Friday, October 25, 2013

10-25-2013 RB24 Hauupu Molt

Last night I contacted Kimo Lymann to let him know diane & I didn't see RN58 "Luana" on our afternoon check. He told me he would let me know in the morning if he found her. @ 8:30 AM Kimo reported that he had combed the area and did not see her.

From his house Kimo can see all the come and go around bb Mokuleia. He goes down every morning to walk the beach and has enjoyed watching RN58 "Luana" growing. His daughters also walk the beach often. 

A BIG Mahalo to Kimo and family - and also for taking their dogs for walks up the mountain instead of on their favorite beach. When they do get to go to the beach they have been on Camp Erdman side 

@ 10:00 AM Tia checked on RB24 "Haupu", she was back @ yesterdays location and her molt is going well
Tia also went and look for RI37 but didn't find any traces.

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