Friday, April 20, 2018

4/20/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Melody and Marilyn.  OH and a special announcement from Kauai; RK12/13 brought Kauai's first pup of 2018.  So from what I know, there was one born/weaned on Big Island, one born/weaned Lanai, two births Oahu, one on Kauai and at least one maybe two on Molokai. We're off to a good start !!! Pups and weaners everywhere !

7 am Team Billand was out on their rounds covering the usual spots. When they reached the Electric Beach they began watching a small critter foraging in the outfall area with folks fishing for "haleu" and "opelu". They were able to identify RH32 Ka'ale. No one bothered the seal and he was doing his 2 to 4 minute dives. Ka'ale was swimming around like he was in his own giant pool. On two occasion they actually saw him with something in his mouth. (One might have been a stick fish) The fishermen said he once saw the seal with a large trumpet fish. 
Team Billand stayed for over an hour, watching mother nature at it's best. Little Ka'ale being smooth and sleek with his dives.  In their opinion he didn't seem to eat the haleu or opelu but it was hard to see. The fishermen even agreed he seem to be diving deep and going after something else.  Maybe, lobster, crabs or taco.  They waited for him to haul out but he never did so they left the area.

At another beach on the Leeward side they spotted a seal coming in looking around checking out the area if it was safe to haul up. He went around to the other inlet and cautiously hauled  out. There was a little moaning and sighs a dip into the pool and then to sleep. They were able to ID RN14 Kalani. On a recheck he was still resting alone.

Team Billand's next find at Leeward beach was RW02 PvKauai, they found him on the lower rocks sleeping peacefully.As it turns out Melody came across PvKauai RW02 as well.  He was tucked away pretty good so she had to wait about 30 minutes before she could get an ID. It was a hot out there today, and RW02 decided to make his way down to the shallow tide pools and slept on his back. Melody also include a short video clip of him blowing bubbles. Thank you Melody.

Last stop Westside Beach where they found a very fat RL42 resting on a small patch of sand, by
herself.  She is looking plump (fat) and healthy (happy).  No signs of stress or any new markers.

Marilyn decided to check out the blow hole today after work since Kolohe was seen yesterday.  Sure enough there was a critter there. Unfortunately the position did not expose his bleach mark. Although the chances are very high it's RW22 Kolohe, it was reported as an UM.

RH32 Ka'ale

Kalani RN14
 RW02 PvKauai 
RL 42
UM  Kolohe is that you?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

4/19/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Team T&D.  I thank them for their loyalty, dedication and continuous effort to provide information for all of you to enjoy.  (Kudos to Lesley, Marilyn and all our Posse Pals).  I know from the years of feedback people really appreciate keeping up with our cast of characters.  Back to our scheduled update. :-)

Team T&D didn't head out to Ka'ena Point today because of the threat of bad weather so they came to the east side and found our ole boy Kolohe who turns 10 this year.... ( I think sometime in July).  Kolohe RW22 was resting at eternity beach peacefully until a group of girls got too close taking pictures and selfies. Kolohe made it loud and clear by barking at them a couple times with a lunge to back off. Team T&D called the hotline to inform.

At 6:15 this morning Team Billand hit from Electric Beach, to Tracks to Nanakuli and Beyond.  At one of the beached they checked out the jetty where the seals tend to forage. They saw three critters all coming towards the shore in a hurry, fighting along the way. The three landed, and to their shock one of them was Lei Ola RH48!  She was on sand !!! Team Billand immediately sent text to NOAA. The other two critters Ka'ale RH32, and Kalani RN14.  This is huge news and then RN14 was being agressive with Lei Ola and so was Ka'ale.  They all reentered the water, flying out of the water, fighting, tails flying in air trying to get to her. Flippers were slapping, biting and lots of vocals. 

Team Billand hurried to the next stop, where they met a fisherman who said the small seal go out to the Jetty where a man gives them fish. ( THIS IS a HUGE NO-NO!) Somebody got to go talk with this dude.  Back in the car they went.

They arrive next stop and they spot the three seals fighting, Lei Ola in lead, head above the water, the two boys following her. Team Billand updated NOAA of their location. And as fast as this was all happening they lost sight of the seals.

Team Billand began to back track and upon arriving at a Leeward Beach they spot two critters fighting off shore. Conditions weren't great, gray skies and lots of glare. This went on for several hours and then finally the first critter to come in RW02 PvKauai and RN14 Kalani following close behind him. PvKauai came in but Kalani (little punk) lands in shallows and they fight.  (I have to share this and I quote from Barbara " I wish I could fly my slippa at RN14. He is terrible to RW02".) Spoken like a true Mom!  Finally PvKauai bites Kalani ( a real good one) forcing him off. But Kalani continued to lurk in the shallows. Kalani tries to go at him again but RW02 let him have it and RN14 took off.  RW02 PvKauai rested, let out some loud bellows, and looked for RN14. Thankfully he stayed away.

