Friday, February 29, 2008

DB Post Friday February 29th

Irma@ Sandy Beach, Kermit @ White Plains & Buster & RIP at Spitting Cave,, 2-29-08

The Rabbit Island crew was down to two today, Sadie and Temp 403. I found Irma waiting for me this morning atd 0630 on the main beach at Sandy Beach, fronting the Pipe Littles break. She has remained there all day. I just left her, and will return at dusk and await her departure. When she popped up at Diamond Head on Wednesday, I knew the other shoe would drop, and it did. How longs she decides to remain on this side, only Irma knows.

I spent time this morning with Buster, who was feeding at Spitting Cave. To my surprise, when I checked my usual sites (Monk Seal CIA), I found video from one of the dive tour groups from today at Spitting Cave. Lo and Behold RIP showed up after I left. It's difficult to see but if you look closely,(and often enough) you'll get a glimpse of RIP's dorsal transmitter scar (a black spot on his back) , while they are playing.

The Billands were worth their weight in manapua again today. They confirmed Kermit at White Plains. Aloha, DB

DB Post Thursday February 28th

Benny @ Kalaeloa Campgrounds, R018@ Makaha,, 2-28-08
The Rabbit Island cast was Buster, Sadie, RIP & Temp 403.

I found Benny (a 5 yr old male) at the Kalaeloa Campgrounds, just 150 yds to the west of the western White Plains perimeter fence.

The Billands responded to an animal at Makaha Beach which appears to be R018 (an older male), and also went to Maili Beach later, for an animal. Unfortunately, the animal departed before any good ID info could be gained. Aloha, DB

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DB Post Wednesday February 27th

Rocky @ Hanauma Bay,
Irma@ Diamond Head,,, 2-27-08

The Rabbit Island mob was RB08, Buster, Mojo, and an U/U.

Rocky was at Hanauma Bay for her 3rd consecutive day. Ethel reported her departure at 1119.

Shawn called around 1030 to report an animal at Diamond Head. It would prove to be Irma (N3). She had last been seen at White Plains on 2-23-08. It looks like she might be hanging out on this side. Tomorrow ?????? Posse member Colleen called at around 1600 to report that she was gone. No exact time of departure is known. During her DH stay she encountered at least one idiot and his dog. Aloha, DB

A peaceful Irma

Passer-by w/dog a little too close


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DB Post Tuesday February 26th

Rocky@ Hanauma Bay, Kermit@ White Plains & 2AW@ Campbell Industrial Park,, 2-26-08

The Rabbit Island gang were RIP, Mojo, Buster, Sadie & Temp 403.

I found Rocky (but no RIP), on the same left side flats where I'd left her yesterday. She remained there all day.

The Billands were out and on it today, finding Kermit beyond the left end perimeter fence at White Plains, and then trekking off to Campbell Industrial Park, on an Ewa Girl quest, which turned out NOT to be Ewa Girl, but instead was 2AW. Thank You Billands ! Aloha, DB

Monday, February 25, 2008

DB Post February 25th Monday

Rocky&RIP@ Hanauma Bay, Ewa Girl@ Iroquois Point, Kermit@ Ewa Beach,, 2-25-08

The Rabbit Island cast was RB08, Sadie, Mojo, and Temp403.

Betty called from Hanauma Bay at 1007 reporting two animals. They would prove to be Rocky and RIP.

I got shots of Ewa Girl at Iroquois Point today. Since she'd returned to Hanauma Bay on the 22nd and 23rd I thought the SW quadrant stuff was temorary insanity......... Wrong !.........again !! Fat Chicks are impossible to figure out !!!

I also got shots of Kermit at Oneula Place in Ewa Beach today. Aloha, DB
Kermit at Ewa Beach
Ewa Girl at Iroquois Point

Rocky & Rip Hanauma Bay

RIP - Male born 2003 on Rabbit Island
Flipper Tag Left-R70 Right-R71
Rocky & RIP hanging out on Hanauma Bay

DB Post Sunday February 24th

Chester@ Wailupe, 2-24-08

It was a thoroughly junk day out there today. The only animal I actually saw was Buster, feeding at Spitting Cave.

