Friday, October 21, 2016

10/21/2016 DB's Dailies (cont) Yesterday's News

Thank you Team NOAA for picking up Cass and sharing the photos from Rabbit Island... always a treat to see the island up close.
 Kea and Cass
 Kerby and Team NOAA
 Kea (handsome fella... Kaiwi's little brother)

10/21/2016 DB's Dailies: Kekoa&RK36@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi@Outrigger Canoe Club, R8HE,RL42&RW02@Makaha, Ka'ale@20Min, Kerby&Ka'ena@30Min, 10-21-16, Y/N, Kainoa,Kea,Cass&Kekoa@RI

Upon arrival at Makai Pier at 0755 I found the two member cast of the Rabbit Island cast for the day. Both were left of 2BS. Kekoa (RK72) was a piece of cake since his molt continues (20%). The other animal was a day long project. My 1040 I was reasonably sure that I had RK36, but it would not be until I looked at the shots on the computer that I could definitely see all the required markers to make an RK36 ID. His is lookin’ pretty ratty, and is due to molt in the first week of November so maybe he is scouting locations.

 At 0730 Team Billand reported RL42 at the Makaha site where R8HE has been hangin’ out. R8HE would arrive to join her at 0837.

 At 1312 Barbara advised that RW02 had now joined the cast. She reported that R8HE had reported at noon. At 1429 she reported that RW02 had also departed , leaving only RL42 at the site.

 At 1429 Barbara found Ka’ale (RH32) at the 20Min mark on the KP trail, and further on at 1512 she reported Kerby (RW08) & Ka’ena (RO40) at the 40Min mark.

 At 1633 Colleen sent photos of Kaiwi (RK96) at Outrigger Canoe Club today. Thank you Colleen !! 

At 1207 an Aliza (NOAA) text advised that Cass (RG06) had done well over night and tests & x-rays were done, and that she was now in surgery. Not 100& sure what the surgery was about so I’ll wait for a statement. Another Aliza text at 1649 advised that Cass was out of surgery & in recovery.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Mark Sullivan (NOAA) sent shots from yesterday’s Cass mission to RI. Thank You Mark !!

 Kekoa and RK36 
 RL42 and R8HE
 how can this be comfortable???
 RW02 and RL42

Thursday, October 20, 2016

10/20/2016 In Addition: Ua Maile and Holokai

Since today was a special day of 3 generations meeting up... and having it caught on film it's worth sharing as much as we can. Thank you Carola for sending in Part 2 of the Mom and Son Day.

Not often you get two butt shots of a mother and year old son
 Okay so he's a mama's boy... 
 little green machine

10/20/2016 DB's Dailies: Kekoa,Cass,Kawena,Kainoa&Kea@Rabbit Island, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, R8HE@Makaha, R5AY,Holokai&Ua Malie@Turtle Bay

As has been the case the day started with a China Walls check for Cass. There was nobody home. It turns out there was a good reason for that.

 When I arrived at Makai Pier at 0820 I found a 15% molted Kekoa (RK72) in the Morning Glory at 1BS. He would relocate to a spot fronting Right Greenery where he spent the rest of the observation period.

 Also at 0820 I found a skinny little female that would prove to be Cass (RG06). I contacted NOAA and the team readied a response. They would successfully capture Cass and transported her to IRC. Mark said she did fine on the transport, and is in a tank. Stay tuned for further info as it becomes available.

 At 1008 Kawena (RH36) hauled out to Rocky Right Beach on RI. She spent the day amongst the Kawena sized rocks.

 At 1018 Kainoa (RN04) hauled out to the far left end of the beach where he remained.

 At 1238 Kea (RN46) hauled out to join Cass. Thankfully he did not run her off since the troops were on their way to RI as he hauled out.

 Team Billand spent their entire day in the company of R8HE at Makaha. She was apparently moving around a lot but remained in the same general area. Barbara managed to get an excellent tag shot. 

Diane Gabriel had a wondrous day at Turtle Bay, from the Keiki Pool, to McKenzies & the Elbow. She and Carola got to spend quality time 3 generations of the R5AY family. A rare day. It began at 1030 with R5AY & Holokai (RG40) together. She said grandson was trying to get close but grandma was all that hot on the idea.

 At 1200 Holokai’s momma Ua Malie (RT10). R5AY would move away and momma Ua & son Holokai had a reunion, ultimately moving from the pool to McKenzies, then Ua to the Elbow. Sounded like a warm, fuzzy day!!

 Kea and Cass.... I want to say Kea is only a year older than Cass, but the size difference is pretty dramatic.  I am happy she will be getting checked out and getting some fattening food!- 
 As awful as it looks... it appears to be improving in the last couple of days.
 Tag Shot
R5AY and Grandson Holokai
 Grandma is that you?
 Grandma  what big teeth you have
 Grandma what a big bark you have
 good to see you too Grandma
 Mom Mom Mommy Ma... I just saw Grandma and she has big scary teeth
 Holokai !!  Don't talk about Tutu that way
 But Mom....