Sunday, November 30, 2008

DB Post Sunday November 30th

Buster&Kolohe@RI, Kermit,Irma&Benny@WP, 2AW@Kahe, 11-30-08
The day began with Buster cruisin' in the Morning Glory, down near the 3BS, and and 1520 our boy Kolohe made another appearance at the left end of the island at 1BS.

The Billands reported Irma and Kermit once again at White Plains, and later in the day reported that Benny had made an entrance, hassling both Irma and Kermit separately.

At 1612 the reported a 95% molted, 2AW at Kahe.

I left out an interesting little tidbit of info from today's adventure. As I was driving home, I got a call from fisherman posse member , Karen. She was calling to say that at around noon, she and her husband were fishing at "Crappy Cove", at the back entrance to Sandy Beach. "We seen this small, little Monk Seal, with a box on it's back and and wire coming off". It stayed in the shallows for just a moment and then swam off in a Makapuu direction. It sure sounds like a Kolohe sighting to me. Three hours later his little bod was flopped on Rabbit Island. Aloha, DB

Photos from Barb & Rob On Saturday 11/30

KOLOHE - Sited and Resting on Rabbit Island

Hi Blog Lady,
Have much to share with you, this is another remarkable day to have experienced! First of all we did white plains with Irma and Kermit who were roped off thanks to the surfers out there. They were just fine and laying around the same general area near Life Guard Station Tower One. Next found 2AW/2AZ alone and resting nicely in a different beach spot just past the spot he was in yesterday, more towards nanakuli. He is almost pau molting at 85 to 90%. Don't know how he manages to avoid all the Kiawe Thorns around the area.

Well the real thrill for us was when we got an exciting call from DB that Kolohe was around again. I couldn't believe it and Robert and I had to go see. Db adviced us, it was not official yet, and he needed further ID. I can't tell you how extatic we were when we arrived to Makai Pier. My heart was pounding, tears were falling like a water fall. Actually, we didn't go to Makai Pier since finding Hoku on Oct. 5, 2008. I was afraid to feel the feelings of great sadness again and boy did it flow. Passing the corner we over heard the fishermen talking about a Dead Seal rang through my ears. And as I walked up the stairs I felt sick. Flashes of him that October day racing through my thoughts. I had dropped a single rose petal from my Roses, to release Hoku so he could be free. And, as I approached DB....and seeing him so happy, smiling on the Lanai with his scope...Priceless. Rob quickly set up our scope and all three of us watched in excitement if indeed that was KOLOHE. I knew it was the minute I saw DB. THis man is brilliant, he has an extradinary eagel eye for iding mammals any where any time.

Around 11:50am, DB goes....."TRANSMITTER!!! TRANSMITTER!!!" I look really carefully and INDEED, we could all see the transmitter clearly. Holy Shit!!!! Oh My GOSH!!!!! It Is KOLOHE FOLKS!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! HE IS CERTAINLY ALIVE AND WELL!!!!!!! Then KOLOHE shifts his body again....this time we can all see his BLEACH SPOT near his flipper. YES!!! That is 100% KOLOHE!!!! I tell DB..who you gonna call?????? Ya gotta tell somebody this Momentus EVENT!!!! He said...No, they'll see it in the dailys!!! Well, I went to the bathroom at Makai Pier and thought I gotta share this news, but, I want to respect DB's desition on not telling no one yet. So...I, Barbara, felt she had to call somebody and I called DB. He answers and I say...DB!!!!!!! KOLOHE IS ALIVE!!!!!! DB goes, are you callling me from the bathroom? YES!!!! And I can hear you clearly...I had to call somebody. He. He.

Well, we reluctantly had to leave. Wanted to check on a call earlier about a seal at Nimitz. They called out Dana Jones who was in town. She made it out there at Nimitz Beach near the Pavilions. She said she found Rocky. I told her we'd be coming as it was on our way home.

Upon arrival...Dana had found Rocky on shore in a tidal pool and she looked comfortable. Just the people started yelling and screaming, getting closer and closer. Dana tried to be polite and asked all the people to move back as the seal needed rest and quiet. The crowd wouldn't listen to her, nor would they listen to us. So...we called base police and they finally came to put out signs. Officer Steve Auld arrived...and all the people quickly disappeared.

So nice to have power to take care of business. Now Rocky was signed off, folks were gone. Yippppeeeee! We had to go, bid our Seal Police farewell and thanked him for all his help!!!!! Thanks to Officer Steve were great!!!!! Bid our Seal Buddie...Dana Jones farewell also. She had done good. It all worked out fine. (Sigh of relief!) So there ya have it folks....we are fortunate to have our missing seal back home at Rabbit Island with DB DUNLAP again.

