Friday, October 11, 2013

10-11-2013 Hot Line Calls And Seal Sighting

Haupu reported at Crozier Road... ( I confess i don't know where that is).... But Tia did and got these shots of Haupu.
 glad the people cleared away
Seal Reported on Moke Nui Day two - DB id Sadie on the Mokes on the 9th.... From Lesley's description there is a scar under the left front flipper which matches Right Spot.... and she was in the neighborhood too.... could be either of our gals.... don't know if any additional information can be seen from these pics
 Photo sent in from KSK posse Andy Sullivan-Haskins -thank you Andy 
 this photo submitted by the Edmunds family... Thank you Dana!

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Lesley said...

Good morning !
Crozier Rd is in Waialua
RB24 "Hauupu" first hauled out in the same location R4DF "Makaiwi" first showed up last week on her NS 2 day visit.
Thank you Judy for calling and to Tia that once again responded and sent in photos

Moku Nui @ Mokuluas seal:
- Photos taken on Thursday 10th of R016 "RightSpot" bleach N6 were sent in yesterday by the KSK team.

- We also received the photos sent in of yesterdays seal in the same location by KSK team and Dana.
Due to the position of the seal the only visible mark was a scar on the back under the LFF
Big thank you to both for calling in and for the photos.