Saturday, September 30, 2017

9/30/2017 Monk Seal Ohana News !

Aloha Good People; Here is announcement from Dana Jones, exciting news! Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Aloha Monk Seal ‘Ohana,

This note is to inform you about a new monk seal program.  The goal of the Hawaiian Monk Seal Preservation ‘Ohana is to provide an alternative outlet to help our seals and allow concerned and highly trained volunteers the opportunity to continue their efforts on O’ahu.   We hope to provide a happy and informative environment for those who want to be involved in the recovery of this special species, wherever their interests may lie as volunteers.

Over the past decade, a number of people have worked diligently to preserve both the species and the family of volunteers that have done so much.  We are happy to announce that we have formed a partnership with Conservation Council for Hawai’i.

We will be continuing our work as a partner with this 67 year old 501 (c)3 and are grateful for their open hearts and Aloha spirit in welcoming us.  By preserving our decade long program within O’ahu’s educational system and our volunteer outreach program, we look forward to working with CCH and continue to present a long trusted curriculum and culturally sensitive outreach initiative here on O’ahu.   We will continue to nurture and support our local community programs through our long standing relationships with legislative leaders, City Council members, and local boards within our Ahupua’a.

Our goals will be to continue the efforts that were established by the Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team of O’ahu (HMSRTO) and the Monk Seal Foundation (MSF) volunteers.  With the historical and institutional knowledge available through our teachers and volunteers, we will continue to preserve the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal species.   The grassroots efforts, on behalf of so many who have given so much to save this species, will continue with HMSPO.  We will welcome anyone to the program with good hearts who embrace the mutual goal of preserving the history and awareness of this species.

We look forward to our continued relationship with our long-standing partners throughout the State of Hawai’i, Federal, State and local government.  We are very excited to be working with Marjorie Ziegler and Jonee Peters in this joint effort to save this species.

Mahalo nui loa to all for your continued support and volunteer spirit.

Marjorie Ziegler ~Dana Jones ~ Kathy Brown ~ Gail Szul

9/30/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Pohaku (RO28), Kekoa (RK72), Ka'ena (RO40), Rabbit Island Critters, and Right Spot (R016)

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Mrs. Whisperer and Posse Pal Gayle.  Based on comments from both Marilyn and Team Billand there were few animals out and about today, maybe they were having a secret seal meeting, it could happen :-)

Mrs. Whisperer hiked out to Ka'ena Point today with Diane. They did a quick stop at birth beach and found no one. They made their way out to the point and found not one seal on the way or there. Just as they were preparing to leave at 9:55 am for the hike back, Marilyn saw a seal come into the main pool at Ka'ena Point. And then the seal turned around and headed out to the east. They followed him and the seal hauled out to the entrance of the Ka'ena Pool. It was Ka'ena ID'd by his dorsal pit scar, N9 bleach, the line scare on his RFF, his chest scare, male belly and chipped "O" tag. Upon arrival Ka'ena immediately rolled on his side to snooze.

At 5:15am Team Billand found Pohaku at Paradise Cove.  Team Billand is dealing with the awful traffic situation on the west side, and yet they are still out there at the crack of dawn. When they found Pohaku she was sleeping at the Naupaka. Even in the dark there were folks up and about, and Team Billand did their best to answer questions and had some fun with the visitors.  At 8:15 am a volunteer arrived on scene, and Team Billand left at 9:00 am.

Team Billand's next find was Keko Alii at Maili, he was alone and in a deep sleep on the rocks.  Team Billands stay low key as to not draw attention to him. Due to the traffic situation they didn't hit all their usual spots. 

Posse Pal Gayle was checking on Rabbit Island today. Pictures were not very good due to vog and heavy rain this afternoon. The two photos show a bad guy out there, but when Gayle noticed, he was apparently on his way off the island.  Gayle's other find was Right Spot was seen early this morning at the keiki pool, but she moved forward toward road. Right Spot departed at 18:15 tonight.

