Saturday, October 19, 2019

October 19. 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Marilyn and Lesley. 
According to what I read on line and some monk seal posse pals, today was Monk Seal Count Day. I don't have any official numbers but heard there were 20 critter seen on Kauai.  
Based on Marilyn and Lesley's Ka'ena trek today they found 5 monk seals, so whatever
Oahu's numbers turn out to be, 5 were seen at Ka'ena point. 

Marilyn and Lesley found BG R303 and PvKauai RW02 at Camp Erdman, and it appears they had spent the night. BG was ID'd by the line scar on her head, female belly with scar by right upper nipple and no tags. RW02 was ID'd by his W77 tag, old coat and partially shaved male belly. Both these critters may molt soon. 

Their next find was RR70 RIP at 10 minute beach. He was ID'd by his old coat his R76 tag. He also looks like he is ready to molt soon.  RIP was still there on the hike back to the car.

At Hidden Beach they were delighted to find RN58 Luana. She was ID'd by her newish coat, the parallel line scars, female belly, upper chest scar and her N58 tag. She is looking good and healthy. She was still on the beach on the hike back to the care.

On the hike out from the point RO40 Ka'ena was in his pool. He was partially submerged but was ID'd by the line scar at the base of his RFF. 

Unfortunately Marilyn did not get to observe Rabbit Island due to an accident/incident in the Sea Life Park area. 

BG R303 & PvKauai RW02
 RN58 Luana (looking thin) 
 RN58 Luana ( looking chubby)  - it's all about the position of the seal
 Ka'ena RO40

Friday, October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Lesley.  In yesterday news about Rocky and Kaiwi from Melody.

From Lesley:
On my way to town this morning I saw an overnighted R303 "BG" @ CE Pt.
In the afternoon on my way back I checked on her. She had been joined by RW02 "PVKauai"
At sunset I looked from the porch and both were still there.  More tomorrow🌺

Melody sent email last night and I had already logged out, sorry two days in a row. BUT it's never too
late to update on our Rocky girl.  Melody started her day in Honolulu to help with the birds and did a check hoping to find Rocky.   It seems she and Buster left Kaimana beach and have been MIA.  Melody did not find Rocky but she was fortunate to find Miss Kaiwi RK96. 
Finally at the end of the day when Melody got home she received a text that a seal had hauled out on the beach near her home.  Melody got there and found none other than Rocky RH58. She had arrived just before sunset and was ID by NB on LFF, scar on right shoulder, and is looking a little thinner. Melody called her into the hotline.  Rocky was very alert and making herself comfortable for the night.  She is still molting maybe about 65% and Melody will follow up with her.

 RW02 & BG R303


Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 17, 2019 Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Lesley, posse pal Vicki and Melody. 
Melody's update falls under the yesterday news in that I missed her email yesterday.

Yesterday Melody surveyed a few beaches with a new HMSPO (Hawaiian Monk Seal Preservation Ohana) volunteer Diana. They had the opportunity to put practice in place when they were lucky enough to come across a couple of critters.
First critter was G28 "Lefty" snoozing on the rocks in one of his favorite tide pools. Interesting note he is Nanea's four year old brother. This was Melody's first encounter with Lefty. 

The next stop they came across Kekoa Alii RK72. He was peacefully snoozing on the lower rocks in a tide pool. initially they had a hard time getting an ID especially since he was not cooperating by showing his tags. Volunteer Melina arrived and between all of them they finally got a glimpse of his tags and got a positive ID. He finally flipped his flippers and Melina also pointed out his line scar on the right side of his face.

Posse pal Vicki was on a mission and out early this morning. She first checked the Waikiki beaches but no one was around, so she got in the car and headed north.
Around lunchtime she finally found a critter on the north shore. Holokai was ID'd by his G40 tag.

Then a little further down there was an adult male and Vicki was unable to see any tags. She called it into the hotline, but no one showed up.  It was a slow day and there wasn't much foot traffic.  Vicki stated if she had to guess, she would say this adult male might be Squinty.  (maybe some of our experts could take a look).

Holokai RG40
 unknown adult male (small wound on right eye)
RG28 Lefty
 Kekoa RK72

October 17, 2019 (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena update

We headed out to the point at 5am this morning. We had to get out there and start working on the Shearwater Count before sunrise. Then it was a long and successful day.
Team Tammy & Dave joined us on the second part of the project. The hands on count, or shall I say on our four count. Our legs are aching and our smiles are wrapping behind out ears.
As they arrived they mentioned having seen a big seal at 10Mnts Beach and that it looked like RR70 "RIP" our check on the way back confirmed it was him. I had overnighted there on the Naupaka line. There's still no sign of molt.
Heading home I spotted 2 seals at Camp Erdman Pt so I went there to ID them: RW02 "PVKauai" and R303 "BG" also still no molt sign on either one of them.  
More tomorrow 🌺