Sunday, October 6, 2013

10-6-2013 Maka'iwi Update

Well here's our girl... she's looking better and better.... but for sure this is going to be a nasty scar on that beautiful creature.
 normally i would think this is pretty nasty... but after seeing how bad it was.... this is fantastic!
 a few backs she was looking green and lumpy like the rocks in the background.... (just saying)
 Sleep well Maka'iwi ... 

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barbara said...

Thank heavens, Makaiwi was found again yesterday at Maili, doing super good. She never moved at all, but she is getting alot of REST. We took care of her from 3pm to 4:30, then HAD TO LEAVE HER,as I couldnt get anyone to stay with her.

Got to Plains, M and M was gone, dont know why or when she left.

Back to Maili to take care of Makaiwi and waited till the sun set, making sure no one would go up to her. Sun had set it was awesome with her there, glistening in the light of the sun. We bid her farewell...wonder where she will go NEXT. In the years with her, she would go to Plains alot..if SHE GOES THERE, WE'LL BE THERE TOO.

Oh and thanks to the one volunteer that came with us at Rest Camp Waianae, The Brave Warrior...DEBBIE. We all sat there with Miss Haupu from 11 am to 2pm..We had to move on, Deb stayed with Haupu..she would call to say Haupu left around 2:50pm.

And thanks to the lifeguards that taped off Haupu...they gave her the best resting perimeter ever. I love it when folks care enough about our seals and give them the zone that is needed.

Time to get ready for the search with Makaiwi..seal ya, B