Monday, February 28, 2011

2-28-2011 DB (cont)

Live(not so live)...Local...Late (very late)Breaking...This just in, 2AW was sighted near Dillingham Airfield, in Mokuleia today. He was last seen at Ka'ena Point on 2-26-11. But DB who provided you with this late breaking news? Mystery Posse Person, thanks for the update.

2-28-2011 DB Dailies

Despite lotsa' lookin' , I did zero findin' in the SE quadrant today. It was one of those thankfully rare, "Nobody/Nowhere" days.

Fortunately, others had alittle more luck. Team Billand found RO28 at Maili Point at 0820.

I got a call from a White Plains lifeguard at 1300 advising of an animal in the Kalaeloa Campgrounds area, being harrassed by dogs. Team Billand responded, arriving at 1318, just in time to see Makaiwi entering the water , having been run off by dogs.

Dana called at 0702 with the report of an animal in Kaaawa. I have not ID confirmation as of this writing.

Dana called at 1500 with an HPD report about an animal in Kahala, at Access #135A (Kaikoo Pl). Colleen Heyer responded to that location, but found nobody there. With her native Diamond Head knowledge she decided to get creative and checked the end of Kulamanu Pl, near the Jim Nabor's house at the Black Point end of Diamond Head, and sure enough, there was Rocky, snoozin' on the beach. HPD dispatch was close , but no cigar. 5-0 woulda' gotten it right !

Dera did the Ka'ena Point trek today, and found T15M and R018 at the end of the world.

Dera came through with another interesting piece of news. At 1732 she called to say that divers had identified Kolohe, by his tags, in the water off shore of Fort DeRussy. The boy is definitely branching out. I'd last seen him at Rabbit Island on 2-26-11.

R018 @ Ka'ena Point
 T15M @ Ka'ena Point 
 RO18 @ Maili Point
 Maka'iwi heading for deeper water @ Kalaeloa Campgrounds
 Rocky at home in diamond head

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2-27-2011 DB Dailies

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island , at 0900 I found Duke snoozin' at Seal Rock Inlet. He would remain all day, and was the one and only flippered resident.

Unfortunately, there were two separate DOCARE Incidents also. A male and female in a yellow kayak visited from 1150 till 1230, landing to the left of 2BS and exploring all the way to the right end of the island. In the process they passed by Duke, twice, however it didn't appear as though they were aware of his presence. The were met, and cited, by DOCARE officer Maui, when they got back to Kaupo Beach Park.
The 2nd incident involve 2 male surfers who arrived via their white kayak, initially hiding it in the bushes, but then moving it to the left end of the beach. Ultimately, they departed the island via the kayak at 1309, and one surfed while the other paddled, at the line up. They outstayed the DOCARE work day (8-4), so Maui had to leave. They were still surfing when I departed.

At 0850 Team Billand reported Makaiwi, fronting #1701 at Nimitz Beach. She would depart at 1735. They reported Kermit , fronting 1813 at Nimitz at 1115. He remained at the end of the day.

Dera called at 0857 with a report from a DOCARE officer at Ka'ena Point today, reporting R018, logging off shore of KP. 

At 1708 I got a call from my Portlock Posse Person, Susan Lewis, asking "Who is N3"?
She and her husband had just left N3 at the end of the Kokee Flats off Hanapepe Loop at Portlock. When I got to the end of the flats I found Irma waiting for me in all her voluptuousness. She was 50 ft short of Irma's Grotto, since there were fishermen there but was snoozin' peacefully. She had not been there on my 0830 check.

 DOCARE incident on Rabbit Island
 Duke hiding from the intruders
 Irma @ Kokee Flats
 Irma putting on her momma figure.

2-27-2011 Team Billand spots Kermit and Maka'iwi

 There she is.... miss monk seal!
 Now gives new meaning to Seal Protection Zone.

2-26-2011 Kelly Girl Sits with KC @ Hau'ula

I headed out around 11:30am to canvas the North Shore beaches by bike in search of Ua Malie when Dana called to say there was a seal in Hau'ula. I hopped the bus with my bike to Hau'ula Beach Park. I arrived
around 12:30. Luckily Candy Greene had identified the seal as KC and had the crowd under control. She had said a local family who saw the seal in the morning had used sticks to circle KC to protect her. Then she had widened the zone and I'm not sure who brought the caution tape.
Later we had to widen the zone so that KC wouldn't be so restless. We explained the rule of thumb to many who visited KC and reminded everyone to please keep 150 feet away. We had a lot of little children who helped safely place the sticks to widen the area for KC. I was honored to meet the locals of Hau'ula who were naturals at protecting seals that frequent that area.
As you can see in the pictures KC has a new wound on her lower right quadrant. Looks like another cookie cutter shark bite. Although a local fisherman said that he has seen sea birds can take big chunks out the large fish that look just like that.
Do you see KC's belly....oh boy or girl for that matter? Hopefully we will see a pup soon from KC. I'm no expert but she sure does look pregnant to me.
It was an honor to see the Hawaiian Community care so much for KC. The seals sighting number was handed out to many people today. Many locals that frequent the Hau'ula beaches are very interested in becoming seal volunteers. I removed the caution tape and left KC still on the beach at 6:30pm.
Another great seal day in paradise:)
Mahalo, kelly girl

New cookie cutter wound?  Looks like it's on the mend 
 When in doubt improvise....
 KC a little rolley polley.

2-26-2011 DB Dailies

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island at 0920 I found Duke just hauling out to the water front rocks, 70 ft right of 3BS. He would remain there the rest of the day.

On a pan at 1018 I found a newly arrived Kolohe, on the water front rocks at Seal Rock Inlet. He too remained all day. 

From 1140 till 1310 I had 2 Bad Guys on Rabbit Island. They seemed to have hauled out on the seaward side of the island. I first became aware of them as the rounded the left end of the island. They explored up and into the grass area at 2BS, going as far as the rim of the cauldera 9between the rabbit's ears), and then returned to the beach and departed. They were never aware of the 2 animals at the right end of the beach. They were met at Kaupo Beach Park by a DOCARE officer.

Colleen called at 0900 with the report of Irma at Diamond Head, more or less were she was day before yesterday.

Dera called at 1115 with the report of an animal in Hauula. Dana called at 1209 to advise that it was KC.

Marilyn did the KP trek, and was stoked to find T15M, Kerby, Kiko and 2AW at the end of the world.

 Bad Guys
 and Where exactly are they going?
 Irma @ Diamond Head