Thursday, January 14, 2021

01/14/2021 Thursday Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Team T&D, and posse pal diver Paul H. 

Paul once again was going for a dive on the east side and found the lovely Kawena RH36. He was able to get a positive ID by her H37 tag.

Team T&D hiked out to the point and met up with Lesley. The waves were huge washing over most of the point. They came across five seals. RL98 Lina on her favorite beach. She was high up almost in the naupaka. Next was RK40 Napua, who was also high up on shore. At the point was R330 Squinty by himself. He got washed over several times but he stayed. Then there was RN58 Luana and RW02 PvKauai.

Team Billand started their day at the outfall. At 7:30 they saw a seal foraging but it left before they

could get an ID. It was reported as a U/U.

On their next stop they got lucky and found five critters. First there was RH76 Kala with R3CX Nalu sleeping next to each other. Lei Ola RH48 was also on the rocks resting.  They spotted RL20 Kalua swimming to the rocks, clinging on. His snout is even greener than before, his tags were visible and looks like the fishing line is gone. If that wasn't enough they see another seal haul up on lower rocks. It was Kekoa RK72.

Team Billand headed over to the bay and it was empty, no seals, no fish schools, no fishermen. They waited a bit and and sure enough RN44. They were thrilled to see him the last of the crew. A couple of tourists came and went up to take their selfies. The couple walked around and went back to RN44, but this time Team Billand stopped them and explained it was best to let the seal rest and gave them a lesson in monk seal 101.

After leaving the bay they returned to check on the group of five. They found R3CU up on high mid rocks. He tried to come down but it was a too high so he turned and stayed facing the ocean.  Kala, Kekoa and Nalu were together on lower rocks. RL20 Kalua was alone to the right on a small patch of sand. 

Last but not least they found RL12 Aukai and RN14 Kalani together on shore.  A little while later they RH32 Ka'ale joined the two of them and of course there was trouble. A fight broke out, and then all three left.

Lefty RG28 was on his own at tracks today.

Kawena RH36

Squinty R330
Napua RK40
RL98 Lina
RN58 and RW02
UU @ outfall
Lei Ola RH48
RH76 Kala and R3CX Nalu
Rl20 Kalua
Kekoa RK72
Kekoa, Nalu and Kala
RL20 Kalua
Aukai RL12  RH32 Ka'ale and RN14 Kalani
Aukai and Ka'ale
Lefty RG28

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

01/13/2021 Wednesday Monk Seal Dailies


Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Lesley. Lesley's Ka'ena update is part two of the dailies.

Team Billand started their day with RG28 Lefty. They saw him from afar, drove over and looked as though Lefty had just arrived. He was alert and kept looking around, finally settling in for a rest.  While hanging out with Lefty they observed the whales offshore.  Team Billand has been watching the whales  for 45 years. 

Their next find of the day at a different location was Kaale RH32 aka fat boy. He is a big boy, snoozing on his back on the rocks. He looked like he was really out cold.

Team Billand was happy to find Kolohe RW22 up against the rocks chillin alone. He is huge and a very

handsome male. His tags were barely visible. Another one of their kids born in 2008.

At another popular seal site they found RH76 Kala who was well hidden.  R3CU and Kekoa RK72 who was in his water hole again.

Stopping at the bay they found the lovely RH48 Lei Ola and RN44. They look like a good match together.  Nalu R3CX was out foraging. There was another small critter foraging, who they could not get an ID on.  Team Billand did see a young fisherman catch a huge Olua. Dude must have been happy about that.

Lefty RG28
Thar she blows
Ka'ale RH32
Kolohe RW22
Kala RH76
Kekoa RK72
Lei Ola RH48
Lei Ola and RN44
Nalu R3CX