Team Billand was off to their next Leeward Beach where they found a large seal on the rocks and it was RIP RR70. Lots of surprises today finding RIP and Lei Ola actually being on sand (even if it was for a minute).  RIP must be eating well as he is looking huge.

After making multiple checks to different areas they found one seal on shore on the west side and a lady sitting in her chair close by. There was a little green pea critter sleeping alone, but not for long with a group of people coming.  Turns out little Ka'ale RH32 has become very green lately. Team Billand advised the people to walk around but one person decided to walk right infront of Ka'ale. They called the hotline to inform them.  Barbara spent some time talking with folks about keeping a safe distance and letting the seal rest.  She ignored everything and got closer and closer.  Then another group came and started taking selfies, Ka'ale woke up looked at them and then took off and was seen for the rest of the day.

Team Billands last stop they found Lei Ola sleeping alone and looking pretty tired. She had quite an adventure with the boys this morning.  PvKauai was in the area but far enough away from Lei Ola that it didn't disturb their rest.   ( Kalani RN14 is picking up where Benny left off, being the trouble maker)

Kolohe RW22
 RH32, RH48 & RN14
 Ka'ale, Lei Ola & Kalani
RW02 PvKauai & RN14 Kalani
Lei Ola
Ka'ale RH32

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

4/18/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Team T&D.   Lesley's compete Ka'ena Point Update is part 2 of the dailies.

Team Billand was out early as usual and searched many beaches without seeing a single seal. When they arrived at Tracks they spot a couple of seals fighting on land and in the water. The seals moved along but still fighting on land and in the water. They called the hot line and them what was going on.
The seals moved again and this time three tourist decided to enter
the water and snorkel.  The seals suddenly turned and went towards the swimmers, who had no idea they were so close.  One woman got scared, panicked and screamed, took off towards land. The seal came in back of them. The woman was crying and clearly shaken up by the experience. Team Billand checked with her to make sure she was okay, and she said she was just frightened.  As for the seals they moved on shore once again and then headed out towards the Jetty where they go fishing for lunch/dinner. Oh by the way the rascals causing all the commotion, RN14 Kalani, and RH32 Ka'ale (aka butt head).

Team Billand followed both seals for a time, and then they just swam separate, swiftly towards the jetty where now there were fishermen fishing.  They walked down to the jetty very carefully but they lost sight of RN14 Kalani.  They did speak with the fishermen, who recognized Team Billand from Nimitz.  Then Team Billand spot a deal doing 6 minute dives and got the tags, turns out to be RH32 Ka'ale. 

Ka'ale dove in front of the fishermen who kept tossing their lines in the water. There was a school of fish, where Ka'ale spent about 20 minutes or so chasing, even a poor angel fish was scene scurrying

Team Billand walked the coast line and they came across RN14 Kalani.  He was coming in, and vocalizing, put his on the rocks. Poor guys lost his buddy. On their way out they bummed into Melina talking to the swimmers. Barbara filled her in on the incident with the snorkelers. 

Team Billand trekked Ka'ena West and to their surprise people swimming in a near by water hole. In a shallow pond sleeping is RW02 PvKauai.  Two of the men walk right past him for a closer picture, but they must have felt the eyes staring at them and moved away from the seal.  
Then they spot a second seal resting and pretty much hidden (RO40) Ka'ena.  On their way out from the point the two seals remain in same spot. 

Team Billand's next find Lei Ola RH48 was alone sleeping on the rocks again. She is going on 7 months with this piercing. and although she is healthy and shows normal behavior, it will be a day to celebrate when that hook can come out.

Team T&D were out today doing their part in cleaning up some of the debris around the island. They pulled in lots of rope off the rocks to higher ground and some of it was too huge to get to today without help.  Their reward of the day today was coming across Honey Girl R5AY and her 11th pup, PO2.  Yes grandma gives birth again to a happy healthy bundle.  

RN14 Kalani & RH32 Ka'ale 
 Swimmers beware
 ( the two of them laughing)  Did you see the look on their faces? 
RN14 Kalani
 RW02 PvKauai 
Ka'ena RO40
Lei Ola RH48
 Debris -  seems endless
 Well hello there #11
 you have been born into an amazing lineage