Monday, August 31, 2009

DB Post 8/31/2009 Monday

My Rabbit Island day began at 0702, when I found RIP and Buster having a spat right of the 3BS. Buster would relocate to the rubble beach at the far right end. RIP was in "cruiser mode" today, and hauled out to join every other Rabbit Island resident.

Mikala started the day in her tide pool and foraging in the surronding shallows. She hauled out right of the 3BS in the afternoon.

Duke would haul out mid morning to join Buster at the rubble beach. They remained there the rest of the day.

Kolohe hauled out left of 1BS at 1121, and would later be joined by RIP. Despite visitors they would remain there the rest of the day.

At 1315, 2 males and 1 female hauled out at the left end of the island in a blue and white outrigger canoe. Kolohe and RIP were definitely aware of them but did not depart. The bad guys left the island at 1341, and were met by DOCARE Officers upon their return to Kaupo Beach Park. Though I fail to see the justice in the decision, DOCARE gave them a warning and they were not cited. Pathetic !!!!!!

Barbara Billand, made the KP trek in the morning, and I found out late in the day that Rafe also made the trip. Both saw Ka'ena and T15M at the end of the world. Distressingly, Ka'ena seems to have sustained a partial CC scar on his chest.

Team Billand also responded to Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park, where they found Ewa Girl.

DB Post (cont)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

DB Post Sunday 8/30

On my first look at Rabbit Island , from the Makapuu Overview (MO), I found M38 doing battle with an U/U in the shallows fronting 1BS. I would never found out who the unknown was, but Buster would be high on my list. Mostly it was all mouth at 10 ft, but there were two round of definite physical contact. M38 would stay, the other animal beat flipper and no ID was possible.

Duke would haul out at 0900 for a brief break at 3BS, only to reenter the water and not be seen again until he hauled out at the rubble beach at the right end of the island at 1021, where he remained the rest of the day.

Sadie would haul out at the right end of the island at 0928. She would have some peace and quiet for a while, but M38 was in her immediate future.

On a pan at 0841 I noticed that M38 was no longer at his left end location. At 0949 he and Mikala would haul out to 3BS. Once he spied Sadie off to the right he dropped Mikala like a hot rock, and beat flipper to join Sadie. Being the Mr. Congeniality that he is , he ran Sadie into the water, but she gave him the slip for a while, hauling out just a few minutes later. Ultimately he would find her again, and would spend the rest of the day in her company, though there was no interaction.

Shortly after M38's departure, Mikala would reenter the water and I observed her foraging for small prey items in the shallows at the right end of the beach. She would haul out to the right end of the Middle Cliff (MC) area at 1122, where she spent the rest of the day.

On a pan at 1134 I found Kolohe newly hauled out fronting 1BS. He would later move to the Middle Cliff (MC) area where he spent the rest of the day.

On a pan at 1304 I found a partially visible animal on the right end rocks, at 1st Cave,which is beyond the right end of the beach. It would take some time, but ultimately the animal turned just the right way , at just the right time at 1402 and I got the Buster ID. He would remain there the rest of the day.

Live Late Breaking News (as of Saturday)

Tracy called at 1855 with grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat news !!!! Right Spot gave birth KALAUPAPA !!! Thank Youuuuuuuuuuu Right Spot !!! DB

DB Post Saturday 8/29/2009

The weaners, Mikala and Duke had lots of company through the day. Duke would spend time with his big sister Sadie, and Mikala drew interest from both RIP and M38, who as usual were in constant competition today. Kolohe tried to steer clear of RIP and M38, but he too had to endure visits from both.

Unfortunately, the critters also had to endure a visit from two male snorkelers who arrived at 1419 and departed at 1449. Of course the DOCARE call was made, and I was assured that there was an officer responding. At 1458, ten minutes after the bad guys departed the responding officer called to say that he was in Punaluu and could not get to this response prior to the end of his day in one hour, so the bad guys got away clean................again !!! Just another day in the farce that is DOCARE !!!

Team Billand called at 0928 to report that they were with Ewa Girl at Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park.

DB Post Saturday (CONT)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Aloha Volunteers,

David Schofield called today and he would like volunteers to be on extra alert for Kerby this weekend. If you spot Kerby please call David while on site at 721-5343.

