Monday, March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies comes to you from a variety of posse pals around the island.  Interesting how people still reach out to ask questions.  

We also have some interesting news that for sure goes into the "how cool is that category". Which I will lead with.  The past week or so Team Billand spotted a female unknown seal on the westside. Information was submitted to NOAA/PIFSC where they checked their data and could not ID her and gave her a TEMP 400 ID.  Well it gets better than that, email today from NOAA/PIFSC had ID'd this female as XY77 and she is from French Frigate Shoals. Talk about a long way from home. She is estimated to be 26 years old.... this does make one wonder if the damage at French Frigate Shoals from Hurricane Walaka sent her looking for a new home... and if she made her way will there be others.  

I got a text this afternoon from a friend who was at the Elks Club and sent me a couple of photos of seal, asking who I thought it might be, she said someone said it was Kaimana.  I had to laugh because as much as I knew I probably couldn't ID the critter, I knew it was not Kaimana.  My best guess was Kaiwi since she's been in the area and asked her if there was anyone there watching over her. She replied later stating that someone from NOAA (probably a volunteer) was there and said the seal was in fact Kaiwi RK96.

Another posse pal sent an email as they were lucky enough to see the one and only Honey Girl today R5AY.  She is looking mighty healthy and quite plump.

And last but nor least is a link to Kauai Seals blog with an update on RB00 and PK1. Seven weeks and Mom is still nursing this chunk bomb.  Having said that Mom is still looking pretty healthy considering how HUGE this kid is. WOW!

RK96 Kaiwi
R5AY Honey Girl
 RB00 and PK1 (courtesy of Kauai Seals Blog) 

 Just have to sneak this in..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very very special person in the monk seal community.  I know you didn't want me to do this but I'm sorry you are far too important not to wish you a very HAPPY Birthday and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the monk seals.  Your Monk Seal Ohana loves you very much <3 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

March 24, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Todays dailies are brought to you by Marilyn and Lesley.  Lesley's update is actually in the "yesterdays news department" can be read in part 2 of the dailies.

Marilyn spent her day on the eastside checking out a couple of location. She viewed one critter, reported as an unknown, unknown foraging at spitting cave. The seal was seen doing 7 minute dives, but Marilyn was unable to get an ID.  She "thinks" it could be RK36 but can not say for sure.  The critter is adult size, scar on the right shoulder, a small pit scar to the left of midline on the back, a possible curved line scar behind the RFF and had two tags.

Marilyn did see R016 Right Spot hauled out at one of the beaches on her way to the pier. Right Spot was halfway down the beach and covered in sand so her NB was not visible. She was ID by her female belly and upper chest scar. Volunteer Gina was on site watching over her.

Marilyn got to the pier about noon and spent just over 2 hours viewing Rabbit Island.  There were two seals on the beach about 10 feet east of the 1BS. 
Female juvenile; probably RK37 or RK38 (2018 pups); juvenile size, female belly, two tags, lots of green in the coat.  She did not see RK37 left side natural bleach.
Unknown Adult: this seal spent most of the time on its belly with its head toward the water. Later it moved up the beach. Adult size, darker belly, (covered in sand could not determine sex) seal had at least one tag. 
There were two seals about 60 feet west of the 1BS:
RN46 Kea, ID'd bu adult size, NBs on all four flippers, but most prominently on RFF, male belly and two tags.
Unknown male, adult size, lighter mottled male belly, two tags. Marilyn thought it might be R1KT but did not see his ventral C scar or applied N3 bleach, or left side neck scar.

UU @ spitting cave
 Right Spot R016
 Kea RN46 & UM 
 Juvenile female and unknown adult 

March 24, 2019 (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

This is a 2in1 report

Yesterday at dawn when I took Marty for a walk in the garden I saw 2 bumps @ CE Pt. Went down to check and found R303 "BG" in company of RR70 "RIP". They looked so cute with the moon still up high and dawn colors in the sky. "RIP" has been around for the last 4/5 days. 
When I came back to the house and looked back they were entering the water.
In the afternoon I went down again to CE Pt and found RR70 "RIP" hauled out on CE side near the waterline.

This morning I went down to check on RR70 "RIP" he was hauled out between CE Pt and us.    More tomorrow 🌺


Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 23, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn and posse pals Justin and Christine.

Posse pals Justine and Christine went out to Ka'ena point today and spotted three monk seals in the main pool.  RK88 Puna and L42 Leia were both ID'd by their tags. At 2:40 there was another seal that arrived but they were not able to read the tags nor did it expose it's belly for a gender ID. Justin did call it into the hotline and provide NOAA with photos.

Marilyn did the Ka'ena Trek today and after checking birth beach they checked the usual places between Mokuleia lot and Ka'ena Point light station.  First find was in front of Camp Erdman where they found and ID'd RIP RR70
When they arrived at the point they saw a seal doing its best hippo imitation in the main pool. They only saw the top of the back and occassionally the head when the seal raised its head to breathe (this went on for almost two hours).  
Even after the seal hauled out, getting an ID was a challenge, but after a discussion among the team they decided it was RL42 Leia based on two short parallel scars on the right side of the head and scars at the base of the RFF, that matched those seen on RL42. 
About 10:30, Marilyn became aware of another seal coming up on one of the new rubble beaches between the main pool and back beach. It turns out to be RK88 Puna, he was ID'd by his juvenile size, his left neck scar and tags. He appeared to have some sea cucumber goo on his left side upper lip and face. He snoozed for awhile and then laboriously made his way over to the brim of rubble beach, then awkardly up and over some rocks and ultimately up to the naupaka.

Meanwhile Team Billand was on the west side and right off the bat see two seals on the rocks. They were able to ID RW02 PvKauai and RH36 Kawena.  RW02 was on the rocks and Kawena was upper mid rocks snoozing. Then a third seal hauls in next to RW02, he was IDd as R3CU. 
While sitting watching over these three they see RN14 Kalani with Kaale RH32 off shore fighting. RW02 entered the shallows with RN14 and Kaale and the three play and fight for a while. Lots of splashing and action to watch.  Kawena doesn't care much and continues her snooze. While focusing on all the action another critter comes in with a plop. Its Kekoa Alii RK72 joining all the fun.  After all the commotion, one by one they land on lower rocks to sleep, all six snug as a bug.

Team Billand headed out and arriving at another westside location they see a seal sleeping alone on shore. Here is Temp 400 resting and was visited by little dogs and a netter who was nearby.  Once the dogs were running towards Team Billand the owner called to them and thankfully they were very obedient.  Teamp 400 was very sandy looking healthy and resting peacefully.

Next stop Team Billand found Pohaku RO28 in pretty much the same location for the last four days.  The beach area was populated and some curious folks getting a little close to check her out. Team Billand called the hotline to inform of the situation.

Then when they went to Plains Team Billand found Buster V08 snoozing in a zone already set up by the life guards. Team Billand called the hotline to inform being a beautiful Saturday the beach was crowded. 

 RK88 Puna 
 silly seal
 RL42 Leia  impersonating a hippo
5 boys
 Ka'ale RH32
 Kekoa RK72
 Kalani and Ka'ale
TEMP 400
 buster v08