Sunday, August 20, 2017

8/20/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RN14, Ka'ale (RH32), Aukai (RL12), RL42, Benny (RE74), RJ28.

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and our pal Val.  Gayle sent word she didn't see any animals today and Melody sent another photo of Rocky from yesterday to show she has put on a little weight for those who were worried.

Team Billand had a busy day, so busy that Ms. Barbara got herself a little over heated and dehydrated.... So, on behalf of all of us Barbara please be careful out there, and take care of yourself!

Team Billand worked their way through the west side and made it out to Ka'ena Point.  Their first find Ka'ale (RH32) and shortly after RN14 joined him. 

Their next find further west was Aukai, lifeguards had put signs up and reported she was there yesterday.

RL42 was spotted at the 40 minute mark as they were headed out to Ka'ena Point. Once they reached the point they found da Benny.  

Lastly out pal Val sent an unbelievable cute series of photos of RJ28 (Pohaku's silly kid).

 Ka'ale RH32
 Ka'ale and RN14
 Aukai RL12
RJ28 and his sign of the times
 I'm going to hide behind this sign, they'll never see me
 nap time 
 have to stay close to my sign
Rocky from Friday, additional photo shows she has gained some weight

Saturday, August 19, 2017

8/19/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RN14, Rocky (RH58), Kaiwi (RK96), Kawena (RH36), Right Spot (R016), RJ28 & RJ22

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Mrs. Whisper, Gayle, Melody and our pal Val with some Kauai critters.  Thank you as always for your contributions!

Team Billand combed the west side and found RN14. Upon arrival RN14 was already roped off by realtor Amy who said he had hauled out at 8 am. Apparently two young girls ran into the area and startled him and he reared up left the site at 9:23 am.

They later found RN14 hauling out at a different site on the west side. He was looking for his buddy but he ended up being the lone seal.

Melody sent photos of Rocky on the westside and reported she arrived sometime between 9 pm Friday which was the last time she checked the beach and 7:30 am which is the first she was spotted up in the foliage in Cove 7.  The hotline was called and volunteer was on site at 9 am.

Mrs. Whisperer found RK96 Kaiwi at 9:00 am on the east side at the flats. Nice to have her away from the crowds and getting some rest.  Mrs. Whisperer  spent an hour at Makai Pier this morning and found a juvenile near the seal rick inlet. She is reasonably sure it was RH36 Kawena  based on the left shoulder and what appears to ne N36. She appears to be very green.

Gayle found a U/F on the east side, she suspects it was Right Spot (R016).  I checked instagram today and in fact Right Spot was reported in that area along with Buster.  (wish we had some of those pictures).  

And lastly our pal Val sent a couple of shots of weaner cuteness. We have KP2's half brother RJ22 and Pohaku's kid RJ28.  As Val put it a couple of chubby gems!

 Little Kids....
 scared little seal (RN14)
 and I am out of here
 RN14 new location
RH58 Rocky
Kaiwi RK96
 Kawena RH36
U/F (probably Right Spot R016)
RJ22 - Ho'ailana's brother
 RJ22 - Pohaku's little boy

Friday, August 18, 2017

8/18/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Ua Malie (RT10) & PO4, Ka'ale RH32, RN14, Aukai (RL12), Pohaku (RO28) & Benny (RE74), Right Spot (R016), U/M RJ58, RJ28

Aloha good people.... Today's dailies are going to be short and sweet.  I had an extremely long day and going to have another tomorrow, so I will spare you the details and provide you with what we all love most PICTURES !!!

Our Dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Posse pals Gayle, Marilyn, Vicki and a late in the day update from our pal Val!

Ua Malie and PO4
Ka'ale RH32
Aukai RL12 - Nice to see her!
 LOL well something got her to pass on a raspberry
Barb suspects she might be the UU foraging off of Campbells the couple of days
 She's grown up... cute as ever
Life Guard setting up some sighs
Benny & Pohaku and Aukai
 Late day check.. it was a zoo other there 
Rabbit Island -  Looks like NOAA was out on the Island today.
 Right Spot and U/M
 UM might be Buster but Gayle couldn't get a positive ID
Kaimana RJ58
RJ28 - Pohaku's weaner son pointing in the right direction
Right Spot (R016) 
Ua Malie & PO4