Pohaku RO28
 crunches and rolls
 Kekoa Alii RK72 
 Rabbit Island 
 Miss Right Spot
 Ka'ena RO40

9/29/2017 Monk Seal Dailies:

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Posse Pal Gayle and Posse Pal Tammy. (welcome home Tammy, you were missed).

Team Billand found da Benny RE74 at 5:30 am at Paradise Cove. He was up on shore, left corner of the Lagoon. It was still dark out there and he left the site at 5:52am.  They didn't see him for the rest of the day.

At 7:24am they found Pohaku RO28 at Maili Beach Park on shore and alert. There were a couple of fish by her, without knowing for sure it appears someone tried to give her some food. She did not eat it, she sniffed at it but never put it in her mouth. Team Billand called the hotline and them know there were people in the area. At 8:45 am volunteer arrived, and Team Billand departed at 9am. On an afternoon drive by they did not see signs or Pohaku, but never heard anything more.

Team Billand's next find was at Maili where they first found Kekoa Alii RK72 at 9:07am. He was on the lower rocks, alone sleeping. He left the site at 9:27am.  At 9:40am RIP RR70 came onto the scene, he hauled up on the lower rocks. THEN, at 9:55am Kekoa returned to Maili. Kekoa wanted to haul out near RIP, but RIP wasn't having it. In the end Kekoa's persistence paid off he hauled out and got comfortable. On their 2:00pm recheck both boys were still there together, peacefully.

Barbara decided to take a short walk to 30 min beach, and it paid off. At 12:15pm she found RW02 resting on his side below the cliffs. He was ID'd by his tags. It's been a while since RW02 was seen, he looks healthy and good weight.

Posse Pal Tammy is back on island (yea!) she did a solo hike out to Ka'ena Poimt and found BG at 10 minute beach. Tammy hiked out to the end and hung out for about 90 minutes but no other seals came out to play.

Posse Pal Gayle found 3 critters on Rabbit Island today. One critter was hiding in the bushes and she was able to find it by following the trail leading up to the bushes. Good job Gayle!  Since today was overcast it was hard to get any good photos to ID the critters. 

da Benny
Kekoa & RIP
and then they rest peacefully.
 BG R303
Rabbit Island Critters
 trail leading up to seal hiding in the bushes

Thursday, September 28, 2017

9/28/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Pohaku, RIP, Kekoa Alii, and Right Spot.

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Posse Pal Gayle and Team Billand. 

Team Billand found Pohaku RO28 at 6:09 am between Lanis and Paradise Cove.  When they arrived there were many footprints and paw prints around her, hopefully all occurred before Pohaku arrived.
They put out three signs, when Pohaku suddenly looked towards the water and left the scene. Barb headed for Paradise cove and Pohaku came through the channel and galumphed onto the rocks. They then replaced signs across paradise cove side, educated lots of interested folks.  

HERE is one of those AHA moments, I personally love when these experiences happen.  Two of the folks had a picture of two seals, Barb informed them that's Pohaku and Benny at Secrets from another day. Then they showed her a picture of "her" (Barbara) from Japan. Turns out Team Billand had educated a Japanese visitor who had spent four days, the woman posted Barbara's picture from years ago.  
Another fun tidbit from Pohaku is she made a friend today... well maybe not exactly a friend but this bird was wanting to hang out with her.

Team Billands next find if the day Kekoa Alii at Maili, He was alone, nice and fat. At 9:15 he galumphed into the water , swam around to the left side looking for a friend but no luck. 10:28 am Kekoa swam out to sea, not to be seen again. 

At 10:40 am Team Billand spots another seal came in to lower rocks and he was ID'd as RIP RR70, by his tag, a ding on his mid back and big body getting green. He stayed through waves slapping over him. On a recheck at 2 pm he was still there sleeping in the same spot. 

Posse Pal Gayle found Right Spot (RO16) playing in the keiki pool this morning, but around 12:15 she decided to move to another location on the same beach.

Pohaku RO28 & friend
 this is what i came for
 Kekoa RK72 
 RIP RR70 
 Right Spot Ro16 enjoying her pool