Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10-31-2012 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Good People!!!!
Hmmm next time DB bets one of the cats, we better check it's actually his cat!
Hoping everyone has a fun and safe Halloween - that goes for our seals too!
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10-30-2012 DB's Dailies:

When I arrived at Sandy Beach at 0600, Kimo advised that Buster (RV08) had been there , but departed. He said he saw the RV08 tag.

At 0702 I found Duke (RA12) just hauling out to the mid Middle Cliff area. He would remain there until 1209 when he entered the water.

At 0755 Gayle and I found an U/U at Spitting Cave, doing 6 minute dives. I had to leave on a call at 0800, but returned and we remained until 1000. Though this must be carried as an U/U, I'm reasonably sure that this was Kekoa. I just can't prove it. This was a small animal, with a brand new coat, 2 red tags, and a remnant transmitter patch on the shoulder hump.

At 0802 Dera called with the report of an animal at the east end of Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 0813 I found , and cordoned off Buster (RV08). He has remained the rest of the day. I returned to Spitting Cave. Duke had been there on my 1734 check, but Gayle called at 1755 to advise that Duke was gone.

I had already accounted for Duke at RI, and on my return to Makai Pier at 1018 I found Kolohe (RW22) on the beach front incline, 20 ft right of 1BS. on RI. Duke would join him at 1213. They remained there together the rest of the day. Ruling out these two guys adds to my certainty of the Kekoa possibility at SC.

Today was my first Irmaless day in 58 consecutive days. Tomorrow......... OIK !

Team Billand called with the report of Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Point at 1200 . She appears to have picked up some urchin spines. Gotta' be a routine part of tide pool life, but the Billands will keep an eye on her.

At 1530 they would advise that RIP (RR70) had just arrived to Pohaku's location.

At 1549 Dana called to advise that Hannah had found RL54 and La'akea (RK82) snoozin' together at "the elbow" Turtle Bay.

 Buster by night at Sandys 
 Duke and Kolohe @ Rabbit Island
 Unidentified / Unknown BUT most likely Kekoa 
 Pohaku RO28 @ Maili Point 
 Seal acupuncture

Mr. Rip

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10-29-2012 DB's Dailies

At 0703 I found what would prove to be Kaiwi (RK96) behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach, Rabbit Island. She would move down and out of my line of sight at 1002.

On a pan at 0958 I found Aukai (RL12) behind the water front rocks at mid Middle Cliff, Rabbit Island. On my 1216 check I found that she had relocated to the right side of Rocky Right Beach, on RI, where she remained the rest of the day.

At 1015 I found Buster (RV08) on the beach front incline, 50 ft left of 1BS on RI. He would remain all day.

At 1323 I got a call from Ocean Safety advising that Makapuu lifeguards had reported an animal just hauling out to the right side of Makapuu Beach. When I arrived at 1330 I found Irma (R010). I cordoned her off, and she has remained the rest of the afternoon. I picked up the stuff at 1850. 
Irma remains.
Team Billand checked in at 0732 with the report of M&M (R020) fronting #1708 , White Plains.
At 1334 the Billands reported Rocky (RH58) at Iroquois Point.

Kimo Smith trekked to the end of the world today, and found RL42, Kerby (RW08) & Noa (R6FI)& R912 at Ka'ena Point.

 Irma ! @ Makapuu Beach
 Our daily dose of Irma and Rabbit Island
 MM doing Zumba

 Rocky you looking good !
Just a month or so again she was a peanut head

10-29-2012: Kimo Reports on Ka'ena Point RL42, R912, Kerby & Noa @ KP

I would like to personally say Kimo these are some of the best pictures.... as DB would say "you done good". Fantastic detail.... wonderful moments recorded.  

nothing like a weaner and a stick 
 One of the more amazing shots I've seen... fantastic perspective.
 R912 (RL42s momma)
 AGAIN, a moment in time caught..... these two looking up!
 Kerby and Noa

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10-28-2012 Bad boys, bad boys what you going to do?

The boyz are at it again!
 and we KNOW one of them is Benny
 you tawking to me
 don't confuse this with being slap happy
 Buster prevails
 And settles into a comfy spot where a little boy had spent time digging

10-28-2012 DB's Dailies

At 0625 I found Benny (RE74) rolling in the shallows at the east end of Sandy Beach. Judging my the wallow and trail he had apparently hauled out prior to my seeing him. He would depart to the east. That would not be the end of Benny.

At 0727 I found Duke (RA12) just hauling out to the water front rocks , right of Seal Rock Inlet.
At 0829 posse member Danny called with the report of an animal just hauling out to the east end of Irma's. When Marilyn and I arrived we found Benny (RE74) on the beach. We got him cordoned off just in the nick of time, as we were being inundated with a Robert's tour bus, and 2 Limos. It was instant chaos but we and Benny survived .
I went off to check Sandy Beach, since Buster and Irma were yet to be accounted for. Marilyn called at 1027 to advise that Benny was in the water and on the move, in my direction. At 1044 Benny would haul out at the east end of Sandy Beach.

Alittle late, but kinda'/sorta' on schedule, Buster (RV08) arrived at 1045, and hauled out to Benny's location. There followed about an hour of many battles. I don't think anyone won or lost. Benny just seemed to be tired of being bothered, and entered the water with Buster right behind, at 1148. They seemed to have moved off to the west.

After picking up the stuff, and set off for yet another Irma check, but at 1206 posse member , Robert called with the report of an animal at Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 1208 I found Irma (R010). As I was cordoning her off, Lesley called to advise that Buster had returned to Sandy Beach, but after a short stay, entered the water and was heading my way. Sure enough he hauled out to the opposite end of the cove from Irma, but departed just as Marilyn arrived with the equipment and returned to the east end of Sandy Beach. Lesley and Marilyn cordoned him off..............again. Lesley had moved some small kids who had been digging a hole in the sand, and sure enough when Buster hauled out he went directly for their hole, where he remained the rest of the day.

I picked up the rope at the Irma site at 1850. Irma remains. Buster departed at 1900. I picked up the stuff and called it a day.

I finally got back to Makai Pier at 1317 for a look at Rabbit Island. I found Duke where I'd left him, and also found Nani (RK60), 50 ft left of 1BS, on RI. At 1416 Duke would relocate to join her.

Kimo called at 1445 to advise that Irma had relocated at Crappy Cove. He redid the cordon to keep her safe and sound.

Team Billand reported M&M (R020) between the showers and Tower#2 at White Plains. They reported her departure at 1300.

Karen Rohter sent a report, and a shot of RL54 at McKenzie Cove, Turtle Bay.

  Benny's adoring fans
 duke duke ! 
 Nani and Duke
 Nani and Duke
 Irma hauling out at crappy cove
 oh momma!  I know we got a ways to go, but I think Irma is well on her way!
M&M at white plains
 There HAS to be a story to this.... my guess the little one ran up to MM... 
 MM showing of her crunches
 A disciplined photographer staying behind the line
 Little RL54 tired after a night of tsunami surges