Monday, May 25, 2020

05/24/2020 Sunday Safe-At-Home (61) Monk Seal Dailies

Aloha good people,
I hope you all are safe and healthy.  I went to Honolulu today to run an errand and on the way home took the scenic route, made a stop to say hello to PO2 Nohea.  I was able to say hello to my old friend Stacey and her family (including Tucker) and was able to get and elbow tap with Marilyn.
All I have to say is WOW that kid is chunky!  And a big shout out to the volunteers (official and unofficial) and the Kaiwi Coalition for looking after this not so little girl.

Tammy headed out early to see if she could find Ka'ena RO40, who looked to be hooked in yesterdays' update.  
Tammy first stopped in to see RL42 Leia feeding Kai PO4 breakfast.  Next find was a UU that did a swim around in the ponds. When she got out to the point Ka'ena and the UU were fighting and did not stick around. Close by was RL74 Kami hidden in the rocks.
Continue on finally Tammy spotted Ka'ena hauling out. She did not see any hooks or lines coming from his mouth, although she did see him tossing his head back and forth. Ka'ena did settle and after checking it appears he has a damashi hook by his left front flipper.
Poor guy! This was all reported, hopefully Ka'ena will stick around for a few days, just so we can make sure he's hook free.
When Tammy was on her way out she came across RK40 Napua and RN04 Kainoa.

Early morning Team Billand checked out the west side and they were greeted with a wonderful surprise. In the company of RH32 Ka'ale was Miss Lei Ola RH48. She hasn't been seen on Oahu since January and at the beginning of this month she was seen on Maui.  Our girl is home.
Ka'ale tried to get a little too close to her, when she gave him the look and he was smart enough to back down and settle in.

Team Billand was off to their next stop was a visit with RL42 Leia and PO4. When they arrived Mom and Pup were in the water swimming with people looking over to watch them. Team Billand informed the volunteer on site.  
Mom and pup hauled out for a feeding. Waves were coming in hitting the pup so they went back for another swim.

From the right there was another seal hauling up on shore. Team Billand was able to ID RW02 PvKauai, by the scars on his neck area, ding on back and tags W02, W14, W77. 
RW02 didn't bother with Mom and pup, he went into snooze mode. Leia was still in the water with the pup and let out a few barks. RW02 wasn't phased and stayed asleep.
RL42 Leia and PO4 hauled out to the left and went to sleep.

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island for a couple of hours and found four critters.
Mom and PO3 were between the 1BS and 2BS. Once again the kid hid behind Mom for the first part of her visit. Mom headed for the water and PO3 went in the opposite direction.  Interestingly Mom turned around and followed the kid and fed it lunch.
Based on recent conversations Marilyn has had with many of us, she suspects Mom to be RL12 Aukai. She was predicted to give birth about the time PO3 was born, she has a dark belly and two tags. Also Aukai hasn't been seen anywhere else on island . It's not a 100% but I'd bet one of my cats on this. ;-)

On rocky right beach there were two seals. The smaller juvenile with a new coat appears to be the weaner PO1. The other seal is an unknown juvenile female, older coat looking a little green, 2 tags and a female belly.

Marilyn had check on Weaner PO2 Nohea through out the day. Seems she likes her early morning swim followed by floating in the shallows.  

In other news old friend and posse pal Karen B was diving today and she came across RN14 Kalani. I know Karen dives quite a bit but this is one of the first times she got to see a monk seal.  (She usually spends a lot of time in the company of sharks :-)

RN04 Kainoa and RK40 Napua
 RL74 Kami
 Ka'ena RO40
UU swimming in the "ponds"
Ka'ale RH32 and Lei Ola RH48
 Lei Ola
RL42 Leia  
 RL42 & PO4 when RW02 arrives
 RW02 PvKauai
Rabbit Island PO1 and UJF
 Mom and PO3 
Nohea Weaner PO2 sunrise over Nohea's belly 
 Roly Poly
Karen Bryant's underwater photos of RN14

Sunday, May 24, 2020

05/23/2020 Saturday Safe-At-Home (60)

Aloha Good People, I hope you are all well and staying safe. So it's memorial day weekend and the fun has begun. For me, I stayed home to avoid the crowds and from what I hear, the beaches were packed. 

Team Billand found RG28 Lefty back on the west side this morning. There were lots of fishermen out and people in the water. Lefty was snoozing alone on the rocks. 

Team Billand then headed over to see RL42 Leia and PO4 this morning. When they arrive Mom and pup were having a swim. Mom was very vocal trying to get the pup back to shore.  They hauled out and PO4 immediately nudged Mom for a feed.
While nursing Team Billand heard another seal. They spotted a seal coming in, snorting. They noticed it was tossing its head right and left and then up in the air with its tongue sticking out. They were able to see through their lens there was a fishing line right corner of mouth. The seal continued to toss its head back and forth. They spotted a large cookie wound on its back with a "transmitter patch" scar,  they determined this was Ka'ena RO40.
They immediately called the hotline, explained the situation and sent a photo. 
Ke'ana headed to Leia and pup but Mom reared up and barked at him endlessly. Ka'ena took off heading for Ka'ena Point. They updated the hotline. Unfortunately they did not see him again. Hopefully the volunteers will be out there looking for him.

Meanwhile PO4 finished eating and they had a short nap until they got hit with a wave. Then they were back in the water for another swim. They finished their swim and back on shore for another feeding. While on shore they continued to get hit by waves causing them to roll about and soon enough they were back in the water for a third swim.
Team Billand left soon after, as volunteers were arriving, hopefully to look for Ka'ena.

Melody braved the city and checked out Waikiki and sure enough she was lucky to find Kaiwi RK96. She just weaned her pup this week and good to see her getting some rest. She is looking really good not to weary for having such a chunky kid.

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island for about two hours with graduate student Kirby P. Kirby is studying acoustic behavior of Hawaiian monk seals at the Institute of Marine Biology. 
They originally spotted five seals on the island and then a 6th revealed itself a little later.
At left point beach there was Mom (UAF) and PO3. For the first hour PO3 2qw hidden behind Mom. When Moim entered the water PO3 followed for about a 30 minute swim. After that they hauled out between the 1BS and 2BS for a nursing session. PO3 is getting bigger and its belly is much lighter now. Unfortunately Marilyn wasn't able to get a good enough look to determine what sex the pup is, we do know its at least 5 weeks old.

Two unknown juvenile females (UJF) were about 15 feet apart on left point beach nearer the 1BS.
Then one seal galumphed over next to the other. They spent the rest of the time close together. Both had tags, lighter female bellies and juvenile size. Marilyn's guess is they were RK37 Huia  and RK38 Hali'a born on Rabbit Island in 2018.
Out on the rock flats Lanikai side of left point beach was a lone unknown adult. Adult size, mottled gray belly and tags. 

Lastly the was a lone unknown juvenile on rocky right beach. Possibly this is weaner PO1 but not conclusive, in that there wasn't enough to see.

 Lefty RG28 
 Ka'ena RO40 (possibly hooked) 
 RL42 Leia and PO4 
 Little kid is porking up
 Kaiwi RK96
Rabbit Island two female juveniles
 unknown adult 
 Mom and PO3  
 Unknown ... weaner is that you?