Sunday, October 13, 2013

10-13-13 DB' Dailies:

The first order of business was to check Sandy Beach at 0530. Buster was gone. I picked up the signs and continued the adventure.
At 0600 I found a 50% molted Irma (R010) waiting for me at Makapuu Beach.
On my 1030 Rabbit Island check I found Duke (RA12)& Aukai (RL12) together at Right Middle Cliff, on RI. I also found Kolohe (RW22) at Rocky Right Beach.
The Kea Quest had gone on all day as usual. At 1244 I found Kea (RN46) doing 5 minute dives at Blowhole. I saw 3 ups and then lost him.
At 1449 Cianna called with a report of "N46" hauling out the cove at SB. When I arrived at 1454 I found Kea at the east end of the cove and cordoned him off. Kea was still there at dark.
Team Billand called at 0733 with the report of Kermit (R012) fronting #1708, White Plains. They would call again at 1100 to advise that Kermit decided to relocate to #1706.
Cianna called at 0936 with a report of "N6" (Right Spot , R016 a Moku Nui. Posse member Ilana called at 1000 with the same info.
At 1653 Team Billand reported Kerby (RW08) at Maili Point.

Tracy and I had a interesting phone conversation this afternoon. Think back to the 10-11 blog, wherein I stated that I’d found RI20) at Crappy Cove. As it turns out that was in error. Tracy advised that it could not be RI19 since the animal was dead. She had managed to find an identical tag shot and confirmed that it was in fact RI26, a female from the Big Island. That alone was an interesting factoid, but the story got even more interesting. Lo & Behold she is the Mom of RN02 , the little nipper that has been in the news of late, on the Big Island. Tracy also advised that her pup has been relocated. I love these little tidbits.... in our little seal world.
Just as a side note.... a friend of mine was surfing this morning near Irma's said he saw a seal get chased off the beach by a dog... and the seal swam past him... gave him a couple of looks circled around and then was gone.  No information other than he said it was really big.

 Irma almost ready to show off her new coat
 Beautiful shot of Rabbit Island oh and Irma too. 
 Kea at Blow hole... wonder if he'll find his big sister soon 
 Kea at Crappy cove
 Kermit at White Plains
 splish splash
 whos' there?
 back to splishing and a splashing
 Kerby at Maili


barbara said...

Well, all was going good yesterday at the Plains, folks gave Kermit his space to rest all day long. Then at 3:30pm a local male, crosses into the zone, kermit close to waters edge. We watched the man, he went into the middle of zone, then went in front of seal, for a dip into the water. He kept looking at us, LIKE: WHAT YOU GOING DO? WEll we thought about it for a second, went over to the edge of the zone, calling the man over, flagging him to MOVE OUT OF SEALS SPACE.

He just sat in the water, so I flagged my arms again.

The guy came over with an attitude, and we knew, this was a red zone human.

The man comes over, WHAT?

I say, Oh thanks for getting out of the zone. He goes..FOR WHAT? Well we are protecting our seal.

He goes, "PROTECTING HIM FROM WHAT?" Voice getting LOUDER. I said, he is an endangered animal.


We are protecting the seal from being disturbed, so it can rest.

OH I wasnt going EAT HIM.

I know that, I hope you arent as there isnt many Monk Seals left.

Rob comes, asks, WHERE YOU FROM.

I was born and Raised here..oh, us being a local boy, you should know about the MONK SEALS.

We told this guy, We are trying to keep you from getting bit..

Man says OH I BITE TOO...

Wow, what was that all about????

The renter of the cabin came by and yelled for this man, and off they went.

Sometimes, people just dont give a dam and it hurts, as our mammals deserve a place on earth...TO REST.

Oh and Jean and Larry arrived at 4pm to take a watch...we advised them of the person. And then...we left white plains, hoping Kermit could remain there, innocently...sleeping.

There are signs there posted, NO FISHING, NO NETTING..but there were men fishing at the corner about 5 of them. AND...there was a throw netter too.

It just seems, shouldnt folks heed to signs posted...shouldnt folks leave a monk seal to rest if it wants? I sure wish, folks who made these signs, posted out there at Plains would INFORCE THE LAWS. Its so disappointing, not to have these law makers...INFORCE THE LAWS to keep things under control. But who am I to do or say ANYTHING about the situation here...I'm just .... a volunteer with a heart and soul and .... a conscience. BAH....

Our thanks to all those lovely cabin people who were respectful. Our thanks to the blind lady, Martha, who understands and SEES what we are trying to do.

And thanks to Jean and Larry for being there for ...KERMIT.

Anonymous said...

Should have gotten the cabin renters name and report the incident to the MPs. If that kind of altercation has occurred before or becomes a habit, the renter can be denied further rental priviledges.