Monday, October 28, 2013

10/28/2013 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Kainoa,Kolohe,Kaiwi&Duke@RI, Irma@ WP&EB, Kermit@WP

On my first look at Rabbit Island , from the Makapuu Overview at 0912 I could see multiple "swimming heads" all playing together off shore of Left Greenery.
When I got to Makai Pier at 1028 the cast was all in a little gang on the beach at Left Greenery. They were, Aukai (RL12), Kainoa (RN04), Kolohe (RW22), Kaiwi (RK96)& Duke (RA12).
That would prove to be the SE quadrant cast. It was another no Kea day.
Team Billand called at 0828 with the report of Irma (R010) fronting #1707, White Plains.
The Billands reported Irma near Access 187 in Ewa Beach at 1454.
At 0925 they advised that Kermit (R012) had hauled out to join Irma.
Kermit would depart at 0940, and Irma left at 1013. The Billands trailed Kermit through his cruiser male travels up and down the coast. After checking Nimitz Cove, #1813 & Wind Sock he finally stopped at his starting point for the day, fronting #1708, White Plains.

Karen Turner reported Kaikaina at the elbow, Turtle Bay. Thanks Karen for the shots!

 The Rabbit Island gang... Aukai, Kainoa, Kaiwi, Duke
 Oh and here's lover boy Kermit....
 will he get into the good graces of Irma
 Kermit... not today
 What's that in the water?
 Just little ole Kermit
 not so little really.... this young girl is very brave
 and I can't tell if these kids are excited or running for their life
 Hi Robert!

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barbara said...

We been trying to protect Miss Irma and Kermit the past few days. They keep moving around and people will run after Kermit lately and that worries me.

I know since coming home he is in CRUIZER MODE, and he dont stay long in one spot.

He finds Irma, he looks at her with his beady eyes, stays no more than 30 min. THEN HE ROLLS AWAY, going up and down the coast line. Its hot tough work keeping track of him. But oh I love to see where the heck he is going????

Miss Irma seems thinner, but pretty and she dont stay long on shore either. We were with both seals, in one perimeter, we were relieved and happy Kermit was with her...BUT THEY BOTH MOVED ON.

Miss IRma went to Ewa BEACH around 3pm..Kermit may have been there, as the lady reported seeing two seals. But one was just in the water, lurking, rolling on shore...GOT TO BE...KERMIT.

Where is Benny again, I know he is ready to MOLT? He is some where and we just cant seem to find him...AGAIN.

I hear nothing about 2AW at all, I am concerned about him too. He is an old awesome one I grew to care about through the years.

What is up with Pohaku????? Last we saw of her, she was at her favorite site, KoOlina Secrets. Is no one reporting her haul outs??? She was a regular at Secrets. Hmmmm. I hope she is OK.

Where is Kea????? Hope he is just hiding really good in some rocks. Maybe today, DB will find him...good luck and prayers.