Tuesday, December 11, 2018

12/11/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.  Along with Team Billand's daily update there was some sad news in monk seal news today.

I received a phone call this morning from one of my old contacts at Sea Life Park giving me news about Lamb chop's passing. By now you have seen all the news announcements and in case you haven't I'll provide a link.   Lambchop was truly an ambassador of the species having spent 30 years with visitors at Sea Life Park.  I know the SLP staff are going to miss her and I would like to pass my condolences to all the volunteers who spent endless hours of outreach at the park.

Team Billand on their travels headed over to plains to see if sir Buster was around. They must have that special seal radar because as they arrived he was just hauling out AND the life guards sprung into action putting up a zone. Buster hauled out and rolled over showing his belly. He's about 25% from the neck to mid body. Man he's  slow molter. Team Billand called the hotline to update them.
They left after a bit to search for more seals.

When they arrived at a westside beach they spotted two seals. After waiting for a bit they finally for the tag shot to confirm RIP RR70.  The other seal, was a little more of a challenge to the right mid rocks on his side. After studying this critter for a bit it finally moved and they got the tag. RN14 Kalani. He moved to the water hole near by.  
As luck would have it there is a third seal coming in fast. Seal is smaller than the two males, and no real markers. Once again patience paid off they got the long awaited flipper flex and ID'd RH48 Lei Ola.

 Buster V08
 RIP RR70 
RN14 Kalani
 Lei Ola RH48

Monday, December 10, 2018

12/10/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand.  

They started their day at Plains and found Miss Pohaku R028 near the fence line. The "boys" called them and let them know a critter had hauled up. There was a small zone already in place with signs.  They thanked the surfers.  Team Billand called into the hotline and updated them.

Team Billand made a stop at KoOlina and found da Benny RE74. He was snoozing near the waters edge, some signs around him. Team Billand spent time educating people while waiting for volunteer to arrive.  They watched a father put a young child at the waters edge very close to Benny. Robert went over and explained about the seal being a large "wild" animal and it was probably safer for their child to be further away.  When volunteer Tammy arrived Team Billand left to check other beaches.

On the west side they checked the outfall first and then a nearby beach. They found RN14 Kalani coming up on the rocks. They waited to see if his buddy showed up but he did not. Team Billand was a bit nervous when they saw a small boat drop a net. This is a big foraging area for the seals not to mention how often dolphins are around.

Team Billand headed out to another west side beach and when they
got to the site, there was big ole RIP in his spot, sleeping and looking might healthy. Fat and happy with no new marks seen.
Then they spotted another seal coming in looking for a place to haul out.  Barbara said she was never so happy to see Ka'ale coming into the area to haul up. He was okay but was very vocal, tossing his body around his snout to the ground, more barking, all this made RIP look.  Ka'ale as we all know is a little nutty character, that we all adore. 
He finally settled in for a nap and RIP was able to relax.

 Pohaku RO28
Benny RE74 
Kalani RN14
RH32 Ka'ale

Sunday, December 9, 2018

12/9/2018 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn, Justin & Christine T. and Lesley.  Lesley provided 3 days of updates so pour another cup of coffee, or cocktail and catch up on all the Ka'ena Updates.

Team Billand spotted two seals together on the west side. One of the seals was Ka'ale RH32 and the other seal disappeared when the snorkelers went out to the area where they were foraging. It was still early morning.  It wasn't until later in the afternoon and the third check they found bosom buddies together on the rocks snoozing together in peace.

Next critter for Team Billand was later morning at another west side beach. It took them some time to ID RIP RR70. Barbara commented that he just looked different today, a little larger, and dry coat.  They got the tag shot and confirmed RIP.

Team Billand headed over to White Plains in the early afternoon they found Buster V08 on shore. The lifeguards already roped him off.  
Then they found Pohaku RO28 at the fenceline. She was also roped off by the lifeguards.  Pretty cool these folks look after the seals. Team Billand called the hotline to let them know a crowd was gathering.

Team Billand found little RH92 on a Leeward beach on shore all roped off by the residents.  Old posse pal Debbie was watching over her with Aloha.  H92 was sleeping in peace thanks to these two ladies. 

Posse Pal Justin and Christine made it out to Ka'ena via the west side. They spotted four seals. RL12 Aukai was ID'd by her L13 tag. RN30 male from Kauai ID'd by flipper tag N30. There were two more seal that did not have flipper tags and did not expose their bellies. Justin did not see any clearly defined characteristics on them, just some old CC scars on back. 

Marilyn went to the pier to observe Rabbit Island for about 2 hours. There were four seals in a group about 100 feet right of the 3BS. They moved around among the group.
RW22 Kolohe - ID'd  by male belly, new coat, NB behind RFF and applied bleach N22 on back rump.
Unknown Adult Male molting ID'd by male belly, 2 tags, about 80% molted. This may be RK72 Kekoa but can not confirm.
Unknown Sub-adult to Adult Male, newish coat, fairly light male belly and 2 tags. 
Unknown Weaner, smaller female seal with 2 tags. Marilyn did not see the left side NB that RK37 has but can't say this is RK38 Hali'a.  

Ka'ale RH32 & RN14 Kalani 
 Buster V08
 Pohaku RO28
UU tucked up by Naupaka
 Aukai RL12
 N30 with UU
Rabbit Island Gang