Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10-1-2013 Diane and Kimo cover Luana Tuesday Shifts

Little munchkin rolling around in the rocks splish splash
 and some rest
 got something... is it organic or man-made?
 cough cough... yuck!


Anonymous said...

Kimo is NOT a volunteer

Donna said...

I see our coward ANON is back...
First of all... Kimo kind of IS a VOLUNTEER... He volunteers his time to go out and checks on the seals... whether he's on a schedule or under the direction of someone he does VOLUNTEER his time.
HE ALSO VOLUNTEERS his photos and comments to this blog and to DB...
I don't know what your definition of a VOLUNTEER is... but in my book it's pretty simple.
As far as your continuing to hide behind being anonymous... and the need to bring spread your negativity .... PLEASE leave, we don't want you here... Shame on you!