The highlight of the day, however, was a call from Tracy at 0812 reporting that our boy Chester was on the beach just west of Wailupe Beach Park, off Kalanianiole Hwy. She had already put up signs. I went down to check on him, but he had departed. According to witnesses he may have been stressed by beach walkers, and briefly hauled out at the beach park, but departed again. I checked all the beaches in the area, and also checked Kokee, and rechecked Spitting Cave, but never found the guy. Aloha, DB

Sunday, February 24, 2008

DB Post February 23rd Saturday

Ewa Girl @ Hanauma Bay, Kermit & Irma @ White Plains, 2AW @ Kahe Power Plant,, 2-23-08
The Rabbit Island crew was RB08, Sadie, RIP, and an Unknown , red tagged male that I could not ID.

Ewa Girl had overnighted at Hanauma Bay, and I had a chance to check on her new bleach. Her new N2 bleach was clearly visible from the overview.

I found Kermit and Irma at White Plains today.

The Billands found 2AW near the Kahe Power Plant, and Colleen Heyer found Rocky at Diamond Head . Aloha, DB

DB Post Friday February 22nd

Ewa Girl@ Hanauma Bay, Irma @ White Plains ,, 2-22-08

The Rabbit Island cast was RIP and Buster. Ewa Girl made a grand entrance back at her usual haunt on the left side rock flats of Hanauma Bay. She had last been there on 1-12-08, 40 days and 40 nights ago. Since then she has been sighted at Rabbit Island, Iroquois Point, White Plains and Campbell Industrial Park. That last sighting had been on 2-13-08. Since then nothing , until today. Tracy gave her a brand new N2 bleach today.

I received word that R5AY had been in Kaaawa today, and that Irma was at White Plains Beach as of 1440. I also received word of a possible Benny at Maili Beach Park, but have not received photos as of this writing. Aloha, DB

Ewa Girl gets her "N2"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

DB Post February 21st

Rocky & Temp 403@ Spitting Cave, Rocky@Toilet Bowl (Hanauma Bay)
The Rabbit Island cast was Temp 403 and RIP.

At 0836 I found Rocky and Temp 403 foraging at Spitting Cave. They were still there when I departed at 0945.When I got to Makai Pier to check Rabbit Island at 1236 I found what would turn out to be Temp 403 just arriving at RI.

At 1425 I got a call from Hanauma Bay, reporting an animal at Toilet Bowl. When I arrived at 1444 I found Rocky. Aloha, DB

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DB Post February 20th

The Rabbit Island cast was RIP, Buster, and Temp 403. Tracy called this afternoon to advise that Jim Brown had seen Irma (N3) on Kalaeloa Beach, at the curve just after the campgrounds, and just before the windsock.

I did a thorough check of Diamond Head, from Beach Rd. to Black Point, and found nobody.

At 1641 Martha from Hanauma Bay called to advise that there was an animal at Toilet Bowl. My immediate thought was that it was probably Rocky, since I hadn't seen her at DH, and at 1700 , just as I suspected, therrrrrrre was Rocky at Toilet Bowl. Aloha, DB

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DB Post February 19th

Chester @ Iroquois Point, Irma @ White Plains,, 2-19-08
The Rabbit Island crew was RB08, Sadie, Buster, Temp 403 and RIP.
Chester moved all of 2 miles east from yesterday's Ewa Beach location, and spent the day at Iroquois Point today. Irma was at White Plains all day, down in front of the cottages.
Aloha, DB

Chester in a familar pose... Look at the right corner in water...
Is it a playmate?

Chester looking a little more fit.

Irma with an audience.... Resting without a care in the world.

Monday, February 18, 2008

DB Post Monday February 18th

2AW & Kermit @ White Plains, Chester @ Ewa Beach,, 2-18-08

The Rabbit Island cast for today was RB08, Temp 403, RIP, Mojo & Buster.
I did a SW quadrant check, and with help from the Billands and Mary Jay, found 2AW at the last cottage at White Plains Beach, and good ol' baggy Chester in Ewa Beach. According to witnesses Chester hauled out at around 1500 yesterday and overnighted. He departed the beach at 1215 this afternoon. Tomorrow ????????

Late in the day I got word from the White Plains lifeguards that Kermit was on their beach , near the east end perimeter fence. They were having crowd control problems and asked that I call DOCARE for them. There was no DOCARE response. Aloha, DB