Life is AWESOME!!! With Hoku we saw death and now we see KOLOHE and LIFE. It is truly amazing! Thanks KOLOHE...our Mokuleia Pup...we all missed you so much. Be safe!!

DB Post Saturday November 29th

KOLOHE@RI !!!!, Kermit&Irma@WP,2W@Kahe,Rocky@Nimitz Beach, 11-29-08
It was a spectacularly wonderful day ! The fact that Ewa Girl was still at Hanauma Bay, and Kermit & Irma were still parked at White Plains, or that 2AW was 85% molted at Kahe, are are good , but my Rabbit Island day began at 0755 with a sighting of a small, red tagged male at what I call 3rd Cave, well to the right of the RI beach area. When the animal rolled over and I saw an unmistakeable transmitter on his back, I dared to hope. It would take until 1150 to finally be 150 % sure that I was right. When that beautiful natural bleach on his left side came into view, I KNEW that it was KOLOHE !!!!!!! He has finally returned home, and my day went from good to GRRRRREAT !!!

I'd last seen him on 8-19-08, on Rabbit Island. After that the only contact was through Charles' off and on transmitter data. There had been possible, but impossible to confirm sightings on 9-13-08 with an adult animal on Moku Manu, and another possible sighting at the Mokes on 10-14-08. The only factual data however, was from the transmitter that showed that he was hanging around the Mokapu Peninsula, and Moku Manu area.

The last word had come on 11-24-08, when I heard , second hand , that his transmitter was not functioning.

Kolohe has definitely lost all or most of his "baby chub", and has a more miniature Monk Seal shape, and his coat has browned up a bit, since he is a tad over 6 months old. Aloha, DB

Saturday, November 29, 2008

DB Post Friday November 28th

Ewa Girl@HB, Kermit,Benny&Irma@WP, R2AW@Tracks,Rocky@CIP, 11-28-08
My day began with Ewa Girl , still on her left side flats at Hanauma Bay (day #3) . The 3 day , two night package is routine for her after a long absence.

Distressingly, at around 0700 I got a call from Team Billand reporting that they were amongst the INSANE Hordes who thought going to Ala Moana at 0500 was a GOOD thing to do (I'm still trying to process that), and that they had not done the SW quadrant check.

Finding no one at Rabbit Island I decided to do a SW quadrant check. At 0825 I found Kermit, Benny and Irma, all at White Plains. Benny was actively pursuing Irma in front of the lifeguard stand, and Irma was not taking any guff from this pipsqueak , punk, and was giving as good as she got. Benny being the horny , young male that he is, was trying to get her to the water, but alas, Irma wasn't goin' for dat ! Ultimately , things quieted down, and good ol' Kermit just continued to snooze, 20 ft away. I readjusted the cordon, and continued on.

Since the Billands had reported a molting 2AW at "Tracks" (Kahe Power Plant), I went there next, and sure enough, approximate 1/4 mile or so west of the Tracks parking area, therrrrrre was R2AW, rotting away, approximtely 70 % molted. He has chosen a great, out of the way spot (sure as hell better than the middle of WP ! ) to do his molt.

After a Wendy's recon with the Billands, I returned to civilization and checked a still empty Rabbit Island, and did a Spitting Cave check, and finding nothing, called it a day.

Team Billand called at 1545 to report that they had recieved a Hotline call about an animal at Barber's Point (Campbell Industrial Park). Knowing that Ewa Girl was safe and sound at HB, I put my dollar on Rocky, since I'd seen her there before. Sure enough, Barbara called at 1622 to confirm that it was , in fact, Rocky ! Aloha, DB

Friday, November 28, 2008

Belated - Happy Turkey Day

Aloha Good People!

Sorry about the technical difficulties.... my Internet crapped out on me Wednesday night and most of Thursday, and I finally was able to get through via dial-up... (yes it still exist) and let me tell you up-loading the photos is not fun. Okay I'll stop complaining now.

So did everyone catch the NOVA special on PBS... did you see volunteer Jennifer Maldonado with KC and Kolohe? Everyone has been asking for Kolohe, and truth is there hasn't been any news that I know of to report.... although I did hear something that possibly the battery on his sat-tag went ka-put.... We have to keep the faith that he is out there living the life of a healthy little monk seal...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed their loved ones (including our seals).

Thursday, November 27, 2008

DB Post ThanksGiving November 27th

RB08@RI,Ewa Girl@HB, Buster@SC, Kermit&Irma@WP, 2aw@Kahe Power Plant, 11-27-08
I hope everyone is reading this, overstuffed, and fat & happy ! The day began by finding Ewa Girl waiting for me in her usual spot at Hanauma Bay. I'm reasonably sure that she overnighted.

