Monday, October 31, 2011

10-31-11 LATE Entry

Good Evening

Karen Turner submitted a late email with a report of four seals at Turtle Bay.... We have Right Spot, R5AY, Ua Maile, and La'akea..... What a nice find for Karen. The only picture she got of 5AY was her tag... and has a couple great shots of Ua Maile.  THANK YOU KAREN!

10-31-11 DB Dailies

At 0600 Marilyn began at AD, while started at Sandy Beach on today's Kaiwi Kuest. Marilyn won the turkey, calling at 0618 to advise that she had Kaiwi (RK96) in her favorite tide pool, 150 ft east of the AD wall. At 0624 she entered the water and by 0634 we had lost her. She appeared to be headed west. Gayle and I covered the Sandy Beach end, while Tracy combed Irma's and AD. At 0742 Tracy found her near her birth site at AD, but then lost her again as she appeared to be headed east. I lucked out and stubbled on to her, right where she had started the day at the 150 east tide pool, at 0810. She was just hauling out to the water front rocks, and has remained there all day. Thanks to today's "Mission Impossible" crew, Marilyn, Gayle, Tracy & Jackie. According to Gayle, Kaiwi entered the water at 1600, and appeared to be headed east, however when darkness ended the day, we had not found her.

 At 0943. thanks to posse member Susan, I found Buster (RV08) doing 6 minute dives at Spitting Cave. At 1014 he began purposeful movement toward the point, and at 1017 I saw him round the bend headed west.  
Despite 3 admittedly brief Rabbit Island checks, I found nobody home today.

 Dana called at 1637 to advise that Right Spot (R016) and La'akea (RK82) were at Right Spot's spot, and that R5AY was in the Keiki Pond, with Ua Malie (RT10) just out of the pond.   Dana also reported an animal at the Outrigger Canoe Club, at 1639. Posse member Rachel responded and got a Rocky (RH58) ID, but no photos.

 The highlight of the day began at 1459 with a call from Martha at Hanauma Bay, reporting an animal with a transmitter swimming near people inside the "backdoor channel) on the left side of the bay. When I arrived at 1509 I found not one, but two animals playing together with snorkelers quite close by, but there was never any interaction with the people. Using my spotting scope I quickly identified Kolohe (RW22) by his right side natural bleach. The other animals was a W/M with 2 red tags and a transmitter. I'll put the wife and one cat on Kekoa, but we will have to wait until tomorrow when Charles can hopefully confirm the ID with his magic map.  Well wouldn't that be something.... very cool!  CHARLES!!! This is one of those times we're bugging you!!! 
Kolohe rounding up a weaner.... will he bring him back to Rabbit Island?????

Sunday, October 30, 2011

10-30-11 KC @ MCBH

Late email from Karen Bryan shows KC at Kaneohe Marine Base near pyramid rock. Karen said the security folks been seeing seals there all week.... thing was they didn't know who to call. Maybe we need to meet up with Gordon.  Thank you Karen!

10-30-11 DB Dailies and More

0600, and on the job. Marilyn started at AD, and I began at Irma's and moved to Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach, and then walking the water front rocks heading west toward Sandy Beach. At 0649 I spent 30 seconds with Kaiwi (RK96), just west of the sewer outfall, on Sandy Beach proper. Exactly where I found her yesterday. She was 10 ft off shore ,and foraging. She moved out and to the east, and I lost her. Marilyn , Gayle and myself trod many hectares finding nothing, until 0948. Marilyn called to advise that Kaiwi had hauled out to the water front rocks, 100 ft east of the AD wall. Cindy said she thought she had seen her earlier at her usual Irma's spot, but a couple and their dog at that location made a haul out impossible. I put out sides and cones at 1000.

Barbara Fields arrived for the 10-1 shift. When I passed by at 1245 Kaiwi was still there. The Dills reported that she never even opened her eyes on their 1-4 shift, and Zeenat & Patrick had a snooze going as well, until she entered the water at 1700, and began exploring her old tide pools to the east. They lost her with the darkness. We picked up the stuff and called it a day.

 At 0917 I found Nani (RK60) at Rocky Right Beach on Rabbit Island. Unfortunately, she was only visible from the Makapuu Overview, and completely hiddened from both the Kaupo Beach Park, and Makai Pier locations. She remained there all day, and was the only RI resident today.

 Dana called at 0805 to advise of an animal at MCBH. At 1059 she advised that it was KC (RK28) . Awaiting photo confirmation. At 1059

Dana advised that Right Spot (R016) was at Right Spot's Spot. Karen Turner provided photo confirmation.

