Sunday, December 31, 2017

12/31/2017 Happy 75th Birthday DB

Oh how I wish you were here so we could celebrate this day with you. But since you are not physically here, we decided to celebrate anyway. This afternoon I sat with Marilyn and Diane and shared a toast of Kaimana Beer.  We love you DB.

It seems we weren't the only ones toasting to you today. Tammy also had a bottle of Kaimana Beer to share with you.  See if you were here with us, you would be toasted in a different kind of way. 

So many memories, so many years, there aren't words to express how grateful we are to have called you our friend. You will forever be the seal whisperer, no one will ever be able to contribute the knowledge and insight you have provided.   I only hope wherever you are, that all the seals that have crossed over are there with you. 

SO in the spirit of DB let me take this opportunity to thank all of you out there looking after the seals. Especially those of you who are out there in the rain, cold, wind, and heat. You often sacrifice so much of your time to look after these amazing critters. It is appreciated by so many of us, and I know there is a bald headed guy looking down on you saying "You done good"  

12/31/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: UU@ Electric Beach, Kekoa RK72, Ka'ale RH32, PvKauai RW02, RIP RR70, RL42, Aukai RL12, RN14, Benny RE74, 2 Rabbit Island Critters, U/U Lanai Lookout

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Mrs. Whisperer, and Gayle. And once again Vicki sent a message that she got skunked again.

Team Billand had a busy day starting with a seal foraging off of Electric Beach. There was no identification made but the seal was an adult doing 6 minute dives. 

Next came a stop at Maili and at first not one seal was there. They sat and waited and it paid off. First seal to come in and haul up on High Rock was Kekoa Alii RK72. Next came Kaale RH32 who hauled up next to Kekoa.   RW02 PvKauai hauled up next but he was on lower rocks.
RIP RR70 came in looking for parking, spotted Kaale and Kekoa, hauled up on high rock with them. All was quiet especially since Kaale was not head butting anyone.

At Makaha they found RL42 foraging off shore doing 6 minute dives, She was ID'd by a lucky tag shot. A second critter was also foraging about 75 feet away from RL42. They could not get a positive ID but the seal had 2 red tags, a nice coat, pudgy face and young. 

Team Billand stopped at Yoks was surprised to see a seal out there with all the people on the beach today. Turns out this large marge is RL12 Aukai ID'd by her tags. Hotline was called and informed. Team Billand met a couple from Mililani who got the story about Aukai.

If that wasn't enough Team Billand headed back to Maili to check on the boys only to find RN14 arrived and landed on lower rocks. Shortly after they noticed another seal approaching, he came in looked around, hung out in the water for a while then galumphed on the lower portion of the rocks. Team Billand was thrilled to welcome Benny RE74 back!

Mrs. Whisperer went to Makai Pier today and spent about two and half hours viewing Rabbit Island. Gina went out and kept her company for most of the time. Marilyn first spotted at 10:22 an adult male up in the morning glory just right of the 1BS. This was a male with an older coat. He later moved down the steep incline nearer the water and then turned back up. The seal had at least one red tag and its lower muzzle area seemed light.  Thinking this was the only seal on the island she was surprised to find another seal after checking across the island several times. At 1133 about 50 ft west of Seal Rock appeared adult size but she couldn't be certain of it's gender. It had a new coat but she could not see tags, seal will go down as a U/U.

Marilyn stopped by Lanai Lookout after spending a little time with Diane and me to honor DB's 75th Birthday.  It was already getting dark and the seal was on it's belly facing the water only showing it's left side. An adult with a new coat, her bet is on RW22 Kolohe.

And then there was Gayle who also out at Lanai Lookout. She forwarded a shot of this critter on his back so now we know it's a male. Another check mark as to it being Kolohe.

 UU foraging at Electric Beach
 Kekoa and Kaale
 UU @ Makaha 
RL12 Aukai
 aukai doing her large marge impression
Rabbit Island Critter one
 Rabbit Island Critter two
 Lanai Lookout - UU but probably Kolohe

Saturday, December 30, 2017

12/30/2017 Monk Seal Dailies : R3CU, R353, Kaiwi RK96, Kekoa RK72, PvKauai RW02, RN14, RIP RR70, Ka'ale RH32, RL42

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Marilyn, Lesley, and Gayle. There was a quick note from Vicki saying she was out there today but she was skunked.

Marilyn and Lesley did the Ka'ena Point hike today. It was a gorgeous day, there were whales, albatross and of course seals. They didn't see any seals until they got to the point at 9:24 am. There was R3CU on the tocks in the middle of the main pool and R353 high up near the naupaka on the back beach. R3CU was ID'd by his 3CV tag and male belly. R353 was ID'd mostly by the relatively fresh cookie cutter shark bites on her back, her female belly, her lack of flipper tags and lower lip scar. Her wounds are still weeping some, but seem to be healing fine.  Lots of people out today and lots of outreach opportunities.

Marilyn checked out Kokee flats when she got back from Ka'ena Point. At 13:53 she found RK96 Kaiwi about halfway along Kokee Flats from the trail. She appears considerably heavier then when she saw her last. She was ID'd by her natural bleach mark on her forhead and eroding K9- flipper tag. 

Team Billand arrived at Maili and saw 3 seals on lower rocks and one seal on high rocks. Kekoa Alii RK72 was on the high rocks alone away from all the fun on the lower rocks. 
Ka'ale RH32 starts with his heading which RW02 PvKauai isn't going to take today. After a few words, a few heads butts, PvKauai leaves the lower rocks. Ka'ale follows still butting PvKauai, fighting their way off shore. (somewhere between all this head butting, RN14 is resting).

A little later Team Billand spotted three seals off shore, Ka'ale, PvKauai and one more. Kaale comes back to lower rocks and here comes the other seal and it's RIP RR70.  Ka'ale lands with RN14 and
they go at it a bit and then settle. Now there is another critter who hauls up all the way to the right on high rocks. Turns out RW02 PvKauai came back. RIP on the other hand decided he doesn't want to deal with Ka'ale so he leaves and forages off shore. However, on their afternoon check RIP was there, all five boys hauled out.

Team Billand next find was at Makua Cliffs where RL42 was on the
rocks resting, alert to the people around. Team Billand decided to not stay long as they didn't want to draw attention to her.  Team Billand noted and I quote "She is Big... Fat. " 

Gayle had a repeat from yesterday, she spotted one critter on Rabbit Island and one critter at Lanai Lookout. Chances are it's Kolohe but no positive ID was made.

Kekoa Alii RK72 
 RW02, Kaale and RN14
Ka'ale butting Rwo2
Ka'ale and RN14
RN14,  RW02 and Kaale
Rabbit Island Critter
Lanai Look 'Out Critter