Saturday, January 25, 2020

01/25/2020 Saturday Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley, Marilyn and posse pal Anissa K. Lesley's Ka'ena update is part two of the dailies.

Posse pal Anissa was taking her family around the island today when they happen across the beautiful Sadie RB12 on the north shore.  I love that she hangs out on Oahu and we get updates on her. For years she would disappear, show up on Rabbit Island to molt, and then years later to give birth.  Sadie's going to be a teenager this year she'll turn 13!

Team Billand found two seals at 10 am at a west side beach. They noted the surf was very dangerous today huge waves at the beach. 
Two seal resting on lower rocks were R3CX Nalu and RG28 Lefty. The huge sets of waves came crashing over them tossing them about. They swam about in the area, making their way to the Play Boy Pond. They hung out there for a bit and then got into a fight. Typical boys say at the beach, they went at it for while and the waves continued to toss them around. 
When Team Billand came back later in the day both seals were way inland on a patch of sand sleeping in peace.

At noon they took a chance and stopped at Puka Pants and there was a seal to the right. It was RW02 PvKauai sleeping while the huge surf pounded the shore. All three tags were visible but covered in sand.  
They did a recheck later in the day and we was still there.

When Team Billand took junior sealette Olivia home they made a quick stop by the outfall. They found RN14 Kalani snoozing on a rock alone. There were some people coming by and Team Billand didn't want to draw attention so they left him there snoozing.

Marilyn viewed Rabbit Island for about an hour this afternoon and spotted three seals in a group about 100 ft Kailua side of the 1BS. 
From right to left seal #1 UF, juvenile, female belly, two tags and possible line scar at the base of the RRF.
Seal #2 UU, juvenile to subadult, two tags, unknown gender.
Seal #3 UF juvenile size, female belly, mostly covered with sand and two tags.
It's "possible" the two juvenile females are RK37 and RK38 (2018 Rabbit Island pups)

About 15 minutes of observations Marilyn became aware of a small seal on the sand between the 1BS and 2BS. This was a smaller seal than the others and it had two tags. Marilyn could not get a clear look at the belly, but she is hoping it was RL47 Kamakana, Sadie's 2019 pup.

Sadie RB12
Nalu  R3CX and RG28 Lefty
 so sweet !!
 RN14 Kalani 
 PvKauai RW02
 Rabbit Island 3 Seals U/F - U/U - U/F
 Sooty Terns Return

01/25/2020 Saturday (part 2) Lesley's Ka'ena Update

Wow what a day!  After the downpour in the middle of the night we were surprised to see the size of those waves.
It has been the biggest swell on this side (during the day)
Waves washed across the road at the entrance of the park, covered Hidden Beach all the way to the trees, made all the pools in the NARS dispear in one big white wash.
I though I wouldn't see a seal, but as I made it to Back Beach RR70 RIP and younger brother RO40 Ka'ena were there. They had overnighted. When I last checked in the afternoon they were still there.
A group of local Japanese that do a yearly hike out came today. I was sitting on the Big Rock facing Keawa'ula side and they were bellow me on Main Beach. Suddenly the excitement in their voices told me there was a seal. I turned around and saw RL74 Kami surf a wave on to the beach. The set were half way up the coral beach. She "collapsed" beside a rock for a couple of minutes then galumphed her way up to safer grounds.
I headed back to meet the film crew for our last meeting at the point - where did the month go ???
I'm happy to inform we have our first Albatross hatching and more to come in the next days and weeks. Soon we'll see those little fur balls peaking from under their parents.
As I was hiking out I stopped by one of the small beaches and by chance came up on RL98 Lina. She was high and dry, out cold to the world. She definitely overnighted in that spot.

More tomorrow 🌺

Friday, January 24, 2020

01/24/2020 Friday Monk Seal Dailies

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley and I am trilled to have Diane aka Diga back on the blog.

Diane was out at Ka'ena Point with Lesley today and they spotted six seals. Diane only sent photos of Squinty R330 and Aukai RL12. Lesley's complete report with the rest of the sightings is part two of the dailies.

Team Billand arrived at the outfall at 6:45 and stayed until 9 am. They saw lots of whales today and unfortunately missed a full body breach while watching the seals.
They spotted a U/U swimming in the outfall taking fish and then went out and was gone. They moved in and out too fast to make an ID. 

Just before 10 am Team Billand arrived at a west side beach and spotted a seal to the left upper rocks. They were able to see the tag was broken before the seal scooted to a spot that was well hidden. Tey were able to ID Kekoa Alii RK72. He remained in the same spot all day.

Next critter they spotted was Nalu R3CX on lower rocks to the right. He was alone and enjoying the sun. His tags were showing and eventually moved to enter the shallow pond.

They spotted RG28 Lefty was to the right in the seal inlet. He was snoozing and Team Billand noticed he might have a new wound by his penis. (ouch!). He did not appear to be uncomfortable and remained in the same area all day.

Just before noon and after waiting little RL20 Kalua came in. He
approached slowly as if he was tired, but after few minutes of resting, he galumphed in. He ended up on the small patch of sand and went right to sleep. 
Later afternoon, he galumphed to lower rocks, and seemed to be happy there was a seal bud Nalu was to the right. Kalua sped up and landed closer to Nalu and went to sleep again. 

On their afternoon check there was one more critter to the right by RG28. They were able to ID RW02 PvKauai who was at the seal inlet. 
All critters remained and were sleeping.

R330 Squinty
 Squinty and Aukai
 RL12 Aukai
 UU at the outfall
Kekoa Alii RK72
 R3CX Nalu
 Lefy RG28
RL20 Kalua 
 RW02 PvKauai