Friday, October 25, 2013

10-25-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma@DH, Kaiwi,Kolohe,Duke,Kainoa&Aukai@RI, Kea@SB, Kermit&Pohaku@Secrets

The Quest began at 0600 as usual but it would be 0845 before I encountered my first critters. On my Rabbit Island check I found Kaiwi (RK96),Duke(RA12)&Kainoa (RN04) near the 2BS. On a pan at 0854 I found Aukai (RL12) hiding behind a log at 3BS. She would enter the water at 0857.
On a pan at 0947 I found Kolohe (RW22) just hauling out to the left end rock flats.
Surfer posse member, Dave Martin called at 0710 to report a seal on the beach at Diamond Head. I called Colleen immediately, and she confirmed the Irma (R010) ID at 0741. Thank You Colleen...& Thank You Irma ! Apparently Irma relocated from the showers to Beach Rd mid day. Karen Rohter responded and her shots confirmed the Irma ID.
At 0950 Team Billand reported Kermit (R012) & Pohaku (RO28) together at Secret Beach, KoOlina.

At 1340 I found Kea (RN46) on the rocks at Crappy Cove. I cordoned him off and he remains.

Duke and Kainoa
 Irma's flipper
 Irma at Diamond Head
 Kermit and Pohaku

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madhatter said...

Have you heard anything about Makaiwi maybe from another island?
that's cool seeing so many monk seals together does that happen often?