Friday, September 30, 2011

9-30-11 Ka Iwi Gets Her Bling

Auntie Lesley was on site for the dawn patrol.... she got some great shots of Ka Iwi before she received her bling.  Auntie put in another marathon day at Camp Irma.
 Lesley's signature sunrise
 pudgy face
 Look out here I come!
 after I stop and smell the roses... well the coral
 ahhh life is good.... 
 hmmm do I have something on my back?
 I am soooo tired, what a morning!

9-30-11 DB Dailies

At 0545 the Dawn Patrol found Kaiwi (RK96) right where we'd left her last night, at mid beach, directly above her west end tide pool. She would enter the water at 0603, and would range as far as 100 ft beyond the east end fence, before returning to her east tide pool. She would haul out for a 2 hr snooze, at 0710. 
She would then enter the water, and would not return to the sand until she was crowded ashore for her tagging/transmitter procedure at approximately 1100. She is now officially RK96/97, and has a transmitter. Upon entering the water afterward she would once again range east of the east end fence, and then return to her tide pool. 
Since I was not an eyewitness to the procedure I will defer to one of the participants to give us a blow by blow. Check da' blog in the morning. 
On my 0841 Blowhole check I found what would prove to be Duke (RA12) doing 7 minute dives. I would get the ID on my afternoon recheck at 1200.
At 1057 I found M&M (R020) on the rocks to the right side of Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island, and Kolohe (RW22) behind the water front rocks at Rocky Right Beach. He was only visible from the Makapuu Overview.
On my return to Makai Pier at 1227 I found Nani (RK60) on the Waimanalo end of Left Point Beach.
At 1508 the Billands reported Rocky (RH58) at Nimitz Cove.
Team Billand checked in at 1702 to report Kermit (R4DG) at Maili Point. 

Duke @ Blowhole 

 NOAA Team briefing Camp Irma volunteers
 Meet RK96/97 aka Ka Iwi the latest iMonk
 Can you hear me now?
 Rocky @ Nimitz lounging in the rocks
 Mr. Kermit @ Maili
 La'akea RK82
 Weaner float
 monk seal skid marks
 Turtle Bay SPZ
 a little lunch

9-29-11 DB Dailies and More

When the Dawn Patrol arrived at AD at 0545 we did not initially see Kaiwi. It would take a few minutes to locate her, 100 ft further east of the fenced area than she has been seen to date. By 0700 she was working her way back to her favorite tide pool within the cordoned area. She would remain in the water until 1303 when she hauled out directly above her west end tide pool, and remained there in snooze mode.
Lesley provided the usual morning shots of Kaiwi, but also included a shot of a really neat lady named Gail, who has become a daily fan of Kaiwi's. I completely concur. Gail has definitely earned this recognition. You are most definitely worth your weight in manapua !
Yet another daily admirer, Michele contributed 4 of the 5 shots from my camera today. Once again Ya' Done Good Michele !! Your are my very must favorite COSTCO Granny !
On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0713 I found M&M (R020) to the right of Seal Rock Inlet. She would remain there all day.
At 0730 I found Irma (R010) at the Waimanalo end of Kaupo Beach Park. I cordoned her off and she remained until leaving of her own volition with the rising tide at 1142.
On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island at 0925 I found Nani (0930) at the far left end of the beach. She would remain all day.
I relocated to Kaupo Beach Park to deal picking up the Irma stuff, and from that location found Duke (RA12), at 1205, at the rignt end of the beach on RI, with M&M.
Dana called at 0803 with the report of La'akea (RK82) in the Keiki Pool at Turtle Bay. Karen Turner supplied confirmation photos.
Team Billand called at 1000 with the report of Kermit (R4DG) fronting #1705, at Nimitz Cottages. He remained all day.
They also reported an U/U foraging off shore of Nimitz Jetty. ID was not possible, but they did see 2 red tags. ?????? Maybe tomorrow.