I would first see what would turn out to be RB08 on my first look at Rabbit Island at 0728, but it would take until 1212, when I could see her galumphing down to the water line to cool off, that I could see the RBOB scoot. She would have Rabbit Island all to herself today.

On my Spitting Cave check I found Buster doing 7 minute dives to the right of the big rock.

Team Billand once again came through with sightings of Kermit & Irma at White Plains, and later with 2AW at "Tracks", Kahe Power Plant, in response to a hotline call.

Todd White reported KC at Alii Beach Park, in Haleiwa, and Right Spot at Sunset Beach. Aloha, DB

LATE DB Post for Wednesday November 26th

Mojo,R301,Buster&RB08@RI, Kermit,Irma&Benny@WP, Ewa Girl@HB, 4DJ@Maili, 11-26-08
Whew !!! .... It was a busy little day in the Monk Seal world. The Rabbit Island cast is getting back to what it ought to be, with the boys, Mojo,Buster and R301, joined by little female, RB08.

Later in the day HB posse member , Jack, called to report what would prove to be Ewa Girl hauling out to her left side flats at Hanauma Bay.

The Billands were busy little beavers, report Irma, Kermit and Benny at White Plains at 0705.

At 1610 the reported what would turn out to be 4DJ (aka T21M...V02) at Maili Beach Park. Aloha, DB

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mark Your Calenders... 11/30th Sunday

Patrick Ching's gallery Naturally Hawaiian will having a Special Benefit for the Hawaiian Monk Seal on Sunday November 30th! Patrick will be featuring his artwork as well as introducing t-shirt and hats with his original Monk Seal design. Come by and spend the day, visit, but make sure you bring your money... Patrick has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from Monk Seal related pieces. Sunday 11/30 10 AM - 6 PM

Molokai - (Monk Seal) Keiki

Well look at what are friends from Molokai found.... okay doesn't appear there are any tags, although one looks bleached .... are there any guesses as to who these little weeners might be... ?
Thank you Molokai friends your contributions are priceless! ~donna~
After a 2 week absence my friend Diane and I headed out in pursuit of our Molokai Monk Seals. Well it must have been keiki day as we observed 5 seals all under the age of 2. Three of the 5 seals were this years Molokai crop. We had such fun watching 2 of the weaners playing in the water with the 2 year old--they would later haul out for a much needed nap!!! The other 2 seals were in deep sleep mode the whole afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving to all from your friends of the seals on Molokai.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DB Post Tuesday November 25th

R301,Mojo&Buster@RI, Kermit@WP, Irma@KCG, Rocky@Nimitz Beach, 11-25-08
It was yet another boys day on Rabbit Island. I found R301 at 3BS on my first pass at 0650. He would later be joined by Mojo, and later still, but Buster. Although they were are relatively close together the only interaction came when Buster hauled out. Mojo gave him a couple of barks, but that was the extent of the action.

The Billands had quite a day. The first call came at 1005 with the report of Kermit at White Plains. At 1046 the next call came, reporting Irma at Kalaeloa Campgrounds, and surprisingly there was a third call reporting what would prove to be Rocky hauling out to Nimitz Beach, west of the bunkers. Aloha, DB

Tune In or Set Your DVR

Aloha Good People!

In case you didn't know or forgot... Just want to remind you Tonight (Tuesday) on PBS NOVA is doing a story on the Marine Mammal Center in California... yes these are the folks that have helped out with KP2... Also during the show, they did some filming this spring and our very own Kolohe & KC will be part of the show....

I am sure we all will find this interesting... but I have to say I would love to have our very own Marine Mammal Center here on Oahu!


Monday, November 24, 2008

DB Post Monday November 24th

Mojo,RIP&R301@RI, Kermit&Irma@WP, 11-24-08
The Rabbit Island cast was the same as yesterday. Mojo, with his natural bleach on the top of his head clearly visible, was at the 2nd Blue Sign (2BS) all day, while RP and R301 were at the 3rd Blue Sign (3BS).

The Billands reported Kermit and Irma at White Plains. Aloha, DB

DB Post Sunday November 23rd

(so sorry... I had internet problems last night and of course it crapped out just as I was posting... I couldn't get back in to verify until this morning.)
It's been a while since I had a cast of characters on Rabbit Island. I was happy to see Mojo waiting for me at 0905 on my second RI check. I'd last seen him on 11-14-08. At 1028 RIP hauled out to 3BS. I'd last seen him on 11-18-08. Right behind him came R301, whom I hadn't seen since 11-3-08. It was nice to have all the boys back again.

