Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Important NOTICE !!

The Monk Seal Foundation has put the following bulletin on facebook and I thought it was equally as important to post here....
IMPORTANT ALERT: On all islands, people should continue to call the regular hotlines to report monk seal sightings. The response network will continue to operate to the best of it's ability thanks to a patchwork of NGOs, contractors, and volunteers. NOAA has been forced to shutdown portions of their website so please keep these numbers for reference. (Oahu: (808) 220-7802
Kauai: (808) 651-7668, Molokai: (808) 553-5555
Maui & Lanai: (808) 292-2372 Island of Hawaii: East: (808) 756-5961 West: (808) 987-0765 and for emergencies please call the 24Hr Toll-free Marine Mammal Emergency Hotline (1-888-256-9840)

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