Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1-31-2012 DB's Dailies:

It was beginning to look like another one of "them" days, a D#2 skunking, but on my 1346 recheck of Rabbit Island I found that little Nani (RK60) was home again. She had last been seen on the Mokes on 1-14-12, and her last Rabbit Island visit was on 1-12-12. She appears happy and well.

Thank you to the "elves" who scoured the SE coast on the Kaiwi Quest, with no luck again today (D#7 without a sighting). Dera's map data says she is still somewhere out here in this quadrant, but she has certainly found a new hangout spot. Of course , the quest continues.

Team Billand checked in at 0733 with the report of T15M and Kermit (R012), once again fronting #1708, White Plains. At 1215 first Sean and the Barbara called to advise that Sean had gotten a left mid body N4 bleach on Kermit, with a half girdle. Thank You Sean ! Kermit had been dubbed N4, and initially bleach on 12-2-05. In 1-28-06 he was re-bleached, but he has been without bleach again until today.

Team Billand checked in again at 1350 to report that T15M has finally begun to rot. His D#1 bleach begins in the scratch arc of his good flipper, and is 1%.
At 1300 Ocean Safety called to advise of an animal on the ewa side of the Natatorium, which is actually behind the lawn of the Aquarium. I advised Dera & Dana, and Dana reported that Liz had gone to check the animal at 1315. No ID was gotten, but photos will hopefully answer the mystery.

At 1315 Dera reported an animal at Laniakea. Dana called at 1416 to advise that R5AY had been ID'd by tag.

 2AW almost done molting
 Just want to go up and peel those last few pieces off... (not that anyone would do that).... just saying.
 Look its Kermit, it's R4DG, its' N4
 T15M hanging out at White Plains 
 This has to be a record for him... if i'm not mistaken he's only spent this kind of time at Ka'ena Point.... Okay monk seal veterans.... give me the 411.

Monday, January 30, 2012

1-30-2012 DB Dailies - Skunked for da' day!

Despite miles and miles covered by myself and the "elves" there were no critters sighted in the SE Quadrant today, from Rabbit Island to Maunalua Bay.

Team Billand called at 0715 with the report of T15M once again fronting #1708 , White Plains, with Kermit (R012) in the shallows and beginning his haul out. Both would remain there the rest of the day .

Diane Pike sent a cute shot of Duke (RA12) playing with a 10 month old male, K00 on Molokai . Tanx Eh , Diane
In the yesterday's news department volunteer Azlina Harun provided shots of KC (RK28) at Malaekahana Beach Park on Saturday, 1-28-12. Thank you Azlina & Anthony.

A glimmer of hope of not being skunked today came with a call from Whole Foods cheese-wiz & strange brew afficiando posse person Terry, at 1807 saying that she had an animal at Spitting Cave, near the ladder, which did not appear to be Kaiwi. When I arrived I found nothing. Terry said the animal had moved to the right side of the big rock, and that there may have been two critters, though she never saw two at the same time. Bottom line..... skunked for da' day!
How adorable is Duke and K00 on Molokai.... so cool. Thank you Diane!
 Our ole' Gal KC @ Malaekahana Beach Park
 Barbara sculpting away.  We need for you to sculpt something we can keep! 
 T15M aka Sharkbite and Kermit in the corner... Thankyou Clay
 When the shark bites.... okay you can't hear me singing (lucky you) 
 Kermit, sculpture and T15M
 Snoozing away
 Sculpture 1&2 - Sharkbite and Kermit (Barb you were busy)
 What a great shot ... Sharkbite
 Snoozing the day away
Ummm I don't think your doing a good job brushing those choppers.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

1-29-2012 Late Entry: Kelly Girl & Right Spot

Thank you Kelly Girl for watching over miss Right Spot today... Kelly Girl wants to know if volunteers going to be at Turtle Bay tomorrow... and pick up the signs? 

