Sunday, June 25, 2017

6/25/2017 Seal Mail :-) Pohaku Update

Aloha Blog Lady and all my adoring fans!! 

Pohaku here, and by now you know that I've gone away and had my pup. I've been meaning to write, but have been unable to get my flippers on a Seal Pad until today. Wanted to let ya know that PK3 and I are doing just fine. Pup is growing like a weed and let me tell ya this kid is BUSY!! Loves to galumph circles around me and is very interested in sticks!! I know lots of Oahu peeps were concerned when they couldn't find me for the past 10 days, but please know I am fine and I will be back when I get this kid fattened up and then weaned. Be sure that the staff here are keeping careful watch over us. I've attached a photo of me and the Kid, I'm not too good with taking selfies yet--you know these big old flippers just aren't made to push camera shutter buttons--HAHA!! But now that I've got this Seal Pad, I'll be sending more updates. ​​ 

Seal ya soon, 

Pohaku and the Kid

6/25/2017 DB's Dailies: Aka @ Rabbit Island, Kaiwi & RJ0@Instagram, Ka'ale&RN14@Kahe Pt, & Kekoa@Maili

Began at Makai Pier at 0800 however I finally saw my last dome in the west end shallows at 1150. Aka hauled out near just above the water line, and shortly returned into the shallows again I saw glimpses again same area.

I just happened to look into the scope and saw that I had 2 males & 2 females (humans) on Rabbit Island, and snorkeling in the same area where Aka hangs out. One of the females was checking the animal, and telling her friends. Aka kept moving away, still at the usual west end. All people were off a boat and I contacted DOCARE the sighting as well as the HA number on the boat. I have zero faith.

At 0754 Team Billand reported Ka’ale (RH32) at Kahe Pt.

At 0758 they added RN14 to there find with Kahe Pt.

AT 0854 the Billands reported Kekoa (RK72) at Maili.

During my routine Instagram shots through the day, I found 3 shots of Kaiwi (RK96) around OCC, and a separate shot of RJ30 at Moku Nui today.

 This is sooo wrong
 Holy moly Kaiwi is HUGE. 
 RJ30 hanging out!
 RN14 & Ka'ale

Saturday, June 24, 2017

RO28 Pohaku Gives Birth on Kauai

Aloha Good People 
Here's some video of Pohaku giving birth... very rare to witness this and amazing it was captured on video... ( Although we have a couple of Oahu volunteers who were so blessed). Enjoy and as I learn about this new pup I'll keep ya posted.


6/24/2017 DB's Dailies: Aka & RG32 @ Rabbit Island, RN14 & Ka'ale@Kahe Pt, Kekoa @ Maili, Holokai@Hidden Beach, Squinty,RIP&Ka'ena@ Ka'ena Pt

I was at Rabbit Island at 0830 however it would be until 0936 before I finally saw my first animal. It would prove to be what turned out to be RG32 hauling out to the water front rocks, 30 ft of 3BS. He would later move up onto the beach later.

Though I was constantly looking at the west end of Rabbit Island, and it be finally spied my first “dome”, just off shore of the left end beach and rocks. Finally, Aka hauled out at 1200 and moved up a bit as the rising tide.

Team Billand checked in at 0927 with the report o RN14 & Ka’ale (RH32) together at Kahe Pt.

At 1003 the Bilands found Kekoa (RK72) again today at Maili . He would vocalize and depart, but would later move back to the right side.

Marilyn & Lesley took the northern route to the Ka’ena Pt trek . At 1054 Marilyn advised that they had observed 20 minutes or so of foraging in the 10MIN area, and thought it might well be Holokai (RG40) on the way in.

 As it turned out the found Holokai again on the way back, this time at Hidden Beach, at 1233.

 At Ka’ena Pt, they reported Squinty (R330), 50 yds east of BG’s Pool. Next they found Ka’ena (RO40) at the Runway. RIP (RR70) was the next find outside the Main Pool. He would move off toward the west.

 UU at Ka'ena Point Trail
turns out Holokkai at Hidden Beach
 tired little dude after all that foraging