Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10-8-2013 Posse Members on the East Side

A little extra help on the east side from Ko'Olina Diane ....

Dude being a complete... asshat... would it really kill you to stand a little further down
 More asshats 
 Wonder what would have happened if he slipped.... People are so ignorant 
 Well something to be said the older seals can take care of themselves... the danger is the younger ones don't know enough to be cautious nor are they scary enough if they rear up

 Bleach N46 little Kea... okay I truly beleive the bleach numbers is one the most valuable tools used here on the main Hawaiian island to ID the seals and makes it really easy from a distance.... But if there is one seal that is pretty easy to ID.... it's this little weaner.


barbara said...

What is wrong with that couple at Kea?????? That man should not be hanging over the poor pup!!!

That man should be delt with!!! Our seals are PROTECTED BY STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS!!!

He could be turned into his commanding officer, cant he???

Those shots are good ID shots of the guy and his wife WITH THE SEAL.

Look at his tattos!!!!! I say...BOOK EM DANNO!!!! Shame on this man and his wife...what were they trying to do?????

Poor Kea, so young and already humans are interfering with his life. Seals..they are targets..PERIOD. PROTECTED????? Hmmmm.

madhatter said...

Since there are 11 Military Bases in Hawaii, it would helpful if during the soldiers time that they are processed into their unit-they would also learn about the Monk Seals and that they are protected by State and Federal Laws and that they can get into trouble by getting too close and bothering the seals. Maybe then some of the soldiers or family members wouldn't approach them and learn to respect the Monk Seals. But then you would still have certain ones taking pictures. I think a lot of people just don't know anything about the Seals and want to get pictures since they are so cute and innocent looking.But still no excuse for them to do this.
I didn't know that Kea being so young would molt already,I think that's what I saw.