1-29-2012 DB's Dailies: Irma&RO28@SB, T15M@WP, Rocky@MI, Duke@Molokai, Ewa Girl&Kekoa@RR, Right Spot@Turtle Bay

Bodysurfer posse member Mike, called at 0623 to advise that an animal was just hauling out fronting the Pipe Littles break at Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 0630 I found Irma (R010) waiting for me. I got her cordoned off, and she has remained all day. Irma departed of her own volition at 1745.

While at Kaiwi Cove, with posse member June at 1115, Eagle Eye June saw just a snippet of a light rock, amongst the dark rocks, 150 ft east of Kaiwi Cove. She brought it to my attention and naturally we were thinkin' Kaiwi, however when I got out there it turned out to be Pohaku (RO28). She would remain there the rest of the day. Nobody had a clue she was there. June said Pohaku was still there when she departed at 1600, however she was gone when I arrived at 1630, with the rising tide.

Those were to be the only two finds in the SE Quadrant today. No Kaiwi, and no Rabbit Island critters.
Team Billand called at 0749 to report T15M, once again fronting #1708 at White Plains. A bit later they advised that White Plains Beach, and Nimitz Beach were being shut down due to a shark sighting. The shark was said to be over 10 ft.

Dana called at 1116 with the report of an animal in the trough at Magic Island. Posse member Kathy responded and called at 1307 to confirm Rocky (RH58).
Also at 1116 Diane Pike, my very most favorite Molokaite, called to advise that she once again had my boy Duke (RA12) over there. Today he was with R306 and two others.

Dana called again at 1412 to advise that Reef Runway posse member had called with the report of both Ewa Girl (RS00) and son Kekoa (RK720) 50 ft apart on the birth beach at the Reef Runway.

At 1510 Dana called again to advise that posse member Kelly Evans had found Right Spot (R016) at Right Spot's Spot, Turtle Bay.
Irma @ Sandy's 
 RO28 @  Sandy's Beach
 Here's Sharkbite... how cute is he pointing his little flipper
 Making his way up the beach.... I really love getting to see a side of him, we don't normally see. I grown to respect this old man. Thanks Team Billand for sitting with him day after day.
 SHARK!  Out of the water!!!!
 Rocky rockstar @ magic island
 A little tubby there Rocky

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1-28-2012 DB Dailies:Irma@KK, T15M@WP, Kerby@KP, U/U@Malaekahana

As usual it was lots of miles, trod and driven, but by end of day, the only pinniped in my life was Irma (R010), whom I found snoozin' in Irma's Grotto on the Kokee Flats, Portlock. She was half submerged with her head under water, lifting a nostril now and then to breathe, but that was the extent of her activity.

We found no Kaiwi, nor was there anybody on Rabbit Island once again today. A 1600 phone conversation with Dera brought news that Kaiwi appears to still be in the Kaiwi Cove / Sandy Beach area,as of last night's transmitter data, but she must have a new Naupaka bush, cause we sure didn't see her between Sandy Beach and ADs. Tomorrow ?????

Team Billand checked in at 0750 to report T15M for the 4th consecutive day, fronting #1708, White Plains. At around 1100 Kermit joined T15M within the cordon, and they have remained there the rest of the day. Thanks to Clay for being on it as usual.

Dana called at 1300 with the report of an U/U animal at Malaekahana. Awaiting photos.

It's Saturday, and that means that Missus Whisperer (Marilyn) did the Ka'ena Point trek once again. She reported humgoneous waves and a single critter. It was Kerby (RW08). He had the place all to himself (well him and a gazillion visitors). Marilyn said mostly everybody was cool, and gave him space. I always enjoy Kerby shots, since he began as a Rabbit Island boy, 3 years ago. I'm sure the Kerbys (Terri & Terry) will be stoked to see their namesake.

 Iram @ Kokee Flats
 Irma imitating a rock
 Kerby @ Ka'ena Point looking very regal 
 DB- Kerby going to be 4 in a couple of months... he's growing up so fast

 Great shot of the handsome bugger
 Where the heck are my sunglasses?