Friday, July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, my Rabbit Island observation, and Team T&D from the Big Island.

Tammy & Dave are on the Big Island for a little R&R. Of course they they had to check a couple of the locations while on island. Today as they were walking the beach they spotted two seals swimming toward the shoreline. The first seal had an applied H1 bleach which makes this RW34.  (looks like she has "Hi" on her side). 
The second critter took a little time but a local volunteer was on the beach thought it was RB00, but wasn't sure, so Tammy got on the coconut wire and through our pal Val and some of her connections it was confirmed RB00. ( see how that works :-)  

Team Billand's first critters of the day were at the outfall. There were three seals, and they were only able to ID RN14. The other two didn't give them much to go on, and neither did their pictures.

From there they headed over to check on Pohaku RO28, who they spent most of the day with. When they arrived they checked all the usual haul out spots and finally found her surrounded by people taking photos. Team Billand called the hotline.
All was going well until a man was meditating on shore and Pohaku was to the right of him. She suddenly went into the water swimming right to left, stopping at the man. Team Billand asked him to move back, he did not. Pohaku came closer to him and began barking at him. Team Billand once again  pleaded for him to move, and that is when Pohaku became more vocal. The man moved, but unfortunately it wasn't soon enough her her so she left the area.

Team Billand followed on foot observing everytime people were getting to close to her she became very vocal.  There were lots of people in the water and on the shores, in places where Pohaku appeared to want to haul out. She was extremely vocal with them, they would move and she would leave for another spot. Team Billand was having a hard time keeping up with her moves and all the people.
Finally they got in the car to check the areas. They did find her finally resting, so they notified the hotline. Volunteer Melina was on site.  Team Billand pulled the signs and they put them up. At 11:40 (five hours into their Pohaku adventure) Pohaku had settled down, and Team Billand left for a break,

At 5:40 this morning Team Billand found RG28 spotted a seal on lower rocks at a west side location. They didn't stay with him as they were heading over to see Pohaku.  When they returned  to check on RG28 was in his water hole sound a sleep. 

When Team Billand returned to check on Pohaku a turtle came up to rest on the shore. The poor thing had a tumor in left eye and some barnacles, also held his moth open. Team Billand told Melina who made a call and was told the Turtle was fine.

Team Billand checked back on Pohaku after their rest and lunch. When they returned she was in the shallows.  She galumphed up on the shore and volunteer Karen moved the ropes and signs out. Lots of folks right there taking their cell phone photos. For the most part people were good, with the exception of those few.

I spent just over an hour at the pier observing Rabbit Island, where there were three critters when I arrived and the same three critters when I left. Other than a couple of turns they did not move much.
The critter to the far left is being reported as a UM, adult size, male belly. I have seen him several times on the island because I recognize a round dark mark on his chest.
T37/1KT was ID'd by male belly and a very faint applied bleach mark N3. Third seal reported as U/F female belly and a very very green coat.
When I was getting ready to leave a man with his kayak was on the far right of the island. It appeared he had just arrived and pulled his Kayak into one of the cave inlets in the shade. He sat and rested. I think he was getting some rest before he attempted to leave.

 RB00 & RW34 
RN14 at outfall
 RN14 and UU
 Pohaku RO28
Rabbit Island Kayak and dude resting 
 UM - 1KT N3 - UF

Thursday, July 18, 2019

July 18, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Todays' dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley, and Melody.  Lesley's update is part two of the dailies.

Team Billand was out at 6:15 am looking for Pohaku and headed over to the lagoon, and there she was in all her glory on shore alone, right by the tourist canoe. Security scrambled for signs and ropes, and Robert went down to their car to get a rope.

They quickly started educating all the folks standing around and were very curious about the monk seal laying there. There were soooo many questions, and Team Billand did their best to educate and provide her history.
They called the hotline.  At 6:55 Pohaku entered the water and took off, heading straight out to sea. She is so big that she actually had to galumph just a little at a time. 
Team Billand watched and ran along the shore line to see where she was heading, finally it looked like she was out by Paradise Cove. There were tourist on site and some were snorkeling and got pretty close to her.   Barbara called the hotline again to update.

