Thursday, November 23, 2017

11/23/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: R016 Right Spot, 2 Rabbit Island Critters, RE74 Benny, RL42, R353, & RK36 Kauai Kolohe

I hope all of you had a wonderful day in however you chose to spend it and found something to be thankful about. Me, I am thankful for all of you who are out there protecting and watching over our beloved monk seals. I am forever thankful that once upon a time many years ago I met a bald headed bearded dude who share his knowledge and wisdom with me and others. 

Today's dailies are brought to you by Gayle and Team Billand. And for those who were out there that I don't know thank you.

Gayle found Right Spot (R016) this morning at Sandy Beach. Gayle was really wanting her to leave early today since there wasn't much coverage for her and Right Spot must have read her mind because sometime between 13:40 and 13:00 she left. Hopefully she was off foraging or in a secluded spot for the rest of the day. Gayle spotted two critters on Rabbit Island today.

Team Billand went from 8 seals yesterday to four critters today. There first find at 6:40am was at Makaha. They found an animal hauling up from afar, drove to the down and there was RL42. Benny RE74 was already on site up in the naupaka bushes sleeping. Hotline was notified. 
There was no interaction between the two of them, although Benny was aware of RL42 he looked and went back to sleep. At 8am a volunteer came out to take watch and brought signs. Team Billand returned after their "turkey feast" and L42 was still there at the waters edge Benny went down to her, looking but not doing anything. I guess his molt is really wearing on him. Barbara reports his neck and down to his chest is molted, but hard to make a call on his belly. They left both of them at the waters edge at 4 pm.

While driving by Yoks Team Billand saw signs and pulled over. Volunteer was on site trying to ID seal. She barely moved but finally lifted her head and they finally made an ID R353. She was resting in a zone that was set up by the Lifeguards.

On their morning check to Maili there were no seals but when they returned at 10:42am there was one seal on the lower rocks. Turns out to be RK36 Kauai Kolohe resting quietly all alone. Barbara noted his scar on the his right side and although his tags were not showing she felt comfortable in IDing him. He's a good size, looking healthy with a new coat. On their afternoon check he remained on the lower rocks.

 Right Spot R016 
 Benny RE74
 RL42 approaching Benny
 Guess she felt comfortable hanging out with da Benny
Later in the day RL42 by the water line 
 Benny moving slowly down 
 I guess they just wanted company today
 RK36 Kauai Kolohe

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

11/23/2017 Happy Thanksgiving

Aloha Good People!  
Wishing all of you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all that you do watching over our very special critters. We have to continue to keep a watchful eye and support the efforts to keep them safe.

11/22/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: RJ16 Kahulu, RG40 Holokai, RJ58 Kaimana, Rabbit Island Critter, Right Spot R016, Pohaku RO28, RN14, Lei Ola RH48, RIP RR70, RL42, R353, Aukai RL12

Today's dailies are brought to by Posse Pals Vicki, Gayle, Team T&D and Team Billand. And Team Billand hit the jackpot today finding 8 seals today, all by searching the beaches.  Ya done good!

Posse pal Vicki was out checking from Mokuleia to Turtle Bay and her only find was RJ16 Kahulu, ID'd by his tag.

Team T&D (Tammy and Dave) were out and about on the North Shore and they came across brothers RJ16 Kahulu and RG40 Holokai (hmm Holokai must have been gone for a swim when Vicki was out there).  On their travels they also came across little Kaimana RJ58. All in all they had a good day.

Gayle checked Rabbit Island in the morning and the afternoon and found only one seal. Conditions were rough so photos from both sessions aren't so clear but who cares at least we know we have a critter out there.  Gayle found Right Spot late today at Sandy Beach, and left her there snoozing at 18:00.

And now for Team Billands bumper crop day. they started at 5:45am at Paradise Cove while they were searching they repaired two signs with two new poles and zip ties. It was very dark but they could still hear breathing. Looking with their light, lo and behold there was a seal floating in the water. They were able to ID Pohaku RO28. At 6:15 am Pohaku hauled up on the rocks and stayed, so they called the Hotline right away.   

Team Billand spotted another seal swiftly coming in where Pohaku was yesterday at Paradise Cove. They ID'd RN14, he sniffed the air looking and looking. He went to the right came ashore went to the rocks but never saw Pohaku. All the visitors came out of the water, watching in excitement in awe. Then RN14 left the area at 7am and didn't return while Team Billand was there.  At 7:45 am volunteer arrives and Team Billand left for their next stop.

Next stop Maili where Team Billand first came across Lei Ola RH48 as she was arriving. She is in full molt but hard to determine how much she has completed. She continues to stay tucked away in the rocks.

RIP RR70 was off shore and finally after two hours he hauled out on the lower rocks and stayed for the day.

After RN14 left Paradise Cove he must have headed straight for Maili. He came in up on the rocks and once he realized Lei Ola was there his eyes were big and focused. He galumphed all the way over to her. She wasn't happy to see him, giving that she's molting, so she tossed her flipper at him grumbling the whole time. After many words and flipper slaps RN14 gave in, galumphed up and over the rocks to the other end. He remained there the rest of the day. 

After lunch Team Billand headed out to Makaha and were surprised to find a seal on shore. It was da Benny RE74 alone, close to waters edge, sleeping in a marked off area with orange flags. Hotline was called and reported.  Hard to tell the status of Benny's molt but according to Team Billand he is a mess.

Team Billand found RL42 at Makua Cliffs snoozing on the rocks. She is looking big and beautiful.

Team Billand's next stop at Yoks and they found two more seals both females. The larger female is Aukai RL12 and the smaller female is R353.  I can just imagine Barbara's excitement over this. Team Billand spent time educating the folks in the area who had lots of questions. Auaki moved up after getting hit with a wave and R353 followed.

Holokai & Kahulu
  Right Spot
 RN14 at Paradise Cove
 such a sweet little face 
Lei Ola  
 Oh this little girl's face is peeling
 RN14 at Maili finds Lei Ola 
Aukai and R353