Tuesday, September 22, 2020

09/22/2020 Tuesday Monk Seal Dailies


Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand. We also have a little bit of yesterday's news from Melody who helped keep an eye on Ka'ale and Aukai.  From both Team Billand and Melody's description I guess Kaale kept them on their toes yesterday.

Team Billand was very surprised to find Ka'ena hanging out on their side today. He usually sticks close to home at the point. There were two seals and they knew one was R407 Kawika and it wasn't until they got a look at the tag 055 they figured out it was Ka'ena. Ka'ena was being very protective of Kawika, at one point a man passed by and Ka'ena went charging barking and leaping after the guy. 

While watching over the two barking at each other there was a 3rd seal swimming by. It was Ka'ale who passed by and then hauled out at tracks. His molt on his head makes him look like a ninja turtle

At another westside beach that Team Billand checked they found RH36 Kawena. She was seen hauling out about 10 am on the rocks.  She has a new wound on her left fore flipper, but other than that she is looking healthy and beautiful.

Team Billand returned to check on Ka'ena and Kawika at 10:30.  They were in the same spot hanging out together. Then suddenly here comes Kaale hauling out with them, but Ka'ena wasn't having it. He went after Kaale and chased him off.  Kawika was annoyed and barked at Ka'ena.

At 11:30 Team Billand left the big boys and went to find the youngsters. They spotted a slither of a silver little seal. It was RL20 Kalua, his wound was hard to see but appears to be healing. The hook and line are still there.

Then there was their boy Kekoa Alii RK72 up on high mid rocks. His tag and facial scar were visible. It will interesting to see if he'll molt soon.

They found RL70 Leina who is molting fast. Her belly and face are clean and some opening spots on her back. She was inland and resting peacefully. The boys did not bother her at all.

Team Billand did a final check on Kawika, Ka'ena and Ka'ale.  Ka'ena and Kawika were hit with a huge wave and caused them to move up higher.  Ka'ale tried once again to approach the boys, but Ka'ena wasn't interested and chased him away again.  Team Billand stayed with them until 2 pm and then called it a day.

Kaale on Monday

Aukai RL12 hanging out with Kaale on Monday
Ka'ena Ro40
Kawika and Ka'ena
Kawika R407
Kaale RH32
Kawena RH36
Recheck on Kaena, Kawika and Kaale
Kawika R407
RL20 Kalua
Kekoa ALii RK72
RL70 Leina
Last check on Kaena & Kawika get hits by wave
Kaale comes back one more time
Ka'ena not having it!

Monday, September 21, 2020

09/21/2020 Lesley's Ka'ena Update


Yesterday as I was going down to check on RG40 Holokai, I saw RO40 Ka'ena at the same spot he was yesterday all day. When I checked at sunset he had left.

RG40 Holokai was side by side with R330 Squinty they spent all day in the same spot D2. Holokai is molting very slowly
When I looked to the west side of the beach, I saw RW02 PVKauai he spent all day there.
It was a busy Sunday with 4 seals on the beach, many fishermen and many families enjoying the day. The seals were not disturbed although sometimes people may have gotten a little too close.

This morning I checked the boys RO40 Holokai and R330 Squinty - they were in the same spots as yesterday D3. Holokai is approximately 10% molted. Squinty has the fur on his neck ruffled up but no visible cracks yet.
I went down again at sunset they were still there. A fisherman told me there was a big seal further down. I found RN58 Luana at her exTide Pool now SandBox.

More tomorrow - be safe 🌺😷