Thursday, July 31, 2008

DB Post Thursday July 31st

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,RB08,Sadie,RIP,M&M&Buster@RI,EG@HB & Irma@EB, 7-31008
The day began with Ewa Girl at Hanauma Bay for her 2nd consecutive day. Ethel called at 1015 to advise that she had departed.

Mary Frances called at 0948 to report Irma just hauling out near her house in Ewa Beach. Mary Jay called in the evening to report that Irma had spent a quiet day on the beach and had departed at 1850 . Thank You Marys !

The Rabbit Island gang (yet another 9 critter day) was much the same as it has been of late. Kolohe, RIP, M&M, RB08, Kerby and R301 spent the day on the left end of the beach. Hoku was at 3BS, and Buster and Sadie were at the right end of the beach.
Ewa Girl
Kolohe, Rip, M&M, Kerby & RBo8
Buster & Sadie


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DB Post Wednesday July 30th

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Sadie,RB08,RIP,R301,Benny&M&M,Ewa Girl@HB, Irma@ DH, Ka'ena&T15M@KP, 7-30-08
The day began with Ewa Girl at Hanauma Bay. This was her first day back after her molt.

The Rabbit Island cast was the girls, RB08 and Sadie, and the Weaners Hoku,Kolohe and Kerby, and RIP, Benny,R301 , and a visit from post pupping female, M&M.

Posse member Colleen Heyer handled Irma at Diamond Head.

Posse member Karen Harris did the Ka'ena Point trek and reported T15M and Ka'ena on that side.
Ewa Girl
R301, Kolohe, RB08, M&M, Benny, & Rip
RB08, Sadie, R301, Kolohe
Rip & Hoku

Rip & M&M

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DB Posts R301 & Benny

Aloha Good People - Here are some additional photos DB sent of the Rabbit Island gang today. Here's R301 & Benny having a discussion and I believe that is Ewa Girl lying on the side. Oh those boys always creating a ruckus! ~donna~

DB Post Tuesday July 29th

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,RB08,Sadie,Ewa Girl,RIP,Benny,R301,Buster@R!, 7-29-08
A new Rabbit Island record was established today. There were 10 animals out there today. The day started with Ewa Girl, R301 and Benny at 3BS. Benny and R301 were going at it, and Ewa Girl wanted no part of any of it, and went in the water. Benny immediately followed, and I did not see either of them again today.

R301 also followed them into the water, but ran into Hoku, and those two spent a few hours playing in the shallows. Later R301 would join RIP at 3BS, and Hoku would haul out to RG.

Both of the girls were in residence today. RB08 was at the left end of the island and Sadie was at 3BS. Sadie may have begun her molt today. I'm awaiting confirmation from NMFS personnel.

Kolohe would spend the day at Rocky Right Beach (RRB), and Kerby hauled out at the extreem right end of the island near the broken surfboard, and spent the rest of the day there.

Buster would haul out to join RB08 at LPB, for a while but reentered the water after an hours or so and I did not see him again. Aloha, DB

Monday, July 28, 2008

DB Post Monday July 28th

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,R301,Ewa Girl& Sadie@RI, 7-28-08
I'm sure the critters loved the cool , rainy day, but it was sure tough on the short, fat, bald guys. Rabbit Island was the only Monk Seal action I was aware of today. There were numerous rain episodes, with zero visibility, but in between the cast was as follows:

Kolohe and what would prove to be the subadult male, R301 were at the left end of the island. R301, was unrelenting in his herding of Kolohe to the water on two occasions, but by end of day, both were in snooze mode on Left Poin Beach (LPB)

Ewa Girl began the day at her usual 2BS hang out, but was gone when I came back to the Makai Pier (MP) at 1300.

Hoku spent the day by himself at Right Greenery (RG), and Kerby was also solo at the left end of the Middle Cliff area (LMC) . In the afternoon the little , green , female Sadie hauled out to 3BS. All were in snooze mode when I departe at 1600, just ahead of yet another rain episode. Aloha, DB

Sunday, July 27, 2008

All Better

Aloha Good People!

All fixed, apparently the power strip my DSL modem was plugged into did not recover from yesterdays power outage. I had to resort to dial-up as a back up. (I am committed to posting on this blog but I am not that crazy that I would be doing this on dial up for more than a day or two)

All is good!

DB Post Sunday July 27th

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Benny,RIP,Ewa Girl, RB08,Sadie,Buster@RI, Rocky@SC, 7-27-08
It was yet another 9 critter day at Rabbit Island. All 3 Weaners were present, and RIP , Ewa Girl, and the newly arrived Benny were also there. The girls, RB08 and Sadie also made appearances. It was a continuation of yesterday's RIP vs. Benny Wars. Benny managed to interact with all the other players, and RIP was always close behind. Each time they came in contact with one another, RIP and Benny, both young males, went through a little game of barking and jousting with one another for 3 -5 seconds, and then settling down. At end of day, both RIP and Benny ended right where they'd started , with Ewa Girl at 2BS. She wasn't having anything to do with either of these young whippersnappers.

