Friday, October 11, 2013

10-11-2013 Team Billand - Kermit Finds Ewa Girl @ Windsock and then Finds Maka'iwi at White Plains

Kermit cruising the shoreline and spots Ewa Girl
 Ewa Girl greeting Kermit
 Relaxing together at wind sock
 Ewa Girl
Now Kermit finds Maka'iwi at white plains
 this dude gets around
 Maka'iwi's wound looking better and better... but still yuck.

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barbara said...

Yesterday we were so disappointed that Makaiwi wasnt at her spot at Plains. We thought she would be safe there, we had educated all about not entering the zone. Well, sometimes you cant REACH all HUMANS and, well, they think its brilliant for them to go beyond the signs and take close up photos for their album. And apparently, some folks went in really close, probably pissed off Makaiwi, SO SHE LEFT.

But as we went to check on Makaiwi again, we spotted her fronting 1708 Plains, in the water. She kept going up and down the shore line, checking if it was safe to come a shore. Rob waited at 1706, I stayed to keep her safe from folks getting close at 1708. Well, earlier, at 1706..there is a blind lady there vacationing and was in the shoreline with a friend, getting cooled off. Friend spotted Makaiwi, PASSING THEM, IN THE WATER. They both quickly got out of water, waited high on shore for the seals, possible haul out.

It worked, Makaiwi, came right up in front of this lovely blind womans cabin. She was thrilled. We quickly put the signs out. We told her and the friend, YOU GOT THE MAGIC, Makaiwi knows, ITS SAFE TO COME AT YOUR CABIN...the blind lady, SMILED.

And then, here came Kermit, right to Makaiwi also. Right dead center with her in the same zone. The blind lady felt...PROUD. See I said, YOU GOT THE MAGIC. She smiled.

Before this...we had found Miss Ewa Girl at Windsock, who over nighted. WE roped her off, educated those near by. Who came along...KERMIT. He tried going up the steep slope to greet EWA GIRL. She wasnt too happy, and barked at Kermit. The tide was high, 2.2, surf very strong, hitting kermit hard. He tried to get up the hill, waves hit him, dragged him down.

He reentered the water, came around and up to Ewa Girl. They both went to sleep. He would stay for two hours, then went to Makaiwi at Plains.

Ewa Girl was gone on our last visit at 6:45pm.

But as for Kermit and Makaiwi, they were still side by side on shore line. Snoozing together, it was nice to see, peaceful.

We left site for the day, removed the ropes, hoping no one would bother them...The blind lady on her cabin porch, looking out ...I wish she could...see. god bless her and her friends.