A nice lady who knew that they were trying to do, offered to help. Team Billand ran and got the signs and "Judy" (nice lady)  watched over Pohaku. Volunteers arrived Team Billand informed them what was going on, meanwhile Pohaku made it to the left corner wedged in rocks, semi submerged.

They kept folks from going to that location with out signs, just working together. AT 9:30 Team Billand left for breakfast and volunteer Karen remained. 
At 11 am Team Billand went back to paradise cove and now Pohaku was on shore by the Luau site with ropes and signs up.  Pohaku was alert but resting.
At 11:30 Team Billand left and did not return, so they could check on their other flipper kids.

At 11:45 at a west side location Team Billand arrived to find two seals resting side by side in a pond. It was RH48 Lei Ola and RN14 Kalani. Both were resting in peace.
Barbara spoke to one woman who said there were other seals fighting early morning like 4 am ( lol to me that the middle of the night). It was too dark to see but she said they made a lot of noise.

Melody made a trek to Turtle Bay today. While out there she went to look for RL36 who wasn't in his usual spot.  Rather than following her gut and checking out McKenzie's Cove, Melody decided to wait. Lo and behold the chubby bugger was at McKenzie's but on his way back to his zone. 
When he returned he made it up on the rocks which he seems to enjoy. The tide was coming and fast and the surf was pounding. RL36 made a few position changes on the rocks to avoid the water, but still continue to snooze.  
All and all Melody spent a couple hours watching this chubby boy.

 Pohaku RO28
 The new SRA - LOL
 very sweet - she's using the rock as a head rest
RH48 Lei Ola and RN14 Kalani

July 18, 2019 (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

Blond with fried brains is what's left of me right now.
I had a very early start at work today - just before I was about to start I decided to check on RL20 "Kalua" , it took me for ever to find him and finally did in the coves near the Parking Lot. That's a first, he is definitely expanding his horizon.

At Hidden Beach RW02 "PVKauai" was freshly hauled out near the waterline  - he was still there on my way out, this time I got to see his shaved belly for the surgery he didn't have to have for the removal of hook, line, swivel and weight.
In the NARS as I was doing outreach with a group of visitors from Florida I spotted a seal coming in from far. It was RR70 "RIP" he made it to what used to be the entrance of the Main Pool, sank down like a submarine and stayed there

I checked again on the kid RL20 "Kalua"  and he was still foraging around.

At Birth Beach/Mokuleia RH32 "Ka'ale" was hauled out mid beach. As I was IDing from the top of the cliff, him he jumped up and vocalized. It was RO40 "Ka'ena" swimming in. They had hard words and lots of watere splashing. "Ka'ena" rolled over gave up and left towards KPt side. Out of curiosity I decided to go back to see if he would stop by to interact with RL20 "Kalua". It was the beginning of long hours wait...
As I was looking at him a couple came by I invited them to sit beside me and I started doing outreach and Q&A. 
Something caught my eye, it was a little stick that was moving on the corner of his mouth a couple of inches away. I had seen him playing with a sea cucumber 1/2 hour earlier so my first tough was "guck". but as we kept looking I moved a little because of the sun light and reflex and saw the always dreaded shine. The kid had fishing line wrapped around his muzzle. Calls were put in documentation done. Luckily he left his thigh little cove and headed to Birth Beach where he hauled out far from grumpy RH32 "Ka'ale".... fast forward …. teams arrived, line was removed and the kid went for a swim.

I'm relieved and burnt to the bone, since I was about to call it a day when I saw the 2 boys play at BB. I'm just extremely thankful that I was curious to see Ka'ena interact with the kid so I went back.

In the Albatross world - there's still 2 hands full of chicks getting ready to fledge. They are so cute and very
entertaining. Found some scat near an old nest. It's really good to know they spit out the contents of heir stomach before fledging but it terrible to see what they have been fed.
I was bummed to leave the NARS with a big yellow tarp stuck on a rock island. Can't go out alone and water was rough. Hopefully I'll get to see it washed ashore and retrieve it in the next few days.  More tomorrow 🌺

LMAO - perfect butt-head photo (sorry couldn't resist)