On my morning Spitting Cave check, I found Rocky doing 6 minute dives. I called Colleen to tell her she had the day off at Diamond Head. Aloha, DB

Saturday, July 26, 2008

DB Post Saturday July 26th

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Sadie,RIP,Ewa Girl & Benny@RI, 7-26-08
It was a busy little day at Rabbit Island today, with lots of excitement, though I have no pictures to prove it. Unfortunately the battery died just before all the action started.

The cast was the Weaners, Hoku at the Middle Cliff area (MMC), Kolohe at Rocky Right Beach (RRB), and Kerby , first at Seal Rock Inlet (SRI), and then at the extreme right end of the island fronting the caves beyond RRB.

Sadie was at 3BS as usual, but the real surprise of the day came at 1344 when Benny hauled out to join Sadie. Benny had last been seen at Maili Point on 7-10-08, and had not been seen at RI since 6-2-08. Nevertheless, there he was, with his facial scars and scar above the left eye, clearly visible in the perfect afternoon lighting. He began by climbing all over Sadie, but getting nowhere he gave up and reentered the water, only to haul out a few minutes later at Ewa Girl's location at 2BS. Ewa Girl wasn't in the mood for dealing with this punk and was in his face immediately. Benny did an up and around move, and after a few face saving moments, reentered the water again. His next stop was to Left Point Beach (LPB) where RIP had been hauled out all day. The instant RIP saw him leaving the water he charged Benny and it was nose to nose battle for several seconds. The running battle continued into the water, and then picked up again when Benny tried to haul out at another LPB location. It wound up be a 7 rounder. I Iost them both in the water for a while, but on a pan found Benny once again with Sadie at 3BS, and RIP immediately in front of them in the shallows. From 1510 through my departure from the pier it was an almost constant battle between the two males vying for controlling position with Sadie, each trying to gain control and block the other. It went back and forth, and finally with the dominant position Benny just chose to forget it and go back in ther water. RIP quickly followed him, leaving poor little Sadie to wonder what the hell all of that had been about. I lost the boys in the water and called it a day at 1600. The adventure will , no doubt , continue tomorrow.

Ewa Girl completed her molt today. She is squeaky clean.

The thing that hurts the most is having the camera battery give up just before Benny's arrival.....Bummer ! Aloha, DB

Friday, July 25, 2008

North Shore Volunteer Party

Aloha Good People!

Tonight's gathering of volunteers on the North Shore was a great evening. Great food, wonderful slide shows, silent auction and most of all... a GREAT group of people.

Before the night really took off David Schofield took a few moments to personally thank the volunteers for all their hard work. Jennifer acknowledged two volunteers that discovered KC on the beach the day she gave birth and returned to the beach every morning for a 4-hour shift for the entire pupping event. Jennifer and Donna announced the formation of the Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team, Oahu a non-profit group.

I would like to personally thank Jenifer, Rafe, and Joanne for putting together a wonderful evening. Everything went great and they really went above and beyond handing out a gift to each volunteer. This party was a great success and I think its just the beginning of many celebrations to come.

As much of a celebration there was time taken to acknowledge the difficult week that many went through with the loss of 'Honey Girl". aloha ~donna~

DB Post Friday july 25th

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Sadie,RIP&Ewa Girl@RI, Irma@SB, Rocky@DH
Ewa Girl's daily water sessions are definitely speeding up her molt. Today on D#5 she is 80%. She left at mid day for another swim.

RIP was right there along side her all day, but did not depart with her.

Sadie was at her usual spot at 3BS, and all the Weaners were present I'm happy to say. Hoku at the mid Middle Cliff (MMC) area all day, Kerby hauled up over the rocks at Seal Rock Inlet (SRI). The problem child was Kolohe, of course. I had not seen him all day yesterday, and he was not visible this morning. I knew in my little ,bald heart that he was probably hiding behind the rocks of Rocky Right Beach (RRB), at the extreme right end of the beach area. Sure enough at 1110 his chunky little bod made a 5 minute appearance above the rocks, just long enough for me to see his transmitter, right side natural bleach, tags and belly. He then moved out of sight again, and I did not see him again today. RRB has always been a problem because about 1/3rd of it is not visible except from the air. The critters could be having a disco , orgy in there and you'd never know.

My day actually began at 0610 when I found Irma waiting for me at the east end of Sandy Beach. I checked her several times in the morning since moving cordon was required as the tide came up. On my 1145 check, she was gone, and I could find no witnesses to her departure time. I did not see her again today.

