Thursday, October 19, 2017

10/19/2017 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Team T&D, Vicki and Gayle.

Team Billand found RK72 Kekoa Alii at Maili, he was once again in the same spot hardly moving just chilling. A homeless guy showed up and asked if he was dead? Nope, just resting and perfectly fine! On their recheck in the afternoon he was still in the same spot, despite the wind and drizzle.

At 20 minute beach they found RL42 resting between the rocks below the cliff. On the return trip some human young'ens were throwing rocks at the truck, thankfully Mom and Dad called to them to move on! Of course they had no clue RL42 was there but there was always a chance a rogue rock would hit her. Good news she looks fat, lovely and happy. 

At 30 minute beach Team Billand found RW02 PV Kauai resting below on the rocks. He is quite green and a big dude. 

Team T&D (Tammy and Dave) walked to Ka'ena Point today, they found Ka'ena RO40 and RIP RR70 at back beach. Ka'ena still has the small hook with the small line. They called into Tracy to report Ka'ena's location. RIP is completely molted and the two brothers snoozed next to each other. 
Ka'ena and RIP were born to the infamous Irma (who is missed).  Irma really didn't have much of a pattern for giving birth since, Ka'ena was born .... @ Ka'ena Point and RIP is the original Rabbit Island Pup.  

Posse Pal Vicki was out on the north shore again today and came across three critters, Ua Malie RT10, RK36 Kauai Kolohe and Holokai RG40. Both Ua Malie and Kauai Kolohe are molting.

Gayle reported two critters on Rabbit Island today.  Right Spot was at Sandys this morning, not surprising since she left her sleeping last but at 10:50 am she departed. Gayle found her at Kaupo beach at 15:30, Gayle left her at 18:35 tonight. (We'll see what she does tomorrow).

 PV Kauai
 Irma's Boyz
Three's company Ua Malie, Kauai Kolohe & Holokai
 Kauai Kolohe moving along with his molt
 Ua Malie also molting
Two Rabbit Island Critters
 Right Spot in the morning at Sandys'
 Right Spot in the afternoon at Kaupo Beach

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

10/18/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: (part 1) Ka'ale(RH32), Kekoa(RK72), RL42, Ua Malie(RT10), Kauai Kolohe(RK36), Holokai(RG40), RJ16, 2 Rabbit Island Critters, Right Spot(R016).

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Team T&D, Vicki, Gayle and Lesley. *please see next post for Lesley's findings.

Team Billand found Ka'ale RH32 at Kahe today, he was alone and snoozing on the rocks. They were happy to see him back, they decided to leave the site as to not bring attention to him.

Team Billands next find was in Maili where they found Kekoa Alii RK72 sleeping alone on the rocks. They stayed for a bit and looked to see if another critter would haul out, but no one came. On their second visit to the site he was still there alone sleeping on his side.

Next stop for Team Billand was at 20 min beach where they found RL42 resting comfortably and she was alone, no one around bothering her. Barb noted there is a gate set up at the walk entrance. Seems this is one way to keep the trucks going through, until they figure a work-around. And lastly Barb came across thanksgiving dinner (only kidding) a Big Turkey walking around, she wouldn't disclose the exact location.  She said he's cute, I say eh.... monk seals are cute. :-)

Team T&D (Tammy & Dave) were on the north shore and they found a bumper crop of critters. (I don't know if they crossed paths with posse pal Vicki because she covered the same group of critters).
They reported on RK36 Kauai who is about 80% molted., on the other hand Ua Malie RT10. Big brother Holokai RG40 and baby boy RJ16 were also close by.

As mentioned Posse pal Vicki was also on the north shore and reported a critter party, with Mom Ua Malie, older brother Holokai, and baby boy RJ16, along with Kauai Kolohe who may or not be related but a good chance he'll be next years daddy. (just saying)

Gayle was happy to report R016 Right Spot is 100% molted and looking good. She stayed away from center stage at Sandys and was east of the 2nd life guard station.  Gayle was able to rope her off where she spent the day. Gayle left her 18:45.  Gayle also spotted two critters on Rabbit Island and sent a couple of photos despite the choppy conditions.

 Kekoa Alii 
 Due to the holiday season this birds location will remain a secret until 2018 :-)  Good luck tom turkey 
Kauai Kolohe
 Molt about 80%
 Ua Malie
 Seal Yoga 
 It's a family affair
 baby brother
 Here he comes RJ16
Critter party - Rk36, RT20, RG40, RJ16
 RJ16 and mom RT10
Rabbit Island Critters
 Right Spot looking beautiful in her new coat