Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/31/2015 DB's Dailies: Rocky @ Kokee Flats, Pohaku & Haupu @ Paradise Cove, Benny @ White Plains

I was on the road at 0630, but both Gayle & I batted zero, until a call from Linda N , at 1407 reporting Rocky at Irma’s Grotto, Kokee Flats. I confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID at 1424. Much mahalos to Linda & Bob ! Diane Terai checked in at 0841 with the report of Pohaku (RO28) on the rocks, and Haupu (RB24) on the sand, at Paradise Cove.

Diane would call again at 1202 to advise that both had relocated and were now fronting the laua area ! Dana called to advise that Haupu departed at 1630, and Pohaku at 1745.

 As you know the Billands were on Whale Count duty today (45 whales !!!), but they managed to call at 0941 to advise that posse member Rich had reported a swimming head, checkin’ the beach front between 0830 & 0900.

 Vera Cober called at 1012 to report that she was with The Benny (RE74) fronting the last cottage at White Plains. This marks the first Benny sighting since his release on 1-26-15. Her excellent photos show Benny to be a bit slack in the shorts, but lookin’ good. I’ve gotta’ cat on him as Rich’s swimming head.

 In the Yesterday’s News department Kimo Smith once again trekked to Ka’ena Pt yesterday (1-30-15). He found Ka’ena (RO40), Kolohe (RW22), RK36 & R330 at The End of the World.

 Rocky at Kokee Flats
 Benny at White Plains
 Mr. Benny rest well old buddy and get back t o your old self soon
 Two ladies.... Pohaku and Hauapu and a little friend
 Haupu in the foreground and Pohaku in the back ground

Friday, January 30, 2015

Seals Whales and Volunteers

Aloha Good People!

An email came through earlier this evening mentioning tomorrow is the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Sanctuary's count.... So many of you might be out there participatingt.... If you happen to see Team Billand, take a moment and thank them for participating in this event for 20 years as site leaders.... AMAZING!  So proud of them for all their love and dedication to the ocean and the critters that live in the ocean.

In the meantime I am sure the west end could use some help.... so please give a call if you are available.


1/30/2015 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@RI, Rocky@SC&KK, RW02@Makaha, Nihoa@Keaau's, Haupu@PC

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, at 0800, I found Kainoa (RN04) snoozin’ at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS. At 1100 he would begin his galumph to the sea, at the far left end of the island, where he remained the rest of the day. He was the only visible RI resident today.

 Gayle called at 0857 with the report of Rocky (RH58) , foraging at Spitting Cave. I was shocked at the news, since she has been on the west side of late, and with no Waikiki or Diamond Head calls, on her return trip, she caught us by surprise.

 Linda N called a 1654 to advise that Rocky (RH58) was at Irma’s Grotto, Kokee Flats.

 Team Billand checked in at 1225 with the report of RW02 at Makaha.

 At 1326 they got a call about an animal at Paradise Cove.  Team Billand confirmed Haupu RB24 at 1400.

 At 1336 the Billands found Nihoa (R912) at Keaau’s,

 Kainoa at Rabbit Island
 Rocky at Kokee Flats 
 Rocky at Spitting Cave
 Nihoa R912

Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/29/2015 DB's Dailies: Kainoa&Kaiwi@RI, Kolohe@Makaha, RW02@Waikomo's

Once again, Rabbit Island was the only SE quadrant action. Both Gayle & I checked multiple times and nobody else was found. On my 2nd look at RI, at 0750 I found what would turn out to be Kainoa (RN04) at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS, and Kaiwi (RK96) at Right Middle Cliff. On my 1500 recheck, Kainoa was at the water line at the far left end of the beach, and Kaiwi had departed.

 Team Billand called at 1325 with reports of an animal at Waikomo’s , and another at Makaha. At 1405 the confirmed the ID on the Makaha animal as Kolohe (RW22). At 1425 the got the RW02 ID at Waikomo’s.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Kimo Smith trekked to The End of the World on 1-28-15, and found BG (R303) at Hidden Beach, and RIP (RR70) at Ka’ena Point. This is the first documented sighting of RIP since his release at Nanakuli,

BG at hidden beach
 BG aka big gut 
 Rip has landed at Ka'ena Point