4th, Team Hawaiian Monk Seal—captained by Marjorie Boor and consisting of Frances Gulland, Liz Wheeler, Claire Donaldson, Nancy Levine, Kelsey Higbie and Rebecca Greene—will take part in the Maui Challenge, the world’s longest open water relay swim. Their goal is to raise $11,000 to help Hawaiian monk seals, which are the most endangered seal in the U.S.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

8/29/2010 DB Dailies

At 0650 I found M&M and Duke, widely separated on the far left end of the beach, and Ewa Girl at the left end of the Middle Cliff, on Rabbit Island. Ewa Girl's D#3 molt was 15%. She would do a mid day swim but returned to the same location.

At 0708 I found Buster and Sadie together in the Morning Glory , 40 ft left of 1BS. They would later move down to cool off.

At 1332, Sam just barely got hauled out to Buster and Sadie's location, when Buster moved down to join him, and they entered the water at 1335 for a swim/play session. I got only occasional glimpse of them since it was very rough seas today. At 1458 Buster returned to Sadie's side, but I did not see Sam again today.
Dana called at 1034 to advise that R5AY was on the main beach at the Turtle Bay Hotel. This is her first sighting since weaning the pup. Ua Malie did not get found until 1530, on the Kahuku side of the point.

Team Billand reported Makaiwi on the Ewa Beach side of the east end perimeter fence at White Plains.

The Kenyons did the Ka'ena Point trek today, and found Ka'ena, T15M, Kiko and Benny at the point, and they found RI37 on the trek in from the Waianae side.

Buster and Sadie
Buster, Sam and Sadie

8/29/2010 Team Kenyon goes to Ka'ena Point


Kiko and Benny
Kiko, Benny and Ka'ena
RI37 in a pool of dirty water... ( photo is very surreal)
T15 (Sharkbite)

8/28/2010 DB Dailies

At 0640 I found M&M, Sadie and EG at Rabbit Island. Ewa Girl's D#2 molt is a conservative 10%. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0840 I found that Kolohe and Duke had joined the case. Sam hauled out to join M&M at 1120. All remained there all day.

At 1319 I did a Blowhole check, and found Buster, once again, in the cove on the Sandy Beach side of the Lookout. I had not seen him foraging or snoozin' on my morning check.

In the space of 30 seconds, at 1645 I got calls from Dera, Schofield, and Dana, all with the same report from HPD about "a dying Monk Seal on the Blowhole side of Hanauma Bay". As often happens something got lost as things got passed along. I spoke with the cop who made the find and he had no clue where dispatch got the Hanauma Bay part. I assured him that this was a happy , healthy Buster, just snoozin' .

Marilyn did the Ka'ena Point trek today, and found Ka'ena,CeeCee and Kiko .

Posse members Jen and Jeff Christian also did the trek and added shots of a molting Kerby and BG to the cast at the end of the world.

Team Billand called at 0855 with the report of Rocky at Iroquois Point. She would depart at 1100.

At 1256 I got calls from both Dera, and posse member Stacey Stella, with the report of an animal at Lifeguard tower 2E, at Queen's in Waikiki. Lifeguards had already done the cordon, and Stacey was responding. The animal would depart at 1440 , swimming off to the west. I am very happy to report that the visitor was none other than KERMIT !!!!! He's home from his latest Kauai adventure. Stacey's shots showed all of Kermit's markers, and also the raw spot on his back, where his transmitter used to be. We are definitely going to be getting some "injured seal" calls out of that. Thank You Stacey !!!

Dana called to advise that ,once again Ua Malie spent the day on the Kahuku side of the point. Diane sent shots of a really gnarly looking spot that she had chosen for herself.

Sam and M+M

8/28/2010 Kermit visits Waikiki