Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/31/2016 DB's Dailies: Kawena&Benny@AD, Sadie,Nani,Aukai,Kala,&Cass@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi@ Kokee Flats, Ka'ale@Mokuleia, Pohaku@Maili Beach Park

Marilyn did her customary 0530 trip to AD, and found Kawena (RH36) in a tide pool. Marilyn continued her adventures in the SE quadrant after Anissa arrived. Anissa called Marilyn at 0808 to advise that Kawena was being visited by a large seal. By the time Marilyn got there from her Spitting Cave starting point, the visiting animal was gone. T

he AD excitement wouldn’t be over yet. Gayle Matsuda mail at 1601 brought word, photos & video of at 1246 Kawena visitor. This time Gayle was able to confirm the visitor as the Benny, but his RE76 tag !!! Grrrrreat job Gayle !!!

Melanie sent Kawena shots from her afternoon AD shift. Thanks Melanie !

 Marilyn called at 1839 with word that Benny had made another visit. He seemed to have been coming from the east. Kawena was asleep on the beach. He did not haul out to join her, but simply checked her out, moved to the tide pool, and briefly haul out to the water front rocks, before departing.

 Marilyn provided another highlight of the day when she called at 0914 with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at Irma’s Grotto, Kokee Flats !!! This is her first sighting she weaned Kawena. She appears a little baggy around the edges, but not all that bedraggled actually.

 Rabbit Island observations were difficult because of nearly constant nuisance rain, and attendant junk visibility, but the job got done. At 0719 I found a 10% molted Sadie (RB12) in the Morning Glory, 20 ft right of 3BS, Aukai (RL12) in the vegetation behind Seal Rock Inlet, and Nani (RK60) also in the vegetation right of Seal Rock Inlet. Kala (RH76) hauled out to the left end rock flats at 0834.

 On a pan at 0912 I found that Cass (RG06) had arrived to Seal Rock Inlet. She appears to be doing her first molt. I’ve been noticing all week that her hind quarters and lighter that the rest of the body, and today I saw that her front end and back end are light, while she is green in the middle.
1st molts are hair for hair so you just seen subtle changes in color as opposed to sheets of old coat hanging off. There seems to be a lot of that happening on the island right now.... fur flying everywhere :-) 

Team Billand checked in at 0916 with word of Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Beach Park.

 Dana Jones sent shots from her shift with Ka’ale (RH32) at Mokuleia.

 Ka'ale (with the white belly by the shore line not the big brown (seal) rock
Kaiwi at Kokee flats
 She looks pretty weary but good
 a slender waiste line and a few wrinkles what's a mother to do...
Pohaku - Now this Momma needs to put some weight on
 Peanut head and ribs.... someone get this wahine an Ahi Plate
 this is actually not a good thing a plastic ball (debris) ... having said that it's a cute pic.

7/31/2016 (cont) DB's Dailies: Kawena and Benny ( Thank you Gayle, Marilyn and Melanie )

Kawena and Benny
 This is CLASSIC Benny
 Ciao Bella

HMMA Update from July 3oth

At 0730 a report came in about a seal at Three Tables. Malia responded and ID'ed Ipo (RI37) by tag I37. At 1627 Ipo departed. At 1059 a report was made about a seal at Makaha Beach. Debbie responded and ID'ed Pohaku (RO28) by tag O28 and scar.

 Lusi checked in via email from Mokuleia. Ka'ale (RH32) was sleeping the entire shift. Another seal was spotted in the water checking out the beaches. It came from the Kaena Point area and swam along the shore line but never hauled out. 

Carola and Howard spent the morning and late afternoon at Mokuleia with Ka’ale. She noted something hanging from the left side of his mouth, however, it did not appear to be concerning.
Carola noticed some irritation with his right eye. Pup spent about 1 hour in the water from 1630-1730pm. The area around his right eye still seemed irritated after he came back on the beach. Carola noted a scar on the left side above the rear flipper.  (scar?  is it a natural marking or something attached... there haven't been any wounds... right?)

 After checking in with NOAA veterinarian in regards to RH32's eye it appears the seal is okay. Michelle reported that it looks like RH32 has encountered a sea cucumber. The residue is consistent with that of a sea cucumber and she did not see anything concerning.