Kerby was last seen at Ka'ena Point a couple of days ago (pic attached). He could also possibly haul out in Mokuleia/Waialua or Yokohama Bay.

Mahalo to all who have been out to Ka'ena to look for Kerby and to the many of you who have provided excellent documentation of his progress. Keep up the good work!

Jen Maldonado
Volunteer Coordinator

Friday, August 28, 2009

DB Post Friday 8/29

On my first look at Rabbit Island the cast for today was RIP and Sadie together and Kolohe tucked into the base of the cliff at the left end of the beach, 40 ft left of 1BS. They would all move down to cool off, and remained at that location through the entire observation period.

At 0717 I found Mikala, foraging in the shallows, 50-60 ft right of 3BS. She would haul out to the beach at 1220.

On a recheck from the Makapuu Overview (MO), at 0834,I found Duke, just as yesterday, on the left side rocks at the rubble beach at the right end. He had been totally invisible from Makai Pier (MP).

White Plains lifeguard, Bryan, called at 1229 with the report of an animal fronting the last cottage. Since the Billands were unavailable, I decided to make the SW quadrant run. When I arrived at 1337 I found Ewa Girl fronting cottage #1943. This is her first return to the SW quadrant since completing her molt at RI.

I checked the rest of the SW quadrant from KAL to CIP, but found nobody else.

Barbara Billand, Tracy,Shawn and others made the Ka'ena Point trek on Operation Kerby, and found Ka'ena, T15M, and BG, but alas, no Kerby. BG is 100% molted, and Ka'ena got a new N9 bleach.

News from Molokai Friday 8/29

Wow, just had to share the big find for today. Making our way back to the car from our trek to Laau Pt we found this little gem at KauPoa beach... This is RA02-03. Male seal born at Kalaupapa this spring. He has ventured Kalaupapa around Ilio Pt and is headed for Laau Pt. We have decided to give him a name----from now on he will be known as Anders or nickname--Andy!!! Diane named him after her young grandson-Anders.
He looked so sweet and innocent just soaking up all the sunshine. Attached are a couple photos.Diane and I were at Kalaupapa earlier this summer when he got his flipper bling!! Now we will wait and see when some of the other A's start showing up in our trek area!!!
twas a fun day on Molokai watching seals.......................

fondly, val :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

DB Post Thursday 8/28

On my first look at Rabbit Island , from the Makapuu Overview (MO), I could see Duke, with his N18 bleach clearly visible, out on the water front rocks, right of 3BS.

When I got down to Makai Pier (MP), I could see Mikala floating in her favorite tide pool, right of 3BS. She would later haul out to the beach at that location and cruise there the rest of the day.

On my 0744, Spitting Cave check I found Buster doing consistent 8 minute dives.

When I got back to MP at 0958 I found that M38 had hauled out to the left end of the beach. He would remain there until 1044,when he departed, and I did not see him again today.

At 1053 Kolohe hauled out to the left end of the beach, 30 ft left of 1BS. He would remain there all day.

At 1059, Sadie hauled out the the far left end of the beach, where she remained the rest of the day.

Ever since I got back to MP at 0958 I had been constantly searching for Duke. I never found him, but my substantial gut told me that he was probably hiding behind the left side rocks of the rubble beach at the far right end. I relocated to Makapuu Overview from 1400 to 1500, and sure enough there was Duke flopped flat on his back on the rocks at the rubble beach, clearly visible from MO, but totally invisible from the pier.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DB Post Wednesay 8/26

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0642 I found Kolohe just left of 1BS at the left end of the island. He would move down and enter the water at 0656, but would return in the afternoon.

On my 0848 look at Rabbit Island I found Duke and Mikala playing together in their favorite tide pool, right of 3BS. Mikala would haul out at that location at 0922, but it took until 1152 to finally find Duke hauling out at the left end of the beach.

At 1228, Kolohe returned, hauling out to join Duke at the left end. They played a bit on the beach, and entered the water together at 1316. I was able to observe their entire swim/play session fronting their entry point. They hauled out together at 1347, but reentered the water again at 1408 for another session. At 1429 Kolohe hauled out 40 ft left of 1BS, and at 1444 Duke hauled out 80 ft left of 1BS. All were in snooze mode when I departed the pier at 1500.