Sunday, December 17, 2017

12/17/17 Monk Seal Dailies: Holokai RG40, Pohaku RO28, RIP RR70, PVKauai RW02, Kekoa RK72, Ka'ale RH32, Benny RE74, Buster V08, Kawena RH36, and Rabbit Island Critters

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn, Gayle and Vicki.

Posse Pal Vicki found Holokai RG40 alone in Kahuku. No little brother, no momma, just him on his own.

Team Billand went out to Ewa and as they were walking down the path to the beach they spotted a seal foraging. After watching intently they were able to ID Pohaku RO28.  She was busy, bringing fish up and tossing her hind flippers in the air. They hung around for over an hour and finally at 9 am she hauled out. The hotline was informed.

Team Billand headed out to Maili and hit the jackpot of seal finds. At first look one seal on the lower rocks RW02. Then another seal arrives and comes in, they ID RIP. They hung out together RIP in the water hole and RW02 still on the lower rocks by him.

At first Team Billand did not see anything but heard some barking and snorts which caused them to investigate. And there to Barbara's happiness was Kekoa RK72 who is sporting a new coat looking quite handsome, he was with Ka'ale RH32. The two were greeting each other with nuzzles and head bumping. Ka'ale was enjoying head butting Kekoa's belly, and Kekoa let him know when enough was enough. Soon they both settled in for the day to the right of RIP and PVKauai RW02.

And then there were five! Benny at first tried to go to the lower rocks and RIP and RW02. Benny paused and then turned and hauled up on the high rocks. He remains there all day. He seems thin, then again he just finished his molt so he needs to bulk up some.

Gayle found Buster late today at Sandy Beach. She found him by the trail sleeping at 16:45. The lifeguards called the hotline so a volunteer showed up soon after Gayle found him Gayle couldn't take a picture of his chest to see if he is actually molting. Based on his head and side of his neck looks like he is starting or will be very very soon.

Mrs. Whisperer spent this morning between 8:15 and 10:30 checking the Hawaii Kai sites from Alan Davis to Kokee Flats and found no seals. Later in the day she spent over an hour at Makai Pier and spied four seals.  RH36 Kawena was at the Left Point Beach and was ID'd by the applied N37 bleach on her back. She has not been reported for some time so WE real happy to see her. She later moved up into the morning glory about 40 feet left of the 1BS.  
Seal #2 was an unknown juvenile who was about 40 ft right of 1BS. This seal had two red tags, a light colored belly, and was possibly female. The seal moved up over the berm. If one of the light spots on the back is an applied bleach spot, this seal could be RJ30, but will have to go as an UJ.
Seal #3 is unknown male #1 (UM#1) and along with UM#2 was about 40 feet left of Seal Rock Inlet. UM#1 had at least one visible tag, an older coat, a blotchy belly and a light-colored chin. 
Seal #4 is unknown male #2. This seal had a newish coat, no detectable tags and a gray-silver belly. The seal seemed larger than UM#1. She saw no other ID marks. She never saw the right side so she could not eliminate RW22 Kolohe. Since RK72 Kekoa on the west side today he can be eliminated.

 RW02 & RIP
 Ka'ale and Kekoa
 Here comes Benny

 U/M #1 and U/M #2 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

12/16/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RL42, Right Spot R016, 3 Rabbit Island Critters, RIP R70, R3CU and Squinty R330

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Gayle, Marilyn and Lesley.

Team Billand only found one critter today, however I was very lucky to spend a few minutes with them this morning when they stopped by the shop with Olivia, who is growing up soooo fast. So good to see them and get some hugs.  Okay back to the flipper critter... Team Billand found RL42 at Makua Cliffs, she was resting on her side, alone. They waited for movement but she was in a deep sleep. Barbara ID'd he by scare on left fore flipper and female. 

Gayle found Right Spot in the tide pools at Kaupo today. Volunteers were on site looking after her. Gayle noted that Right Spot departed at 18:20.  Gayle spotted three critters on Rabbit Island today, and although there isn't any ID, there is something interesting about the two photos. One photo they are all facing the mountains, and the other photo they are all facing the ocean. 

Marilyn, Lesley and Ken T. hiked to Ka'ena Point from the Mokuleia side. Both Lesley and Marilyn noted that while hiking out to the point they spent a fair amount of time pulling ropes, nets and other debris higher onto the beach. This past week of high waves and winds have deposited a large amount of debris on the beaches. 
They arrived at the point at 9:56 and found RR70 RIP on Back Beach. He was ID'd by his R76 tag. They also saw two seals interacting in the deeper pool outside the main pool. Finally at 10:48 they moved into the main pool and settled on the rocks in the middle. They could determine the one of the seals was R3CU by his 3CV tag. The other seal wasn't cooperating and giving them much to go on. Marilyn and Ken started back and Lesley stayed back and was able to ID the third seal as R330 Squinty.

 Rabbit Island Critters facing the mountain
 critters facing the ocean
 Right Spot  
 R330 Squinty
 R3CU & Squinty

Friday, December 15, 2017

12/15/17 Monk Seal Dailies: Rocky, Benny, R3CU, Four Rabbit Island Critters, Right Spot and Ka'ale

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Gayle and Lesley. Part 2 of the dailies will have Lesley's full report of Ka'ena Point Update.
Also there are a couple of corrections to yesterdays' post. It was not Benny hanging out in Ewa with Rocky it was Pohaku RO28, as ID'd by Team Billands keen eye.  And Lesley noted that R3CU was at Back Beach not hidden beach.  Thank you everyone for taking the time and updating with the correct information.

They had come up empty at all there usual spots so they decided to take the ride to Ewa. At 7:18 am Team Billand went out to Ewa and found Miss Rocky RH58. This is the first time Team Billand has seen her since she weaned the infamous Kaimana.  Today Rocky was alone resting peacefully and snoring. Team Billand noticed a dog coming and two people. Team Billand did their best to wave them off and finally got the dog to stop. They called the hotline and left the site.

Team Billand went out to Yoks and while watching the waves, noticed a swimming seal and got some pictures. The seal had red tags and the number 3 so best guess effort would be R3CU. Once the seal swam out they never saw it again.

Team Billand's afternoon check at Maili brought them to RE74 da Benny. He was not at Nanakai earlier when they checked. They spotted Benny on the lower rocks sleeping and looking dry. 
They saw his tags and markers. Team Billand had to leave because of the "characters" in the area. Benny remains and for the record Benny is Team Billand's first introduction into monk seal care :-)  back  in 2006 or 2007?

Gayle spotted four critters on Rabbit Island today. Right Spot was NOT at Alan Davis this morning. Hopefully she went to have a good dinner and breakfast. On Gayle's 16:00 check she came up empty but her last stop at Sandy Beach she stopped and talked story with one of the regular beach dudes Chris. Gayle spotted one of the volunteers who informed her there was a report of a seal. They came across Right Spot at the exit side of Sandys around 17:00. They left at 18:15, Right SPot remained.

A special treat today here is a video from November 25th from Pat R. Thank you for taking the time and re-sending so I could post and share. This critter is believed to be Ka'ale who frequents the west side. 

 I'm all for dogs, I love them at times more than people... but they need to be on a leash or under the strict supervision of their owner
 and not POOPING on the beach
 UU possibly R3CU 
Rabbit Island Critters
 Right Spot at crappy cove