 Dana also forward a video and a still from Shaka Kayaks showing an animal foraging at Kawela Bay. The video provided very little, but the still would suggest a youngster's face, and though it must go down as an U/U, I'd definitely put one cat on La'akea (RK82).

 Team Billand found Kerma & Irmet (R4DG)& (R010) fronting #1775 at White Plains at 0800. They departed together at 1723.

 Dana checked in at 1731 to advise that Right Spot had entered the water at 1700, and to also say that R5AY was in the Keiki Pond, and Ua Malie was just outside of the pond.

Kaiwi RK96 @ Alan Davis Estate
Some old dude known as the seal whisperer hard at work....
Unidentified Unknown @ Kawela Bay.... good chance it's La'akea
Right Spot R016 N6 @ Turtle Bay
Kermit and Irma @ White Plains
It's really amazing they are still haning out together... 
Bickering like an old married couple
Cooling off a little bit.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

11-29-11 DB Dailies and More

The Kaiwi search began at 0600, as usual. We were batting zero until 0735 when I lucked out and found her at Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach. Caryn and I would hump many and mile across the water front rocks, headed in a westward direction. At 0818 we found her foraging in a tide pool approximately 100 ft west of the last bathroom, and after losing her for the umpteenth time, found her again , 3 ft off shore at the east end of Sandy Beach, proper. Had posse member Alice been manning her chair at SB, instead of sucking Mai Tais at the Hilton, she would have had Kaiwi right in front of her usual spot. Kaiwi stayed just a few minutes and then we lost her again. She seemed to be heading back toward the east.

 It would be 1017 before I found her again. This time on her regular water front rock perch, 200 yds west of the AD wall. I got her coned and signed off, and she remained the rest of the day with Candace, Zeenat & Patrick doing shifts with help from Gayle and Marilyn.

 There was a dog incident at 1018. A couple and their large breed dog and begun setting up a party site right at Kaiwi's location and the dog was wandering free. I told them about the seal, and of course got the assurance that the dog was no problem. Since the dog continued to roam within the SPZ I asked if a leash could be used. "Ain't Gonna' Happen Man" was the answer (no doubt he is a close personal friend of Vera's lalala man). It just wouldn't be a routine day without at least one asshole jerk ! Sure enough shortly there after the dog wander right up to Kaiwi and the pup headed for the water , but did not depart. They got the dog away and I told them I was calling the cops, Shortly thereafter they packed up their truck , dog and party stuff, and moved a few hundred feet away. There was no further problem.

Zeenat & Patrick reported that Kaiwi entered the water at 1700 , and Patrick last saw her near the AD wall at 1710. Tomorrow ???

 I got a little time at Makai Pier at 0945, and found Nani (RK60) and Duke (RA12) together, 30 ft left of 1BS. At 0840

Team Billand called to report Kermit (R4DG) and Irma (R010) together at Wind Sock.

 Marilyn did her Ka'ena Point trek today, and found 761, a 100% molted Ka'ena (RO40), RIP (RR70) and Noa (R6FI) at the end of the world.

 At 1332 posse member Stacy Stella called to report that she was with Rocky (RH58) fronting the Outrigger Reef Hotel, in Waikiki. Her photos were limited due to Rocky's positioning, but she described Rocky's left fore flipper natural bleach, and her right side mouth, fishing line scar, as well as female belly . Dana called at 1815 to advise that Rocky had departed .
Nani and Duke
 She'ssssss Back! Rocky @ Waikiki
 Kaiwi @ Irma's
 Dog incident... honestly don't understand why people won't put the dog on the leash for the time being. 99% of the folks at the birthing beach were very cooperative.... I guess these two had to keep us from a perfect record.... I feel bad for the dog..... 
Kaiwi @ Crappy cove
 Our sweetheart seals... Kermit and Irma 
 So cute they are still cruising together
 Okay this picture may need a little explanation... appears Irma and Kermit very close to the lines... were they hauling out, or leaving?
 I guess they having words.... after all they been spending a lot of time together.  

10-29-11 North Shore and Ka'ena Point

Marilyn (mrs. whisperer) made the Ka'ena Point trek and lucked out finding a cast of characters.

761... all healed 
Ka'ena RO40... Guess how he got his name?
 Noa 6FI 
 very handsome with his new coat
 RIP R70 

Vera back at Turtle Bay and hit the jackpot finding La'akea and her sister Ua Maile and of course the Right Spot. A very good seal day... oh and no mr. lalalala today.
 Right Spot RK82
 Ua Maile looking healthy
 She should go looking for her sister