Colleen Heyer checked in at 1153 with the seemingly "daily" Rocky at Diamond Head report. Thank you Colleen for all that you do (and that goes for your subcontractors too.) Aloha, DB

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A View of Rabbit Island

Aloha Good People!

FINALLY, I was able to make my way down to see DB and catch a glimpse of all the "kids" on Rabbit Island. Today was the first opportunity I had since the relocation of Hoku and Kolohe. The good news it was a clear day, the not so good news I only got to see Hoku, Kerby and Sadie. (not that I am complaining, I am thrilled to see any of them).

So Kolohe was playing hide-and-seek today... Papa DB didn't see him all day... so instead of where's waldo, it's where's Kolohe.... good thing he has a beeper on his back.

I am looking forward to see all the North Shore volunteers Friday night! It will be nice to be all together and at the same time it is an opportunity for us to give support to the Honu Guardians.


DB Post Thursday July 24th

Kerby,Hoku,Sadie,Ewa Girl & RIP@RI, Irma@ SC, 7-24-08
It was another windy, gray day for the RI cast. Perfect Monk Seal snoozin' weather. Ewa Girl continues to rot. On D#4 I'd guesstimate 35%. She looks like a train wreck. As she has done most days, she entered the water mid day for a feed, and I did not see her again today. The rest of the cast was Hoku at Left Greenery, and RIP at 3BS. Sadie showed up at 3BS at 1030.

Today was the first day that I did not see Kolohe, since the translocation. There are lots of places for a little, fat guy to hide out there, but it is a tad unnerving to not have seen him by end of day. Tomorrow is another day.

I got good news from Tracy today. M&M has in fact weaning her daughter at La'au Point on Molokai. Molokai people found the weaned put today. It appears to be a bit small, and was probably weaned early, but is said to be healthy. This bit of new adds credence to my ID of M&M at RI on 7-20-08

I found Irma at Spitting Cave this morning, doing consistent 7 minute dives. Aloha, DB

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DB Post Wednesday July 23rd

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Sadie,Ewa Girl,RIP@RI, Rocky@DH, 7-23-08
It was yet another windy, drifting rain episodes kinda' day, with marginal visibility, from MP. The RI cast was the usual. The Weaners, Hoku,Kerby and Kolohe were there of course, and Sadie was once again at 3BS. RIP spent the day attending Ewa Girl who was at 2BS. She is approximately 20% molted on the 3rd day. As is usually the case on these cool , rainy days there was zero interaction amongst the cast.

Tracy called at 0911 with the report of an animal at Diamond Head. I called Colleen and she put up signs. During one of the many rain delays at MP, I decided to make a DH run, and confirmed that it was Rocky approximately 200 ft west of the #2 Overlook at DH. Aloha, DB

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DB Post Tuesday July 22nd

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Sadie,Ewa Girl,RIP&R301@RI, Irma@SB, 7-22-08
I found Irma waiting for me at the east end of Sandy Beach at 0611. She was still there on my last pass at 1600, and I will join her again at dusk. Fortunately, it was a windy,rainy day out this way, and she had the east end all to herself most of the time.

The Rabbit Island cast was much the same as previous days. Ewa Girl's bare spot on the chest and upper abdomen doubled in size, so I'm guesstimating 10%. Once again today, she departed around mid day, to presumably feed. Some do, some don't. She had not returned as of my departure from the pier at 1600. Kerby, Hoku and Kolohe were all present and spread out from the left end to the right end. Hoku and Kolohe were snoozin' all day, but in the afternoon Kerby had a fun time for a while playing with sticks, and nosing around in small tide pools. Sadie, R301 and RIP rounded out the cast. Since it was a windy, off and on rainy, and pretty much crappy day, it was a perfect snoozin' Monk Seal day, and that is basically all they did. There was no observed interaction between anybody. Aloha, DB

Monday, July 21, 2008

DB Post Monday July 21st

Kerby,Hoku,Kolohe,Sadie,Buster,R301,Ewa Girl,RIP&U/U (M&M?
It was yet another 9 critter day on Rabbit Island. I think with the increased cast of weaners, this is going to become no biggy. Ewa Girl began her molt today, 44 days after weaning Kerby. By end of day she was a guesstimated 5% molted. She and R301 began the day together but he took off to play with Hoku, and she entered the water, probably to feed, and did not reappear until 1505.

RIP was at 3BS in the morning with what I know in my little, bald heart was M&M, but since I never saw a ventral side I can't state that as fact. Both animals departed in the morning and I did no see them again, although I did recheck Spitting Cave and Hanauma Bay in the afternoon, just in case. No luck!

The cast was rounded out with Buster, Sadie and of course the resident weaners, Kerby,Hoku and Kolohe. Aloha, DB