Team Billand called at 0938 with the daily Irma report at White Plains. They checked in again at 1037 with Kermit at Kalaeloa Campgrounds. Aloha, DB

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DB Post Saturday November 22nd

Kermit & Irma Shots from Team Billand, 11-22-08
Did we all have fun on this dismal Saturday ? I actually did a modified first round check (no Spitting Cave), and found nobody. Rabbit Island was totally invisible from Oahu in the morning. I did sneak out between 1330 and 1400, and took a look during a lull, and confirmed that , once again there was nobody home at Rabbit Island .

The Billands checked in 0810 with a Kermit report at White Plains, and at 0830 with Irma at the Last Bench at Kalaeloa Campground. Aloha, DB

The Billand's Ark finally arrived back home and these photos have arrived. Kermit and Irma had the beach pretty much to themselves. Aloha, DB

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Need to Raise Money for Monk Seal Pup Care

What can you do to help an orphaned monk seal pup?
Help pay for KP2's care, food, and satellite tag ~
Write a check to:
The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation
write in the memo: Monk seal project
Mail Check TO:
Mauna Kea Galleries
2005 s King St
Honolulu, HI 96826

Meet KP2 (Kauai Pup)... he was abandon by his mom and in captive care since the day he was born. There are many dedicated professionals and volunteers looking after him. KP is about 6 months old and getting stronger each day... KP needs your help! As part of his rehabilitation and release into the wild it is important he be monitored to ensure his health and ability to survive. So please donate whatever amount you can (big or small) to help cover the expense of the satellite tag and care. I would like to thank the volunteers from the Marine Mammal Center in California, to our very own here on Oahu, for the endless hours of looking after this amazing animal. ~donna~

Friday, November 21, 2008

KC out on Halloween

Did you know that "KC" name is Kaaawa Critter? Thanks to Aunty Sharon's friends here she is on Halloween.
I got photos from Sharon Cosma today, which some friends of hers took in Kaaawa on 10-31-08. It is KC (Kaaawa Critter). Interestingly enough the shot with the rock wall in the background was meaningful to me because on 2-18-05, I met and named KC at the far end of that rock wall. That sighting was the first on Oahu, though she had been seen on Kauai in 03 and 04. Most of you know her as the mother of Kolohe (RW22). Aloha, DB

DB Post Friday November 21st

Buster@SC, Irma@WP, Kermit@Nimitz Beach, 11-21-08
It was another zero day at Rabbit Island, but I did at least find Buster doing 12 minute dives at Spitting Cave in the morning. I rechecked in the afternoon, but he was no longer there. I also checked Kokee hoping he might have hauled out there, but alas, I found nobody.

Tracy called at 0925 with the report of Irma at White Plains. The Billands confirmed the ID at 1240.

The Billands also reported Kermit on the Barber's Point side of the Nimitz Beach Jetty, at 1255. Aloha, DB

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DB Post Thursday November 20th

Irma@Kalaeloa Campgrounds, 11-20-08
I'm sorry to say that the SE quadrant was once again certified Monk Seal free today. There must be a heck of a tako party somewhere ???

The Billands called at 1018 to report that Irma had FINALLY left White Plains Beach, after a 20 consecutive day stay. It wasn't too drastic a move however. They found her at Kalaeloa Campgrounds, a couple of hundred yds west of the White Plains perimeter fence. The lifeguards were stoked to finally have her off their beach, but they know all to well, that she'll be back !!

I recieved a photo from Dave Au, who works on campus with my wife, taken at Ka'ena Point on 11-8-08, showing two animals . The larger on is Ka'ena, and his little buddy can really only be Kerby.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DB Post Wednesday November 19th

Irma@White Plains, Kermit@Kalaeloa, 11-19-08
It was one of those , thankfully rare days with no Rabbit Island critters, nor anyone else in the SE quadrant. I was at the pier until noon, and did a recheck at 1800 after an afternoon commitment. The place was bare.

Speaking of bare... The Billands reported a Bare, Naked Lady at White Plains today. Irma is 100% molted. They also found Kermit at the Wind Sock on Kalaeloa Beach. Aloha, DB

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DB Post Tuesday November 18th

RIP@Rabbit Island, Irma@WP, Kermit@ Kalaeloa, 11-18-08
Once again RIP had Rabbit Island all to himself. Whitewater occasionally breaking onto the 2nd floor lanai, cut my observation day short.

Team Billand checked in at 1040 with what has become the daily Irma report at White Plains, and called again at 1057 to report Kermit at the Wind Sock, on Kalaeloa Beach. Aloha, DB