  I don't know what happened I was trying to get some lunch and the next thing I know SPLAT I got crap all over my face.... maybe I should be a little more selective.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

7/30/2016 DB's Dailies: Kawena@AD, Nani,Sadie,U/M,Cass, RG32, Aukai,&Kala@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Makaha,7-30-16 Yesterday's New, Ka'ale&RW02@Mokuleia

At 0730 I found what would turn out to be Nani RK60), right of Seal Rock Inlet, on Rabbit Island. Now that she is completely molted and the new coat is filling in, I was able to see an upper chest & lower chest scar that confirm the Nani ID. She would remain at that location all day.

 At 0746 I found what would turn out to be Sadie (RB12), 40 ft right of 3BS, on RI. I’ve been thinking all along that this was probably Sadie, right on schedule for her post weaning molt. Sure enough, at 1038 I was able to see D#1 of her molt, on the upper chest and throat areas.

 At 0758 an U/M galumphed into my life hauling out to the back of the beach at the far left end of the island. He would remain partially visible all day, and cannot confirm an ID, though Kekoa would be at the top of my possibles list. Maybe tomorrow.

 At 0903 Cass (RG06)& RG32 hauled out of Seal Rock Inlet together. They would be joined at 1041 by Aukai (RL12). Those 3 would in turn be joined at 1349 by Kala (RH76).

 At 1149 Team Billand advised that there was an animal at “Clausmeyer’s”, Makaha. It would turn out to be a skinny Pohaku (RO28). Debbie was on it. Pohaku would depart due to rising tide , at 1308.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Carola sent shots in the wee early hours which did not make the blog yesterday, of Ka’ale (RH32)& RW02 at Mokuleia yesterday. Mahalos to Carola.

 Also in the Y/D department, the rumors are saying that Kawena (RH36) had two visits from an U/U yesterday, at AD, one morning and one afternoon. Same animal ??? Hopefully tomorrow’s HMMA entry will have more info.

Cass, Aukai, RG32, and Kala
 Sadie - home to molt 
 Ka'ale and RW02
 Well hello there
 stick time
 holy moly that is one skinny seal... Pohaku
 I hope she gets some nourishment soon

HMMA Update from July 29th

At 0220 a call came in about a seal hauling out on the Kahuku side of Turtle Bay Resort. Diane checked in to report Holokai (RG40). At 1709 a report came in about a seal swimming near a fishermen's line. The seal later hauled but no ID could be made.

 Jon checked in with some updates from Alan Davis. The Science Center team was gearing up for Kawena's vaccination and tagging. At 0930 an unknown adult seal came to the beach at the east border of the SPZ. The seal did not haul out. No ID or sex could be determined. The seal continued to swim slowly along the shore continually looking towards the tide pool where Kawena was swimming around. It got to about 50’ from the tide pool and turned towards open water and swam away. Total time in the shallows was less than 5 minutes. Kawena was successfully tagged H36/H37. Permanent ID is now RH36.

 Later in the day during Brad’s shift around 1630 he reported that a seal had come to shore again near the east border of the Kawena SPZ and swam along the shore. The seal then turned out to open sea swam a bit away from shore and then headed towards the tide pool where Kawena was swimming. The adult enter the tide pool and the two seals interacted for 20 minutes. There were no observed or audible vocalization, no attempted nursing behavior nor fighting. The unknown seal departed and swam out to open water.

 Carola checked in via email following her shift in Mokuleia with Ka'ale (RH32). There was some concerned about some fishing debris that was near Ka'ale's mouth but the tide came and washed the gear away. At 1400 RW02 hauled out on the beach and approached Ka'ale. RW02 checked out the pup and then went back into the water. Ka'ale vocalized and RW02 came back out again for a few minutes. RW02 went back into the water and Ka'ale followed him. Pup vocalized several times, they interacted for a brief time, then the RW02 left. Ka'ale went into the pool remained there.

 Karen T. also checked in via email with some photos from her morning shift with Ua Maile (RT10) and PO5. Mom and pup spent a lot of time in the pool swimming. There was a brief nursing and resting then they went back in the water. Karen was able to take a belly shot but the sandy belly makes it a bit difficult to determine the sex.

RG40 Holokai
 Ka'ale RH32
 sticks and stones may break my bones.... not!
 Ka'ale RH32 and RW02
 Ua Malie RT10 and PO5
 Hard to say.... boy or girl... but plenty of belly rolls