Saturday, October 12, 2013

10-12-2013 Team Billand

Kerby @ Maili Point
 But then he makes his way to White Plains where he finds MM
 she doesn't even know or care he's there
 Don't take it personally Kerby, but a woman needs her beauty rest
 oh is someone there?

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barbara said...

Evening Just wanted to say...the seals at Plains were....M and M R020 on shore alone at first.

Later Kermit joined her for the rest of the day till 5:08pm

Our thanks to Jean and Allan for coming out to help with the seals.

Also: we found Kerby at Maili Pt on the rocks.

Next: Pohaku at Electric beach on rocks, alone.

There was a Shark Sighting as we were standing there with Kermit and M and M. We heard the SIREN blowing...saw all the many surfers come in, one after another. It was quite impressive...and the beach was closed till noon..Reopened later on.

All was good and the seals left at 5:08pm.

The Blind Lady visited with us and the seals. We helped by describing what was before her. We had a great time with her, she had many stories to share with us.