Wednesday, August 15, 2018

8/15/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 1) RH32, RN14 & RL42

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Lesley. Lesley's complete Ka'ena Update is part two of the dailies.

Team Billand per usual were at the Outfall at 6:00 am and upon arrival they spotted two seals. They were fighting and foraging in the outfall. then out of the outfall to a nearby beach landing momentarily then back to fighting.
The two seals are none other than Kalani RN14 who seems to be doing everything to distract Kaale RH32 away from the outfall. But butt-head Kaale is stubborn and he heads right back to the outfall. 
RN14 Kalani hauled out by a nearby beach at the point by 7:24.  Then they lost sight of Kaale, he left the area, and then came back.  By 9am there were no seals in the outfall and Team Billand headed out.

Team Billand went to check on Kalani RN14 at a nearby beach. He is fat and very green, with the applied bleach N14. He was sleeping in the water hole looking like a little hippo. At one point he began to vocalize as if there was another critter but there was nothing around.  They did check on him later in the afternoon and he was still there.  They did not see Ka'ale after he left the outfall.

Team Billand made the Ka'ena West Trek and at the 20 minute mark they spotted Miss Leia RL42. She was in the same spot as the other day when she noticed her beginning her molt. Today she gave Barbara a good look at her belly and looks to be 30 to 40% into her molt. Her head, flippers peeling, as well as hind flippers. She'll be back to her gorgeous self in no time.  

 Bosom Buddies Ka'ale & Kalani
 Kalani RN14 in a water hole, in hippo mode
 RL42 Leia peeling 

8/15/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

Was out early to check the beaches in front then went to out to Ka'ena Point on a mission that took me all the way to the Waianae side and back in the late afternoon. It was hot out there today.
In the seal world these were my finds:
@ 10 Mnts Beach RN58 "Luana" was hauled out in the early morning and in the exact same location in the afternoon
@ 20Mnts Mark on the Waianae side I found RL12 "Leia" - she is molting but it's hard to give an estimate since I could only see her back. Perhaps in 40 to 50%
out there on the Waianae side I also got to see little weaner RK40 "Napua" - she was so well blended with the rocks.
@ Main Pool RK36 "Kauai Kolohe" was king of the pool, no the outside RO40 "Ka'ena" kept coming and going but never had a chance to haul into the pool.
Team T&D made it to the point and we all came back out together.  More tomorrow 🌺

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

8/14/2018 Monk Seal Dailies: RH32, RN14, RE74, RO28 & R70

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.  

Early morning stop by the outfall they spotted Ka'ale right away. There was another critter who turned out to be RN14 Kalani. Both were foraging together, and then RN14 came close to the rocks staring at everyone.  (these boys know how to give stink eye)
About 45 minutes later they lost site of Kalani RN14, and RH32 Ka'ale remained.

Team Billand then went to check a couple of the near by beaches and spotted Kalani RN14 snoozing alone in a water hole. He woke up suddenly looking around and here comes good ole' Benny RE74 flying in, bobbing up and down.  Kalani galumphed towards Benny, he was blocking him from landing. Then it began the fight between the two, causing the both of them to take off towards KoOlina direction. Team Billand jumped into the seal mobile and they were on their way.

Benny arrive @PC bobbing up and down and then he took off. Team Billand went and checked a few other possible haul spots but there was nobody.  They left the area for the day and didn't return.

Back on the road again brought Team Billand out to West Side and saw two seals. There were signs set up but no ropes. Checking out the site they ID'd Pohaku RO28 and RIP RR70. Pohaku was snoozing, RIP was up, rolled over showing his applied bleach N1. Volunteers on site so Team Billand left to check out other areas.

 Benny RE74
 Benny doing a swim by at Paradise Cove 
 RH32 Kaale at Outfall 
 Kalani at Outfall
RIP and Pohaku RO28 
 RN14 Kalani @ West Side Beach

Monday, August 13, 2018

8/13/18 Monk Seal Dailies: RH32, RN14, RL42, & U/U

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.  Thank you Team Billand!

They arrived at the outfall before 6 am and spotted two seals. The first was RH32 Ka'ale coming in and then noticed a second critter. They were unable to get an ID of the U/U, but think it was Kalani RN14.  A little after 8 both seals left the outfall heading in the Honolulu direction at a fast pace. Barbara watched through her binoculars to see where, but lost sight of them. 

Team Billand checked KoOlina early this morning and there were no seals on shore, none on the rocks, but there was one seal swimming by very quickly to the right of the lagoon. No ID and got away before they could get any good pictures.

Another check at the outfall they found Kaale RH32 for a little bit and then he left again, and they didn't see him again for the rest of the day.

On a west side beach they spotted a seal coming into the area, and was able to ID Kalani RN14. He came in on the rocks, looked around, and then turned back into the water and out to sea. His head above the water and they could hear him vocalizing. Then they lost sight of him.

On a Leeward Beach they see a seal on the rocks sprawled out snoozing. This seal is molting on the face, side of body and neck area. Finally they see the tags and it's RL42 Leia she's all alone. Waves are rising covering her all up but she remained. (it probably felt good washing away all that dead itchy skin) They were unable to determine the percentage into her molt.

And lastly a stop to another Leeward Beach they spotted a seal sleeping on the rocks, big and green. They were able to ID RN14 Kalani, by his bleach cue ball on the right side. He may beginning his molt but they were not sure.  One of the homeless folks told them there were two more seals there just before they arrived but hey were gone, leaving just Kalani. Volunteer Kathleen arrived, Team Billand let her know who the seal was, because the tags were hidden. They left shortly after.

 Ka'ale RH32
 RN14 Kalani 
RL42 Leia
 RN14 Kalani - Later in the day