Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-23-2013 DB's Dailies : Kaiwi,Aukai,Kainoa,Kolohe&Duke@RI, Kolohe,Duke&Kainoa@MP, Irma@MB, Kekoa@RR, Kermit@NIM, Buster@WP, Pohaku@Elec.Bch, Kea@SB

The first order of business was to check Crappy Cove at 0545. Kea was gone so I picked up the stuff and continued on .
Irma was gone at Makapuu on my first check at 0600.
At 0700 I found Kaiwi (RK96) and a newly molted Aukai (RL12) together at 3BS.
At 0708 as I was watching the 3BS animals I noticed swimming heads playing in the waters off shore of 3BS. I knew there were at least 2 and I thought there might even be 3. As it turned out the 3 was correct.
At 0921 as I was doing my Makai Pier observations I became aware of 3 animals playing 200 ft off the pier breakwater. It would prove to be Kainoa (RN04), Kolohe (RW22) & Duke (RA12). The episode lasted until 1010 when they began moving off in a Rabbit Island direction. During their stay they moved into the lagoon behind the breakwater and then out again. The shots suck, but I confirmed all the ID info with binos. On my 1302 recheck of RI from the pier all three had returned to Rabbit Island. Kolohe & Duke were at 1BS and Kainoa was at 2BS.
On my 1037 recheck from on top at Makapuu Beach I just happened to stop as Irma (R010) was cruising the beach front in shallow water. At 1047 she hauled out toward the right end of the beach and I went down to cordon her off. She remains. Irma was gone when I picked up the stuff at 1900.
At 0814 Cianna called with the report of an animal fronting #1707 White Plains. The animal was apparently gone with the volunteer arrived.
At 1319 Team Billand reported Buster (RV08) fronting #1706, White Plains.
At 1326 the Billands reported Kekoa (RK72) at the Reef Runway.
At 1353 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Electric Beach.
At 1507 they found Kermit (R012) at pavilion #1813, Nimitz Cottages.

Gayle called at 1700 with the Kea call. She found him on the sewer outfall pad at the east end of Sandy Beach. We elected to just stay with him until dark, instead of putting up stuff. There was very little beach traffic so it worked just fine. Thank you Gayle.

 Irma .... staying close to papa
  Kainoa,Duke and Kolohe
 young'ens at play
 Buster Boy 
 He's pretty pleased with himself
 Kermit just chilling out
 and this is why we call him Kermit... it's not easy being green

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